Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If there was ever a time to Stand up for our Country it is NOW! Super UNCONSTITUTIONAL Congress has been chosen and anointed! FLY THE AMERICAN FLAG UPSIDE DOWN - That means "Country in Distress"

Well since the top leaders of CON gress and Sen ASS tors have chosen and anointed their "Super Congress" the rest of the lame CON gress and Sen ASS tors can now be fired!

Since we have a new level of UNCONSTITUTIONAL government that has not been elected by the people as a whole, but has been anointed by a few, we can all expect them to be completely bias and UNCONSTITUTIONAL in all their decisions!

What I have not understood is two things with this "Super CON gress" is first those who voted on the debt ceiling bill, have now voted out any power or control they had with their own office.  They have made their own votes and voices mute!

The second thing I have not understood is the fact the people of the United Broken States are sitting back and letting it happen!  The United States citizens should be going Egypt, Syria, London, Israel and many others right now!!  NO people are pretending it is all okay and those in Washington still know what they are doing!

How the F*&^ do we WAKE PEOPLE UP??????

This is beyond bizarre that the people of the United  Broken States don't give a damn about what those in CON gress and the Sen ASS tors did along with this President.  We do not have any way shape or form of our Constitution left!

I read about how people are flying the flag UPSIDE DOWN - When that is done it is saying "The Country is in Distress".

I believe this is one way of showing our displeasure to the corruption of Washington D.C. and the ripping up of our Constitution and anointing certain select and now elite CON gressmen and Sen ASS tors to a new government position of which the people did not vote on and our Constitution does not allow!

I ranted about how Unconstitutional it was last month. 

Here is the article where the chosen ones have been picked for the new elite, special, all powerful "Super CON gress". 

Update 8/11/11- Final Members announced by Pelosi

So Here are the names of those "Elite, All Powerful, Super CON gress"

Pelosi anointed:  Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), who is the assistant party leader, Democratic Caucus Vice Chair Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif., and the top Democrat on the Budget Committee, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).

Harry Reid anointed:  Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) to the committee.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell anointed: Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio).

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) anointed:  Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Rep. Dave Camp (R-M) and Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.).

So there we have it folks, the new Elite Unconstitutional level of Government, with the people being anointed to be in the select special elite group by those who are at the top.  They were not elected by the people, nor was this new level of super government made allowance for in our Constitution.  

Peacefully - STAND UP against this new Super CON gress and their new Super Powers!

Fly your flag UPSIDE DOWN - Video it and put it on youtube - We need to Stand up in some way - it is NOT illegal to fly the flag UPSIDE DOWN!

Please Fly your flag upside down and lets start a Peaceful Movement - you CAN make a difference and remember everything starts with a step and one person can make a difference! Please be that One person and then many may take the step with you! 

Edited and added My Video of my flag upside down.

Let the media come out to your house and ask you why, that could help get more people to fly their flag upside down.  There have been cases where the media has inquired about the upside down flags around the country.  The more who do it, the more will do it.

Some examples - all media news stories:


  1. most people don't care because they don't know. The American people in general are extremely uninformed, under-informed or misinformed. In general they don't know or understand what is going on, and the information they do get is nearly worthless and it comes from either the government itself or the corporate mainstream media--both of which have an interest in portraying a certain version of these events. Unless, and until, the American people decide to take information seriously, and look elsewhere for their news and information, they will continue to be blind.
    - Kevin Ward

  2. Well then flying the flag upside down will help inform them, when they question you about it. I have my flag upside down and am now getting the video of it on youtube, asking people to join me in standing up.

  3. "How the F*&^ do we WAKE PEOPLE UP??????"

    Actually, it's rather simple. Keep doing the same thing we've always done. Keep writing to your congressman. Keep posting blogs. Keep voting for 'the other guy'. Keep flying the flag upside down (people have been doing it to protest the government since the 1930's.)

    Above all, keep doing the same, but harder. Write two letters to your congressman. Write a blog IN CAPS! Vote for other guy, and campaign really hard for him.

    Keep doing what you've been doing. It's been working great so far!

  4. LOL Well it doesn't seem to have made a difference in all that has been done. Calling the elected officials don't get you anywhere, I know because I have and do call. They don't care. I do write a blog and I do put things in caps, when I am teed off!
    None of it has worked...... so..... the question still remains How the F*&^ do we WAKE PEOPLE UP???
    Very few are willing to talk about current events and very few even know the names of those who are/have been in control. People want to keep their blinders on and that pisses me off! I don't understand people not wanting to look into things and find the truth of the situations.

  5. at some point we may have to say, to heck with waking up stupid people, lets focus our efforts on saving eachother and ourselves and if the stupid people want to be saved fine if not to hell with them then.

  6. Today I will express my disgust with Amerika, by placing a large upside down Amerikan flag decal on the back of my truck right next to my Gadsen Flag sticker.

    I have been considering this action for years but you all have given me the courage and inspiration to finally do this. Thank you!

  7. They'll wake up when they have to wake up, and not a minute sooner. A few days of hunger will do the trick, or having their beloved son murdered by cops for no reason, possibly.

    Basically, we're a nation of idiots who know very little about politics, history, or economics, because we've been fed a decades-long diet of mental garbage and cheap entertainment by the television.

    The quickest way to 'wake someone up' if they're one of the few left who are capable of comprehending anything a bit more sophisticated than 'Scooby Doo' would be to expose to them one or more hoaxes carried out by ALL major media outlets (9-11, global warming, etc.) This, if they can handle it, and they're not complete idiots, will give them some sense of how they've been lied to, and just how big these lies have grown, and also prove there is no real competition in the mainstream media, but instead it's just a propaganda tool with the same false opposition/competition that we see in our government.

    After that, you can only hope they'll become curious enough to learn more.

  8. From the US Constitution; Article 1, Section 5:

    Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member.

  9. We began flying our flag upside down on our property during the time our 'representatives' gridlocked over our country's financial default. We felt we had no representation in our government and that our country is indeed in financial, political, ethical, and moral distress.
    Right away we noticed that one neighbor after another in our small community began to stop waving to us. Some gave us angry looks. Our flag remained upside down. And we kept waving at our neighbors.
    This past weekend, our mayor paid us a visit. He told us that the entire community (small, farming community) was in an uproar about our 'disrespect' for the flag. He said he had called our local sheriff's department and was told that it was not illegal for us to fly it that way and there was nothing they could do about it. He told us that he'd spoken with our village council and tried to convince them that they should act to have us turn it right. But they wouldn't. So he asked us as a 'favor' to him, if we'd please turn our flag rightside up because as a veteran it 'hurt' him to see the flag that he served to protect being treated with such disrespect. We asked him why no one chose to simply ask us about our reasons. We assured him that we are as patriotic as he is and we appreciate that he served to give us the right to voice our opinion. We educated him on how because we love our country, we are voicing our opinion in this way to state that this country is in dire distress. Strangely enough - he completely agreed with us, even when we stated that as citizens of this country, we have NO representation. He agreed that we're in distress; that no one is doing anything to pull us out of that distress. But he told us we were 'out of line' in 'his' community to fly 'his' flag upside down. He threatened us that if we didn't agree to turn it around - he had already called every veteran's organization he could think of and they were already amassing to protest in front of our home. He said it angered them that we're treating 'their' flag this 'disgraceful' way.
    Now... we questioned why he would agree with us that the COUNTRY is in distress - but still require us to 'right' our flag?? He said that it 'hurts' him to see the flag mistreated. Does he not see the irony in this? He didn't realize that he's worshipping the flag while hating the country and its representatives.
    After much discussion, we told him we'd rather not fly 'his' flag at all if we can't fly it our way. We took the flag and it's pole and holder down completely. We hope to one day replace it with a FOR SALE sign.
    I've read where some residents in small communities have received death threats and have had their property vandalized for the sole reason that they chose to voice their opinion that our country is in distress by flying their flags upside down. Again - everyone agrees that the country is in distress but lose all intelligence when it comes to this issue.
    We live in a country where people despise the country and its leadership, but continue to worship the flag at all cost. Argh.

  10. Sherrie, I need to contact you on a position I am in due to fighting the United States Government and the Veteran's Administration due to an illness my wife has succumbed to. I looked on your site for contact information, I wanted your opinion as it seems you are "in the know" about things that might pertain to my situation.

    It is a look into my "10 days at War with America" - Or my blog @ - I found your blog when doing some quick research when writing a response to my Father regarding our situation, to make sure I wasn't wrong when I thought that the American Flag upside down did in fact mean "Distress" -

    Today the 23rd of Feb. 2012 - I shall decide whether or not to fly the American Flag upside down. There is much more, I am also a disabled American Veteran and my mental condition and the disturbing posts you will find on my blog show that I am not quite in my own sound mind, but I have done all I can do, I have lost hope. In losing hope, maybe finding this blog of yours, I have found an outlet. Because today, if all things fell through, I was going outside the United States of America and seeking other News Agencies to pick up our plight. Because nobody cares.

    We are unable to afford a Lawyer and I just do not feel like lining the pockets of a Lawyer with our money that might bankrupt us. Yes I am paranoid. But I am sorry.

    I hope you can understand.
    Please forgive me - all that read my blog and anyone who is offended.

    - John