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More Updates On Three Gorges Dam 6/17/10 5 Million More People May Be Displaced!

Another Update on Three Gorges Dam 5 Million More People May Be Displaced!

Besides the Flooding, which is written about here, I found a Chinese News Video from May 2010 saying 5 MILLION MORE MAY BE DISPLACED DUE TO THE THREE GORGES DAM!

Video from China - about that, showing land slides (this was BEFORE All the flooding)

This one is in English and it was done in May 2010 - GRIM SITUATION AT THREE GORGES DAM. It shows flooding, even before all the rains which recently have happened. The flooding was due to the dam.

There has been major flooding up and down the Yangtze River, even though the Three Gorges Dam was suppose to stop floods.

More than 200 people have been killed and 1.3 million are having to flee their homes.

Here are a few news articles about the flooding

This one
says the rivers including the Yangtze are higher than 1998 when 4000 were killed.

Considering the river is higher than in 1998, that was before the dam was built.

More reports say, there have been thousands of landslides.

With all that is happening right now, with the floods and the cracks all around the place, the reality is, the dam really can fail!

Also they had expected 700 million tons of silt a year behind it, from their conservative estimates of landslides etc. to happen. Well their landslides up behind it, is literally 1000s times MORE than what they estimated.

So, how much more silt in the millions of tons is putting pressure on that dam? Is the pressure on it, then causing it to tremble and crack all the areas around it? (like a bow)

Also, it has not stopped the flooding, like it was suppose to. So how much more water is also putting pressure on it and how many trees and other debris is getting caught up behind it?

A thought about all that.....there is so much junk (silt, trees, debris) up behind it, the water must not be flowing correctly through it, because it is not stopping the flooding (that is just a guess), so that new technology they had that had been untested before this dam, may not be working as it was suppose to.

The failure of that, is what could cause the beginning of quakes as we have not seen before.

The Earth shifted a little with the Chile quake and the 2004 tsunami, imagine billions/trillions/quadrillions of gallons of water moving at one time across the Earth, on the surface, compared to underwater (which gives some resistance as it goes through the water - like the 2004 tsunami). Who knows exactly what all could happen.

It is not a pleasant thought.

Latest Videos about the latest floods and Three Gorges Dam - some are in Chinese, but you get the gist of what is going on and being talked about.

This Video says it is going to control the flooding of Yangtze River (which it obviously has NOT)

This Video is about the cracks happening and flooding.

I went on Flash Earth and got the most recent satellite of the Three Gorges, where the + is, on the picture is right where Three Gorges Dam is. You can see, in looking closely how wide the Yangtze River is, both behind it and below it.


This is the satellite picture. (side note - look at how EQ clouds take the shape of the river on the right of the picture)

I enlarged the Three Gorges Area, looking closely you can see the water.

One other bit of information, that someone shared on a forum and that person has given me permission to reproduce here. Here is his story, regarding the Three Gorges Dam.

I had an interesting experience while it was under construction. At the time I was doing a consulting project in Laos and encountered some Aussies from an engineering firm that specializes in dam construction. After a long discussion at a small outdoor restaurant on the bank of the Mekong the sun was setting, the air was cooling, and we each had consumed a couple of quart bottles of Thai beer. I asked him if he had worked on any other dams in Asia (than the one he was currently working on in Laos) and he said that had and the subject of the 3 gorges dam in China came up. This was in 1997-98 so the project was well underway but nowhere near finished. He made the odd comment that he worked on it for about a day. He then explained that he went to the dam site and got so upset at what he was seeing that he and his family packed and left within a day or two. That could have meant several things so I asked him to explain and his comment was that it was a disaster waiting to happen and he couldn't have that on his conscience. The company he represented pulled out immediately.

If something should happen there it will probably relate to the Sichuan basin which is ancient and very stable within itself. The Yangtze River skirts the southern margin of that microplate. As the mountains build around it due to the continuing rise of Tibet and Central Asia very large faults produce enormous earthquakes. I am not sure of the date, but a couple of decades ago there was an earthquake that registered about 8.8 or 8.9 which actually killed farmers working in their fields by bouncing them to death. I believe it killed about a quarter of a million people although I may be off in some of the particulars. I have no idea how the Chinese expect to protect the dam from the movement that runs right down the middle of the gorge. With the amount of water in the dam, a rupture could kill drown tens of millions and that is conservative.

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The local government hastily moved out of a prestigious new block after experts warned that it was unsafe.

I found more information about what has been recent events at the Three Gorges Dam. I will continue looking for information - it is hard to come by - due to China and how much information actually gets out.


Please see this post for a full research article, I did about Three Gorges Dam.

This article has just come out today about the Three Gorges Dam.


Says Cracks are appearing all around the Dam, besides the landslides and other problems, including Earth Quakes.

In China, cracks are appearing – in the neighbourhood of the massive Three Gorges Dam, the country’s great prestige project, and also in the Great Internet Firewall of China, enabling the ominous news to leak out. Three years ago stories were already emerging in the Chinese media about landslides, ecological deterioration and accumulation of algae further down the river. And less and less effort seems to be made to plug the leaks.

Recent media reports tell of a series of landslips, minor earthquakes and cracks appearing in roads and buildings along the central section of the Yangtse, between the dam and the city of Chongqing. Almost 10,000 “dangerous sites” have been identified, but many of the people living near them cannot be relocated for lack of money. Two years ago thousands of children died in Sichuan Province because their schools were not resistant to the earthquake which hit the area; in the town of Badong near Chongqing children are attending school in buildings which have been recognised as far more vulnerable. What else can they do? The local authorities can’t afford a new one.

There is much more information at the link. If the Three Gorges Dam, ever breaks and fails the Whole Earth Will be affected!