Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chemtrails over All of South Florida, Europe and Texas Louisiana Coast 1- 23 -10

Off Coast of Europe Chemtrails form 1 23 10

Talk about Chemtrails!! Snap shot taken 1 23 10 - South Florida.

Here is the Texas and Louisiana Coast - you can see the lines and then what they normally do - by becoming "clouds"!

Click on the pictures you will see them bigger - you will see all the chemtrail lines on both sides of the coast of Florida and the lines around Texas. This is Great Proof - Chemtrails ARE REAL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti - Why aren't the People Actually Being helped? Aid there - But not getting to the People - Docs without Borders Denied Persmission to Land!

Haitian Above Arrested for Looting For Food - Had One Carton of Powdered Milk - taken out of a Destroyed Store!! Survival Needs - people are being arrested for?!

Honestly, I have been watching Haiti's aftermath of the horrendous earthquake and have cried a few times, due to their situation.

I am a very strong person - but I will admit - their situation has made tears come to my eyes.

It has also caused me to reflect on the "what ifs".

What if this Earthquake had happened on another "more affluent" Caribbean Island.

Would it almost be one week of people not actually getting desperately needed supplies and basic necessities of life - like food and water? Would the life essentials be air dropped constantly around the island if the roads were impassible to deliver those life saving needs?

Would the U.S. military be taking control of the island sending troops to "control" the people?

Would the U.S. deny Doctors without Borders the right to land so they could ultimately help the people?

Would the UN make doctors abandon patients at a make shift hospital - due to them thinking the situation my become dangerous, due to the people's desperation to survive?

What happened in Haiti is horrible from the earthquake, but what is happening now is HORRENDOUS and SICKENING!

In my opinion, they want the people to start rioting so they can clamp down on them and try to turn people's compassion to them to distrust and make people think Haitians are dangerous.

There is NO GOOD REASON - that the people of Haiti have not have the most simple life saving items air dropped for them to survive!

The actions of the U.S. and U.N are not actually seeming humanitarian at all - but more of an invasion and capitalizing on the Haitians disaster. If they were actually meaning to be humanitarian then they would not be making a Big show of getting things to Haiti - but not actually getting the items to the people to save their lives.

I am so sad and disgusted at what is "really happening" and how the people have not gotten what they need yet.

Tomorrow will be 7 days times since the earthquake occurred.

Now who knows what disease is taking place and more needless deaths, due to the people not getting medical care, water and food.

Stop and think - would the Elite on another island be treated like the Haitians are being treated?


God Help those Who are in Need and Guide All to Do the Right thing!

Not One of us are Better than Anyone else! We are ALL The Same deep inside - We are Souls of Light - We just all look different and are Living Different Lives at this time!

No Elite is Better than a Haitian - I am no Better or Worse than any other Soul on this Earth Either!

Helping Others, Helps Ourselves!

UPDATE - 1/19/10 - First Air Drop of Water and Food - ONE Week After Quake


Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Earthquake and Charities - Donations

The Earthquake in Haiti is so unbelievable sad! No words are able to express how I feel for those people!

They desperately need immediate HELP!

In saying that, the media along with many organizations are asking for Donations for Helping the people of Haiti.

President Obama announced he has asked Bush Jr. and Clinton to head the donations for Haiti.

Before thinking they have the "best" intentions for the people - look at what Bush Sr. and Clinton did with the money they raised to supposedly help Katrina victims.

They raised 130 million for the Katrina victims - BUT did it actually GO to the Katrina victims?

Take a nice big guess on that one!

Here are two stories to help you understand, they ended up funneling the money to Governors and charities the Governors had set up. If you are familiar with Charities - you will find anyone can set up and charity and then only give 2% of the money raised to actually help people.

Stories/Information on where Bush Sr. and Clinton money went:

Here is a good link about the Best Charities

I think it is important for every single person to do what ever they can do to help those in need right now.

Please look at the organizations that will actually do something for the people and not make it a "political" donation.

Also, do a little research on Clinton and Haiti - you will find the intentions have not always been the best for the people - in fact they look to have been the opposite.

There are many informative stories about their relationship - Look at Aristide - who was an ultimate drug lord and the close relationship him and Clinton had.

Just one of many links:

Regarding Bush Jr. - Yeah - I really don't have much to say regarding how "humanitarian" that man is. Just look at Katrina and how well he handled that and where his focus has always been, which has never been about "helping the people".

As a Red Cross Volunteer - and you will see in the articles posted how they used all the money to provide for the people - I am biased. I have seen First hand how the Red Cross helps people.

So research before just giving to a charity to help the people of Haiti - BUT please do what you can to HELP them!