Friday, November 5, 2010

We Will Be Hyperinflating As there is NO Doubt Now! TRILLIONS of New Dollars Being Printed! Also a Zerohedge Time's Cover in Honor of Bernanke and Our Dollar!

Considering Bernanke is printing up Trillions and Trillions of NEW dollars and all the other countries are very upset over it.  In fact countries around the world have been raising their voices in the last few days about the dollar being printed as it has been and will be.  The Fed is starting their QE2 and have even begun talking about a QE3!!  They have stated they will pump 600 Billion by buying U.S. t-bills, but Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks have said the Fed will buy if need be 6 TRILLION in t-bills/bonds if need be.

Well of course it will need to be!  NO other country wants to Touch our Debt anymore!  They know the end game is hyperinflation out of debt for the U.S.!  If people don't believe it, well they will be in for a shock in the not too distant future!  Hyperinflation IS the End Game of the Fed and the U.S. government to pay off the debt of the U.S.!

We will have $100 a gallon of gas or more, a loaf of bread can be a few hundred dollars!  Don't believe it.... well, then you have NOT been paying attention!  I have been reading throughout the world how the leaders of the other countries are VERY Upset and China is really starting to make noise!  China does not make noise publicly, until they have seriously had it and have already begun making other arrangements.

I have posted previously about China, Russia and other Asian countries making trading agreements with the Yuan, China had begun making the Yuan an International currency last year.  South American countries had begun trading in their local currencies between each other last year also.  They have all seen the writing on the wall.

Funny enough, the ONLY people who have NOT seen the writing on the wall is the American People!  I have honestly been amazed at how people in the U.S. are staying Asleep to what is actually occurring!  No matter how I have tried to WAKE up my own family, they would much rather stay Asleep and Stupid about what is really happening!  People in the U.S. are more Worried about who is going to Win "Dancing with the Stars" then what is happening to the Dollar in Debasement!  I have honestly, never understood why most people refuse to educate themselves and look at what the Truth of the U.S. situation is!  It has frustrated me previously, but now......  I am tired of trying to get people to listen, for whatever reason, they prefer to stay Asleep and uneducated!

I know I am "Preaching to the Choir" by posting this, as I have completely Given Up on Trying to Get my family and those who would prefer to Stay Asleep and Only Listen to MSM (propaganda Press/Media) on how Awesome everything is "No Worries, Bernanke is doing Awesome", type information!

Zerohedge did a Wonderful Cover for Time Magazine, in honor of them choosing Bernanke as "Person of the Year 2009"!   Considering all the other countries saw what was happening last year and many began "sounding the siren" including myself in what was going to be happening in the U.S., there was this "Propaganda Press" just for the U.S. people saying "What a Wonderful Job, Bernanke has been Doing"!  I LAUGHED so Hard and shook my head last year, with him being chosen as the Person of the Year of 2009.

But of course if you only listen to CNBC and all those Wall Street analyst then, you feel we are simply at a little bump in the road, but nothing to worry about!  OH, the stock market going UP?  YEAH, Because we are going to be Hyperinflating!  Look at Zimbabwe's stock market - Yes, it DOES go UP, because the Value of the money goes DOWN!  So things Cost MORE, including stock!  I would expect we will see a 30000 market - when gas cost 100 per gallon, which won't be in the too distant future!  But of course at that time Gold will be $20000 or more per ounce, Silver will be in the hundreds or more per ounce, thus the value of the dollar will have been saved through metals, not the stock market!

So, I have now stopped trying to "sound the siren" to those who refuse to Wake Up - that includes my own family!  Everyone has made their own beds and decisions, now it is coming time for those decisions to come to roost!  Being awake and aware has been the key and wanting to know truth has been the answer for those who will not be shocked at the turn of events that will be upon us!

The time is NOW, We are now are the edge of the cliff, we have seen the edge of the cliff, coming for two years now and sadly we are now tittering on our toes on it.  It is going to be sad, when most of the populace will be hit hard and shocked over how things are going to hyperinflate over night!

Now for Zerohedge's Cover of the Time Magazine for 2010 - In Honor of Bernanke - Time's Person of the Year for 2009!  I LOVE IT!

Zerohedge also has another article today, about how we are going to be Hyperinflating, titled "Fed has Gone ALL IN"


Well, it’s official, Ben Bernanke has officially gone “all in” regarding currency devaluation in the name of pumping the stock market. I have to admit, even though I knew this was going to happen, I’m still in shock. After all, it’s not every day that you see a superpower collapse and lose its reserve currency status courtesy of a deranged mad man.

The cost of just about everything is going to be going up… a LOT.  In fact it already has. Most commodity prices are up double digits in the last year. This is just the beginning. Combine currency devaluation with trade wars and you’ve got a recipe for MASSIVE spikes in the price of goods.

In plain terms, the cost of living in the US will be going up sharply in the coming months. Oil is already at $86 a barrel. Food costs are rising. In fact, virtually everything but housing prices has risen in the last year. Forget future inflation, inflation is coming NOW. We’ve already seen the Dollar lost 15% of its value in the last six months.

What will this do to a middle class whose savings have already been eviscerated by two stock Crashes, no private job growth, and a 37% decline in the US Dollar in the last ten years?

Yet Another  article - a MSM article out of the U.K. - yesterday regarding all the countries who are Very Upset, regarding the debasement of the Dollar!


Li Deshui from Beijing's Economic Commission said a string of Asian states share China's "deep bitterness" over dollar debasement, and are examining ways of teaming up to insulate themselves from the tsunami of US liquidity. Thailand said its central bank is already in talks with neighbours to devise a joint protection policy. 

Brazil's central bank chief Henrique Mereilles said the US move had created "excessive dollar liquidity which we are absorbing," forcing his country to restrict inflows. Mexico's finance minister warned of "more bubbles." 

These countries cannot easily shield themselves from the inflationary effect of QE2 by raising interest rates since this leads to further "carry trade" inflows in search of yield. They are being forced to eye capital controls, with ominous implications for the interwoven global system. 

In London and Frankfurt the verdict was just as harsh. "In our view, this is one of the greatest policy mistakes in the Fed's history," said Toby Nangle from Baring Asset Management.

This shows INFLATION of ALL things, MOST NEEDED are Upon Us!  Have you looked at commodities in the last couple of weeks?  Have you seen how Sugar, Cotton, Copper and other Needed Commodities are going through the Roof and hitting their Highest Prices in History?  Are you paying attention?  It might be a good idea, to go and get needed items for the future - buy a little extra sugar, toilet paper, coffee and commodities as that, while you can still afford them!


  1. I completely agree with you and ironically I have also given up trying to reach my own family on this. 6 months ago I advised my Mom to get on board with some silver and she finally listened. 6 mos. ago silver was $18 and some change. Today it sits at $26
    Please tell me where in this market are you going to get those kind of returns (legally:). But I still try dropping a nugget of truth to those who will listen. Thanks for the post, it is reassuring to know that there are like minded people out there.
    Good luck to you and yours with whats coming.

  2. Sherrie: Great website. I especially admire your coverage of the MERS foreclosure racket and encourage you to continue posting updates whenever possible.


    Many years ago, an American classical philologist by the name of Revilo P. Oliver, who, at the time was under the mistaken belief that there was a "significant intellectual difference between the American bourgeoisie and the cattle that one sees peering between the slats of large trucks as they contentedly munch hay on their way to the abattoir," attempted to answer the question via a speech entitled What We Owe Our Parasites given to the Lorelei Club, June 9th, 1968, Hamburg, New York:

    "The deeper, more important, and far more unpleasant question is: What was and is wrong with American people that made them and is still making them willing victims of their enemies?

    Some years ago, it was customary for fast-talking confidence men to find some chump with five or ten thousand dollars in cash and sell him the Brooklyn Bridge or the Holland Tunnel. And I hear that when the Pennsylvania Railroad began to demolish its station in New York City, someone bought it for $25,000 cash. Now the swindlers in all those cases are undoubtedly wicked men. They deserve exemplary punishment. But, you know, there must have been something wrong with the purchasers too. Much as we may sympathize with them, we shall have to agree, I think, that they were not overly bright.

    We Americans, you know, are regarded with supreme contempt by our enemies, who describe us in private and sometimes in public in the most contumelious terms. You may remember that some years ago a man named Khrushchev was the manager employed on the conspiracy's estate in Russia. He was invited to this country by his pal Ike, and he toured our land, honored and applauded by the press and even by some Americans. Soon after he returned, he told newspaper reporters in Vienna, "The Americans? Why, you spit in their faces and they think it's dew."

    Why do we receive and deserve such contempt? Unless we have simply degenerated into a race of imbeciles, unfit to survive in the world, there must be some ascertainable mental block that makes us so gullible.

    The author proceeded to answer this unpleasant question in a manner that must be regarded as the finest short exposition on the subject ever presented.

    A transcript of the speech:

    I highly recommend that everyone take a gander at this extremely important presentation as it should be regarded as a necessary part of every patriot's education.

    I'll leave with these parting words of the author:

    "We are Americans. This is our country. He who would take it from us, by force or by stealth, is our enemy. And it is our purpose -- nay, it is our duty to our children and to their children and to our yet unborn posterity -- it is our duty to use all feasible means to destroy him."


  3. "I completely agree with you and ironically I have also given up trying to reach my own family on this. 6 months ago I advised my Mom to get on board with some silver and she finally listened. 6 mos. ago silver was $18 and some change. Today it sits at $26">

    I advised my parents back when silver was at $13.50! Unfortunately, neither listened and are still in cash to this day! [Sigh] I'm afraid it's only at the point of physical suffering that the majority of Americans will wake up and smell the coffee. By then, of course, it will be too late.