Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The President of TEPCO - The owner of Japan's Fukushima Plant in Melt down has Vanished and so has the Prime Minister of Japan

Added 10:30am - Reactor 3 is breached

It seems the President of TEPCO, the owner of Japan's Nuclear Power plant Fukushima, that is melting down right now has not been seen since March 13th.  But he is not the only one, the Prime Minister of Japan has been missing in action also.

TEPCO company says he is running everything, but none of the employees have seen him and the people at where he lives have not seen him for 2 weeks either.

One thing I have been looking for the last week is for the Prime Minister to come out and make statements and have not seen him at all.  I wondered to myself if he had skipped the country.  This article confirms the Prime Minister has been missing from the scene also.

If the elite are skipping town and have evacuated then it seems to me the situation is much worse than what they have admitted to over the last two weeks.

The Mox Fuel Reactor 3 uses Plutonium as part of the fuel.  I wrote about how it is 2 million times worse than uranium.  What is unbelievable is the media nor the governments are actually informing people and educating them about Mox fuel.  But not just that, there are those whose job is to put out the lies and spin for the government in the media.  This person seems to be doing his job.  Lawrence Solomon has put out the most ridiculous article and the financial post has actually run it.  He is telling people "Plutonium is Good for you"  I believe this just shows how evil those at the top are by not being honest and educating people that  they are killing people of the world and killing the Earth. 

Portions of Article linked at the beginning about the disappearing act of TEPCO's President and the Prime Minister

TOKYO — In normal times, Masataka Shimizu lives in The Tower, a luxury high-rise in the same upscale Tokyo district as the U.S. Embassy. But he hasn’t been there for more than two weeks, according to a doorman.

Shimizu last appeared in public at a late-night news conference March 13, two days after the worst earthquake on record in Japan. The tsunami triggered by the quake, said Shimizu, dressed in a blue company uniform instead of his normal business suit, “exceeded our expectations.” 

Japan’s mainstream media have mostly gone easy on the Tepco boss, in contrast with the treatment meted out in America to BP boss Tony Hayward during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. But one online journal demanded that Shimizu be tried in a criminal court. Several bloggers called for the death penalty, though far more numerous are those who simply want him to break cover and appear in public. 

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has also voiced frustration at Tepco’s bunker mentality. Japanese newspapers reported that Kan visited Shimizu before dawn at the start of the crisis and later, upon learning that the company might withdraw its last workers from the smoldering nuclear plant, shouted, “What the hell is going on?” Since then, however, the prime minister himself has mostly dropped from view and officials have stopped criticizing Tepco.

From the Most Vile Article trying to tell people Plutonium is good for them!  This tells me all I need to know about this man - Lawrence Solomon, besides seeing what other articles he has written - he wrote how radiation is good for you and the Fukushima radiation is most probably benefiting people.   I believe Mr. Lawrence Solomon needs to get on a plane IMMEDIATELY and Go to Japan, I believe that man needs to go right at the voluntary evacuation area, I believe that man should drink all the water there and if he does not go there, I believe that man should at least have Tokyo's tap water sent to him to drink and bathe in.   For someone to put this kind of disinfo out is nothing but Evil.  If you are going to tell people to be happy about the fallout then you need to go right in the middle of it to benefit from it as you say it is good for you.

What Lawrence Solomon says about Plutonium, From the article:

Plutonium, one of the most feared radioactive substances on earth, may in fact enhance human health, according to unexpected new findings published in the journal, Health Physics.


  1. Nah, Hari and Kari already split.
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  2. This only makes sense if people actually grasp the bigger game plan here, and that is DEPOPULATION.

    Why else is NO ONE in the intl community showing any alarm or fighting like hell to get this under control. Many UN documents state that by 2050 or if possible asap- reduce overpopulation by at least 50%, ideally 90%.

    Yes indeed. Not a conspiracy, it is straight from Agenda 21 and Global 2000 UN docs. As many as can perish, the better. Dont be surprised if the missing Japan execs are already hiding in their underground bunkers overseas with other NWO Elites. I am not being sarcastic or joking. All of this is very real people, it is not paranoia. Do the research.

  3. Dr. Emoto from The Great Mystery of Water movie is requesting prayers of all citizens of the planet at noon in their time zone on March 31st.

    Sherrie feel free to copy and paste what ever you want of this article. http://www.mamhere.com/mam/mamsblog.php?s=dr-emoto-prayer-request

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