Monday, August 22, 2011

Australia 60 Minutes - Fukushima Radiating Everyone on Earth - Unspeakable impact upon all of humanity and Earth!

Australia 60 minutes episode about Fukushima.  The Japanese people are human guinea pigs.  Radiation is covering the Earth and an Unspeakable impact will be felt upon all humanity and the Earth.

How can anyone in this world say Nuclear energy is clean?  One accident makes the whole world toxic and kills people and the Earth.  

It is so hard to comprehend this is really happening.  I applaud Australia's 60 minutes for discussing this especially since it seems most media around the world has made Fukushima a forbidden subject and it is never spoken by name any more in MSM.

Update 8/23/11 6am est - Arte Gundersen Update- Japan is deliberately making radiation airborne again that had settled on the ground. Handling the whole thing wrong and making it worse.


  1. Good job Sherrie! The US Gov is strangely quiet on this. I have people on the West coast who are quite concerned. Worse than Chernobyl?

  2. The entire planet may become the "forbidden zone."

  3. @Warrior There is a Japanese guy who posts at rense every few days with good info on Fukushima. The Japanese gov't is restricting the flow of information now that casts them ina poor light.
    His blog is called Ex-SKF and he goes by the name Ultraman.

    Fukushima is many, many times worse than Chernobyl. I've recently seen photos of reactor #3. Actually there is no reactor there. You probably know that is/was the one with the MOX fuel (7% plutonium). There is steam rising from cracks in the ground around the plant. This indicates that the corium has reached the water table and is sending radiation skyward. The science types say an explosion will not happen except for maybe a 'Yellowstone event' of steam.
    The estimates I've seen indicate it will be 50-100 years before they can actually begin to clean this mess up.

    Unfortunately, I think California, Oregon, and Washington are toast. The Feds pulled the 17-19
    radiation monitors they brought to the coast right after this happened. Quit testing food, etc. because they said there was no danger. Since our government never lies many believe that bullshit. There are spots in Japan (and not just in the immediate vicinity of the plant)
    where the radiation measuring devices go off the scale.

    If the BP spill wasn't enough (and it's leaking again significantly despite BP's denial)I'm afraid Fukushima is a planet-killer despite what the pro-nuke trolls write on the internet.
    If not, another one half this size would seal the deal. I am not being pessimistic, just realistic. Check out the SKF site to learn a lot more. I think he has every post thus far on the right hand side of his page if I remember correctly.

    We are all going to pay the ultimate price for most of the western world's apathy, timidity, and outright cowardice. I don't fear my door being busted down by the fascist goons any more.
    I fear a planet of the walking dead and everything that that implies.

  4. One of my favorite movies Anonymous! Dr. Zaus' words creep into my mind a lot these days. "Beware the beast, man."

  5. It's not strange at all that the government is quiet on this, warrior. They have a massive investment in "nuclear energy" for the purpose of MAKING NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    Their agenda of death has wroth more death.

    Animated map of the 2053 nuclear explosions, 1945-1998

  6. I would like to know why you censored my post which contained no inflammatory language or untruths and added a video that showed the clear extent of the widespread damage caused by nuclear WEAPONS. I get censored everywhere and each time one of you fake truthseekers censors me, it's one more step towards me joining the forces that which to liquidate you. Actually now I think I will

  7. The audacity of humanity will destroy all life on this planet. To proceed with nuclear power knowing the waste would be poisonous forever was the zenith of stupidity. It was never a matter of if but of when.

  8. Anon - your comment was published, please look above. There are sometimes gaps and time periods the comments are not published immediately. But they do get published, so cool out.

    FYI - I am not a "fake truthseeker", far from it! I have had enough trouble from CPS investigating me for taking my child camping and wondering if I had solar panels to the IRS taking all the money I have out of my bank account.

  9. "I don't fear my door being busted down by the fascist goons any more."

    The same goons who will be breaking down your door are the ones who engineered Fukushima. Fukushima is a diabolical depopulation means.

    The USSA Military blew the Iraqi city of Fallujah apart with highly radioactive plutonium warheads. Now in Fallujah seriously deformed babies are being born at a rate 12 times pre-invasion levels. The Iraqi doctors are advising young women NOT to have babies.

    We are already seeing increased birth defects showing up in the PNW of the USA as the plutonium et al from Fukushima is wafting over the USA.

    Women afraid to have deformed babies this is your global depopulation plan. One of the plans, there are others.

  10. Here is a link that I think everyone should find interesting. I have only read it once but didn't see any obvious faults with this guy's theory about what caused Fukushima. This was up on rense a few days ago and was taken down after about an hour but you can still get it by googling. I'm going to study it a bit more the next couple of days to try to find fault with it but after the first read I doubt I will.

    Another video that you may not have seen concerns what I really believe caused the BP disaster. Go to youtube and search for Deepwater Horizon Moments After the Explosion Live Footage. It's three minutes and was shot by some young people who just happened to be fishing in the area when it blew. Watch it twice
    and then read the comments by the trolls and PIDS (people in denial). Then if you can find a high resolution pic of the helopad, notice that the oval hole in it has slag on the top instead
    the metal hanging downwards like it would if the fire came from underneath. Anyone who has ever worked with a cutting torch knows what I'm saying. Besides the drilling portion of the rig is on the opposite side of the rig for obvious reasons so there shouldn't have been much fire
    underneath the heliport. I worked on some of these rigs in the Gulf back in the early eighties so I know a little about how the rigs are arranged. As I recall, the heliport was made of what looked like an aluminum alloy type checker plate. The whole thing should have melted if there was much fire, not just an oval that is not quite but almost perfect.

    I noticed that the copy I have saved is much clearer than on youtube. I got it a few days after the disaster from a whistleblower type. The two purple beams are from a laser weapon called MIRACL (no 'e') I think more information can be found at A True Ott site. I have several
    hardcore conspiracy friends (patriots) and I couldn't get much response from them, let alone my 'normal friends. These types of weapons have been around for almost twenty years that I know of. I would be interested in any observations or comments from people that take this seriously. I hate to put my email address out there but here goes:
    I can forward the original that has a story of my own concerning the capabilities of these weapons. HAARP is not all we have to fear from these insane bastards.

  11. @Anonymous I think you are correct in your theory
    about depopulation. I have my own theories about what seems to be an intentional destruction of the entire ecosystem of the planet. I believe wholeheartedly in Zacharia Sitchen's interpretations of the Sumerian tablets. The archaologists have said that 'all roads lead to Sumer for at least the last 150 years. We were created by the Anunaki to be a slave race (has anything changed in 7,000 years?) and it seems that the blueblood reptilians are possibly the ones who are destroying us. Sitchen would never touch that aspect of things like Icke does but I think it was fear of ridicule that held him back. People have no clue as to where the lizards and dragons that they tatto on themselves (or the same everywhere one looks in our past and current culture) come from. I know this sounds whacked out to most but then most won't even seek out this sort of information. A good starter book along these lines is The Gods of Eden by William Bramley. He was a lawyer who gave up his proffession to research the causes of mankind's constant warfare. He never wrote the book on war because his research led him
    to things he was not expecting. I've been dealing with ridicule for over twenty years as far as conspiracy theories go. Today, I am sure that there are many people out there who see that I was right about almost everything. Unfortunately, I don't think too many people will live to realize the truth or falsity of my personal beliefs about what is happening now.

  12. @Sherrie I quit paying the unconstitutional income tax in 1992. The IRS pretty much raped my wife and I when they found out we were willing to pay. It was very stressful for years and was a contributing factor in our divorce in 1994. I don't know if I can offer any help with your problems but if you want to give me a brief description I might be able to offer some suggestions. A lot depends on how much time and effort you want to put into fighting them!

    I educated myself...nowhere near an expert level but enough to understand how it works. There are two high profile ex-IRS agents who quit and started to educate people when they realized what a fraud the IRS is. One is a black lady who is in prison. I believe her name is Shirley Jackson Peele (sp?) The name of the man escapes me now but I could find it. He has a website up. I also have a copy of The Federal Mafia by Irwin Schiff. He is in his eighties and is in prison also...if he's still living. He knows the IRS code better than any person alive. His books are not allowed to be sold as of a few years back. He had a small office in Vegas with a secretary who sold his books until they were banned. I might be able to loan
    this to you, maybe permanently, as I am disabled
    and unable to work.

    I have noticed just by doing my normal surfing routine that there have been quite a few victories against these #$%^Y# in the last few years. The most impressive one was by a man, in Tennessee I believe, who had his case dismissed 'with prejudice', which means he could never again be charged for failure to pay. The Federal prosecutors asked the judge for this decision! I wish I knew the details in the case and what his argument was!

    I know this is way off topic but I know what you're probably going through. My email is in another post so drop me a line and tell me what's going on with you. As far as I know, there was a law passed several years ago called The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights and even though it got watered down I do recall that the provision for them not being able to empty your bank account without xxx amount of notice survived in the final bill. They are, literally,
    just thieves working for the mafioso Federal Reserve. Ciao! Bruce Hayden

    P.S. You might want to not post this as I don't pretend to be a tax lawyer. I'm sure you already thought of that!

  13. Is this even worse?

  14. More updates on Fukushima; Sept 2011

  15. Well written. want to learn more about Fukushima.

  16. Thanks author, you are doing a good job, it is the tine we should be aware of using nuclear energy.

  17. The undeniable truth is , we can't but nuclear energy in this step of civilization , but we should be more careful.