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Lyndon Larouche - Congress Committed an Act of High Treason against the United States. Obama given Dictatorship same date as Hitler was given Dictatorship!

Lydon Larouche has declared the Congress and Senate have committed a high act of Treason against the United States.

I had started a rant the other day but did not publish it, blaming the people of the United States for being idiots and allowing the elected officials to do as they please in destroying this country. I have been just astounded that people have not stood up for the constitution and the country for what it once was. It really has been destroyed and people are sitting on their asses STILL NOT PAYING ATTENTION! I have been frustrated and have tried to figure out what I could do. At least I DID call my elected officials, though it was useless... I STILL called them. I took some form of action letting them know, that I knew what they were doing was completely Unconstitutional and against the very fabric of how this once great country was formed.

As I see it, we are no longer a great country. We have allowed those in power to invade other countries and kill their citizens for money and resources. We have sat back and allowed torture and abuse of power. We sat back and allowed banks and corporations to actually control those in Washington D.C. We are to blame for all, due to our inaction and not paying attention and not getting involved by making those elected rule by the constitution.

Lydon Larouche has expressed exactly what I have been saying and feeling myself! He expressed the truth of what has happened.

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Rally to us, the Battle Lines are Clearly Drawn

JOHN HOEFLE: Hello, welcome to the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report, for Aug. 3rd, 2011. I'm John Hoefle, and with me in the studio today are Sky Shields from the Basement, Alicia Cerretani from LPAC-TV, and Lyndon LaRouche. 

So, Lyn, we have a busy week. 

LYNDON LAROUCHE: We don't have more than a busy week. We have more than a question of the existence of civilization, which is right now in our hands, because a majority of the members of Congress have committed an act of high treason against the United States, and I do not exaggerate in the least. 

What they did, in order to put this legislation through, that they put, for Obama, and actually, for the British Empire, what they've done, is they've taken the essence of U.S. Constitution, and arbitrarily destroyed it, just as Hitler did, in Germany, on a comparable date, before. They shut down the Constitution of the United States, just as Hitler did with his Emergency Powers Act, which gave him the dictatorship. 

If we submit to this crime, committed by a majority of the members of Congress, we have lost this nation, and we have lost civilization! This act that was taken during these days of this week, must be destroyed! It must not respected! It must be destroyed! Otherwise, we have no nation, and we have no civilization, either.

What Moody's did today was to be expected. The Moody Bible Institute is organized crime, the Bible Institute; it is, in effect! To do this thing, and to permit this to happen, every member of Congress, ho voted for this, committed a crime, which is punishable as a crime. It's an act of treason against the United States, ordered by a foreign power, which controls the President, the so-called British Empire, or the British monarchy. 

That's what's happened. 

Now, it's interesting: There was a report out this morning, to the effect that about 70% of the U.S. population hates this, and hates the people who did this. Now, I don't know if that report or estimate of 70% is accurate or not, but I know in principle it goes in the correct direction. 

So, now we have to actually think of discharging a majority of a combination of the members of the House and Senate. We have to flaunt the law, because it's not the law. The law is our Constitution, and the act which was committed, was an act of treason

Of course, we have to take into account that many of the members of the Congress, are certainly not of my generation. They're of a "generation D," shall we say: They represent slop, they have no real principles; they exemplify the essence of what we call the Baby-Boomer generation, who no longer have principles. That doesn't mean everyone in that generation, biologically; but it means a tendency in the generation, which, since the assassination of Kennedy, President John Kennedy, and later the assassination of his brother, who was going to be the next President of the United States, at the time he, too, was killed! 

This thing was done, on orders from the British to destroy the United States. What they did, they simply got the United States into a long war in Indo-China. President Kennedy had worked with others, including Douglas MacArthur, to prevent the United States from entering into this long war in Indo-China. The only way they could get the war going was to assassinate him; and that's what happened. Then, his brother was about to become the nominee of the Democratic Party, for President in 1968, and they killed him too, in a similar fashion. 

Now, what happened is that what this did, together with other things of the postwar period, it produced among the Baby-Boomer generation, as it's called, a very large portion of people, a large percentile of people, who were either by corruption; family opportunities—you could get a job, or get a good job, if you spoke the right language, the right family. Otherwise, you were ostracized, you got a little bit worse than the rest of them. 

And the message got out: It came out through the universities, it came out through other institutions. This corruption spread. And the last bastions we had, of any significance, was first of all, we had Eisenhower, when he was President; he was tough to deal with for the enemy. We had Kennedy, who adopted, despite his father, a very good, strong position on these matters, such that they had to assassinate him in order to get the war started. 

And that war was the means of corruption, which produced the Baby-Boomer generation, the actions of the postwar period: the post-Kennedy, but also earlier the post-Roosevelt. We lost our nation, to corruption. The corruption was specifically British, the British Empire, the British Queen, what she represents: pure evil! Our nation, our republic, our freedom, our rights have now been destroyed, by the complicity of a corrupted and degraded membership within the U.S. Congress, the Senate and the House together, and our rights have been destroyed, unConstitutionally. 

We have to decide whether we're going to stick with the Constitution, to which many of us, including me, have sworn an oath! And most of these people who were in the Congress have sworn an oath, to uphold the Constitution and its principles! These people, the majority of the members of the House and Senate, have in this week, have repudiated their own oath, under which they hold title! They are traitors to the United States, because they are working with a foreign power, the British Empire, the British monarchy, which controls this President as their stooge, their puppet. And you're going to find, we're in for a really rough time, either way. 

Either we go down like sheep being slaughtered in the slaughterhouse, and accept this, or we fight it! And the statement by one press agency, to say that 70% of the voters hate this, and will defy it. I don't know whether the 70% is true or not, but I know it's a large one, and it's going to grow very rapidly. We're headed for blood in the streets, caused by an act of treason in which the leaders of the Senate and the leaders of the House are complicit. That's what we're faced with! Not some little issue. 

The very existence of the United States, as Moody's demonstrates, the very existence of the United States, means that Moody's has to be destroyed! And I don't think the Bible Institute should survive either, considering what they've done. And that's our situation. 

I'm going to fight! I swore an oath to the Constitution: I'm going to fight to defend that Constitution. And people better get out of our way, who intend to stop us, because we're going to defend this republic; we're going to defend what it stands for. We're not going to participate in that act of treason, which was rammed through by a bunch of cowards called members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. 

Only if we take that attitude, and don't capitulate like many Baby-Boomers do, only if we take that attitude, can we save this republic. In fact, without this, we can't save civilization. So we have to weigh our conscience heavily these days, because the fate of humanity depends upon our ability to destroy what was done, by corrupted, rotten members, who were just being cowards: members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

We must destroy that, or we have no republic. We must destroy that, or we are cowards in face of the enemies of our civilization. 

That's the serious part. Once we decide to do that, I'm sure that we will be able, within reasonable means, to bring this thing down, and to throw this bum, this mere creature, not quite human called the President, out of the office, which he's stinking up! If we take that attitude, we may be able to save our republic; we may be able to save civilization. 

If we don't take that attitude, we're to blame for whatever happens to us. 

Take into account, take into account very seriously now, that what has been done, if it is allowed to continue, will mean cuts, cuts, cuts, and these cuts will lead mass death among our people! The rate of death will increase! And therefore, this is the dimension: If anybody continues to support this so-called reform, if they do that, they are guilty of crimes against humanity in terms of people among our own citizens. 

There can be no forgiveness, for those who continue to support the criminal actions, the treasonous actions of the majorities of the representatives in the Senate and the Congress, during this week! These people are acting as traitors! They must crawl with contrition to those who are still honorable citizens, and true citizens of our republic! There is no room for concession to treason, and this is treason! Ordered by a foreign power upon the United States, and whose submission to it, is treason against the United States, with all that implies

And think about it! And think about the mass death rates which will prevail in the United States at an increasing rate, unless these people are removed from power! Unless they turn quickly to rue their crimes against humanity, and seek forgiveness for the crime they did in voting up this legislation!
It's a crime against humanity, and anybody who tries to defend that crime against humanity is a criminal, because of the consequences that the continuation of that view represents. 

We're dealing with treason. It's an act of treason: A violation, an absolute, flat-out violation of the U.S. Constitution! Anybody who did it, is guilty of a crime against humanity. Some may be forgiven, if they deserve forgiveness, if they change their ways. But those who cling to this policy, and say, this is the law of the land, are by that act, defining themselves as traitors to the United States, and as responsible for all the blood that may be shed as a result of their treason.

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  1. This was a great article. I hope more people read it and take action.