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The Bankrupted Morals of the U.S. Government! Demonstrators are Still Domestic Terrorist - Another Obama Promise Broken!

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Where are the morals of this U.S. government? Why don't people see, there is hardly one campaign promise Obama made to get himself elected, being kept now.

Another very important promise Obama made to the people is now being disgarded by the way side and Bush's policy will be kept enforce.

The administration is keeping the policy of detaining and holding whoever they want without charges and for how ever long they want too! Obama will not seek a change!

The Obama administration has decided not to seek legislation to establish a new system of preventive detention to hold terrorism suspects and will instead rely on a 2001 congressional resolution authorizing military force against al-Qaeda and the Taliban to continue to detain people indefinitely and without charge, according to administration officials.

Here is his campaign promise: Obama's Own Words:

Restore habeas corpus rights for "enemy combatants"
"The right of habeas corpus allows prisoners to ask a court to determine whether they are being lawfully imprisoned. Recently, this right has been denied to those deemed enemy combatants. Barack Obama strongly supports bipartisan efforts to restore habeas rights. He firmly believes that those who pose a danger to this country should be swiftly tried and brought to justice, but those who do not should have sufficient due process to ensure that we are not wrongfully denying them their liberty."

Just as he promised the U.S. would stop renditions of people - that too he changed on, once he got elected. The U.S. is continuing that Bush policy without ONE Change!

He had already broken his promise of transparency - as the largest spending bills in the U.S. history have only been out hours before they had to be voted on! Oh, jeez, what happened to that Obama saying "The Congress will not vote on any bill, until it has been available to the public for at least 5 days"?

Here are his Transparency Promises:

Centralize Ethics and Lobbying Information for Voters: Obama and Biden will create a centralized Internet database of lobbying reports, ethics records and campaign finance filings in a searchable, sortable and downloadable format.

Require Independent Monitoring of Lobbying Laws and Ethics Rules: Obama and Biden will use the power of the presidency to fight for an independent watchdog agency to oversee the investigation of congressional ethics violations so that the public can be assured that ethics complaints will be investigated.

Create a Public "Contracts and Influence" Database: As president, Obama will create a "contracts and influence" database that will disclose how much federal contractors spend on lobbying, and what contracts they are getting and how well they complete them.

Expose Special Interest Tax Breaks to Public Scrutiny: Obama and Biden will ensure that any tax breaks for corporate recipients — or tax earmarks — are also publicly available on the Internet in an easily searchable format.

Sunlight Before Signing: Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House Web site for five days.

Shine Light on Earmarks and Pork Barrel Spending: Obama's Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act will shed light on all earmarks by disclosing the name of the legislator who asked for each earmark, along with a written justification, 72 hours before they can be approved by the full Senate.

Let's not even bother to get to the promise of lobbyist not being on his staff - almost every single one of his inner staff is lobbyist.

Oh, I would like to know, all those on his staff - including Geithner - did they have their bank accounts raided/seized by the IRS, like I did - since there are so many of them who have not paid taxes?

Obama is probably one of the biggest disappointments I have ever had, because I had Truely Believed we were going to get our country and rights back and all the repressive Bush policies would be wiped away.

The problem with the law is any U.S. citizen can be held under that law at this time too. In other words we have actually lost our rights to a speedy trial - the government could say "We are under suspision for terrorism, in one way or another". They have even labeled those who demonstrate or protest anything as "domestic terrorist".

From the ACLU site above:

The definition of domestic terrorism is broad enough to encompass the activities of several prominent activist campaigns and organizations. Greenpeace, Operation Rescue, Vieques Island and WTO protesters and the Environmental Liberation Front have all recently engaged in activities that could subject them to being investigated as engaging in domestic terrorism.

Seizure of assets - Sec. 806: Section 806 of the Act could result in the civil seizure of their assets without a prior hearing, and without them ever being convicted of a crime. It is by far the most significant change of which political organizations need to be aware. Section 806 amended the civil asset forfeiture statute to authorize the government to seize and forfeit: all assets, foreign or domestic (i) of any individual, entity, or organization engaged in planning or perpetrating any act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States, or their property, and all assets, foreign or domestic, affording any person a source of influence over any such entity or organization or (ii) acquired or maintained by any person with the intent and for the purpose of supporting, planning, conducting, or concealing an act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States or their property or (iii) derived from, involved in, or used or intended to be used to commit any act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property.

The civil asset forfeiture power of the United States government is awesome. The government can seize and/or freeze the assets on the mere assertion that there is probable cause to believe that the assets were involved in domestic terrorism. The assets are seized before a person is given a hearing, and often without notice. In order to permanently forfeit the assets, the government must go before a court, but at a civil hearing, and the government is only required to prove that the assets were involved in terrorism by a preponderance of the evidence. Because it is a civil proceeding, a person is not entitled to be represented by an attorney at public expense if they cannot afford to pay an attorney. The time between seizure and forfeiture can sometimes be months; meanwhile, organizations or individuals whose assets are seized are forced to make do without the assets. Only the most financially flush non-profit organizations would be able to successfully defend themselves against government forfeiture. In short, without the full due process afforded in criminal cases, the U.S. government can bankrupt political organizations it asserts are involved in domestic terrorism.

Home : National Security : Terrorism and Emergency Powers
How the USA PATRIOT Act redefines "Domestic Terrorism" (12/6/2002)
Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act (Pub. L. No. 107-52) expanded the definition of terrorism to cover ""domestic,"" as opposed to international, terrorism. A person engages in domestic terrorism if they do an act ""dangerous to human life"" that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to: (i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping. Additionally, the acts have to occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States and if they do not, may be regarded as international terrorism.

Section 802 does not create a new crime of domestic terrorism. However, it does expand the type of conduct that the government can investigate when it is investigating ""terrorism."" The USA PATRIOT Act expanded governmental powers to investigate terrorism, and some of these powers are applicable to domestic terrorism.

The definition of domestic terrorism is broad enough to encompass the activities of several prominent activist campaigns and organizations. Greenpeace, Operation Rescue, Vieques Island and WTO protesters and the Environmental Liberation Front have all recently engaged in activities that could subject them to being investigated as engaging in domestic terrorism.
One recent example is the Vieques Island protests, when many people, including several prominent Americans, participated in civil disobedience on a military installation where the United States government has been engaging in regular military exercises, which these protesters oppose. The protesters illegally entered the military base and tried to obstruct the bombing exercises. This conduct would fall within the definition of domestic terrorism because the protesters broke federal law by unlawfully entering the airbase and their acts were for the purpose of influencing a government policy by intimidation or coercion. The act of trying to disrupt bombing exercises arguably created a danger to human life - their own and those of military personnel. Using this hypothetical as a starting point, we will go through the USA PATRIOT Act and explore the new governmental powers that could be brought to bear on Vieques Island protesters whose conduct falls within the overbroad definition of domestic terrorism.

Disclosure of educational records - Sec. 507: This provision of the USA PATRIOT Act requires a judge to issue an order permitting the government to obtain private educational records if the Attorney General or his designee certifies that the records are necessary for investigating domestic or international terrorism. No independent judicial finding is required to verify that the records are relevant. This means that the Attorney General may obtain the private educational records of a student involved in the Vieques protests by asserting that the records are relevant to a domestic terrorism investigation. These records may include information such as a student's grades, private medical information (counseling, abortions), which organizations the student belonged to, or any other information that the educational institution collects about its students.

Disclosure of information from National Education Statistics Act - Sec. 508: This provision of the USA PATRIOT Act requires a judge to issue an order for the government to obtain educational records that have been collected pursuant to the National Education Statistics Act. NESA includes a vast amount of identifiable student information from academic performance to health information, family income, and race. Until now, this information has been held to strict confidentiality requirements without exception. Again, all the government needs to certify is that the information is relevant to a terrorism investigation and the court has no choice but to issue the order.

Single-Jurisdiction Search Warrants (Sec. 219): This section of the USA PATRIOT Act amends Rule 41(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure to authorize the government to go before a singe Federal magistrate judge in any judicial district in which activities relating to the terrorism may have occurred, to obtain a warrant to search property or a person within or outside the district. This means that the government could go to a single judge to get a warrant to search the property or person of the Vieques activists in New York, Chicago, California, or wherever else the protesters were from. If the government chose to go before a magistrate in New York, a person in California, who wished to seek to have the warrant quashed because he or she believed it was invalid, would have to find a way to appear before the New York court that issued the warrant. This would be a daunting task for most.
Post-PATRIOT Act Laws

Since passage of the PATRIOT Act, two other new laws have passed that implicate domestic terrorism.
Taxpayer Information - 26 U.S.C.A. Sec. 6103(i)(3)(C) requires the Secretary of the Internal Revenue Service to provide taxpayer information to the appropriate Federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating or responding to the terrorist incident. If abused, this provision could be used by law enforcement to gain access to confidential taxpayer information of political protesters.

The long and short of it, the promises we heard of our rights being given back to us, were just empty verbal talk. It was not real.

Where are the people to question his going back on almost every promise? Where is the media to ask and make Obama explain how he has not followed through on his promises, which is what got him the nomination and won him the election?!

As I see it, the United States is not just bankrupt in money terms - the United States government is also bankrupt morally!

UPDATE - 9/25 - Guantanamo not closing as Promised

With four months left to meet its self-imposed deadline for closing the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Obama administration is working to recover from missteps that have put officials behind schedule and left them struggling to win the cooperation of Congress.

To empty the prison, the administration will need to find facilities to house 50 to 60 prisoners who cannot be released and who cannot be tried because of legal impediments, according to an administration official. The administration must also win congressional funding for the closure process, find host countries for detainees cleared for release, and transfer dozens of inmates to federal and military courts for prosecution.

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How Dare the Media Label People "Racist" for showing Discontent for the Government!

I have to rant and rave here a little bit. I have been turning on the news the last few days, wanting to hear what the MSM is telling people. It has been a long time, since I have actually listened to the news on the T. V. Even now, I can only take it for a few moments.

I am Sick of hearing the people who have demonstrated this last weekend and basically, anyone who stands up against the government is a Racist, against the President!

STOP - Bull S*^&!!

I am ready to demonstrate and I voted for the man - I am NOT a racist either! **See my post from May - On how Obama has not followed through on his promises - Third term of Bush - No Change**

Let's just go through a few things the MSM is conveniently leaving out on WHY people are demonstrating.

People are sick of the government giving away our money to big corporations and the banks, while we are not receiving the most basic help we need!

Billions and Billions to Trillions are flying out the door - yet we are the ones who will be stuck with the bill, for generations to come.

Our taxes ARE being raised in every area - contrary to Obama's promises of not raising taxes on the middle and lower class population. They may not be income taxes, but they sure are new taxes on almost everything out there, including the new sugar taxes.

People are losing their homes and becoming homeless - due to the banks who got all those billions of dollars, not resetting the mortgages for those most in need and the government is not doing ANYTHING about it! The banks are foreclosing on people at the highest rate in history, they have no regrets nor show any regard for those they are kicking out on the street. *See my post below (D-day) - towards the bottom - regarding more on this*

People are hungry and need to feed their kids and there is now the largest amount ever in history of people on food stamps.

Unemployment is ACTUALLY around 16 to 17% in the country right now. Yep, it really is - the government hides that fact, as they take off the people who have given up looking for a job or the unemployment benefits have run out! So when the media says 9 1/2% - look a little closer and question those numbers.

The MSM and government says we are in a deflation period and there has been very little inflation, in fact they are not increasing social security payments because there has not been a cost of living increase - they even had the gall to say the cost of living has gone down on CNN! ABSOLUTE LIE and BullS*&^!! CNBC - yesterday said food prices have gone down - again ABSOLUTE LIE - I don't know about you, but I go food shopping. You know what I have seen? I have seen maybe a penny or two decrease in the prices - BUT that is because the products are now anywhere from 50% (more or less) of the amount they were a year ago! Have you noticed? Take a look at cans of coffee - tea - cereal - from one year ago to now. Notice something interesting? The size is the same of the cereal boxes - but the amount has decreased drastically! I have noticed almost all food products have decreased in amount purchased. In other words, we have inflated in food prices all the way up to 100% with some products from a year ago.

Also, what about our voices not having meaning with the government, going back many years now? How millions were against the bailout last September, against the stimulus earlier this year and called their government officials to say that. We were the overwhelming majority of calls - yet did the government be a "For the People, By the People" government? NO - they did as they damn well pleased and went against the people's wishes!

The list goes on and on about why the people are frustrated with this government and want to show it!! Yet How Dare the media - label those who are frustrated and had simply wanted to live the lives they have worked hard, showing their displeasure for the government for what they have been doing - as Racist!!

Those of us who are raising our voices of displeasure are doing it to the Whole Government - Not just to the President! We are NOT Racist! We want our Government Back - to "By the People, For The People" just as our fore fathers had intented it to be and Stay!

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September 30th - D-Day for U.S. - Have You been Paying Attention? Are you Prepared?

UPDATE ON SEPT 14TH AT BOTTOM at 11:39am est

Okay, we are now nearing the expected D-day - where the house of cards will come crashing down. People will find what they thought was built with mortar and brick was actually nothing but paper (worthless) and a house built by it perilously stacked one on top of another, without a real base or foundation. This house has been shaking for a year, one quake after another hitting it, but those who built it were able to move one card to another place to keep the house- though hurt, but in tack - able to still hide there was no foundation built. Well, we are now at the time, where the general public (those who have only believed MSM and have not paid attention)are going to be shocked and dismayed when they find out the house of cards has tumbled down around them,when a wind blows - as they were unaware it was about to happen.

What am I talking about D-day = Derivatives!! Yep, that elusive word, that confuses people, as it is a very complicated Wall Street Creation and very few understand what it really is, as MSM does not explain it in detail.

Even the Wikipedia definition of Derivative - is as confusing as it can be:

In calculus, a branch of mathematics, the derivative is a measure of how a function changes as its input changes. Loosely speaking, a derivative can be thought of as how much a quantity is changing at a given point; for example, the derivative of the position (or distance) of a vehicle with respect to time is the instantaneous velocity (respectively, instantaneous speed) at which the vehicle is traveling. Conversely, the integral of the velocity over time is the vehicle's position.

The derivative of a function at a chosen input value describes the best linear approximation of the function near that input value. For a real-valued function of a single real variable, the derivative at a point equals the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the function at that point. In higher dimensions, the derivative of a function at a point is a linear transformation called the linearization.[1] A closely related notion is the differential of a function.

The process of finding a derivative is called differentiation. The fundamental theorem of calculus states that differentiation is the reverse process to integration.

Yeah, Ok, whatever all that means... hhmmm - I am not exactly a math expert.
So now lets look at what another meaning, specifically for the Markets is:

The Derivatives Market is meant as the market where exchange of derivatives takes place. Derivatives are one type of securities whose price is derived from the underlying assets. And value of these derivatives is determined by the fluctuations in the underlying assets. These underlying assets are most commonly stocks, bonds, currencies, interest rates, commodities and market indices. As Derivatives are merely contracts between two or more parties, anything like weather data or amount of rain can be used as underlying assets. The Derivatives can be classified as Future Contracts, Forward Contracts, Options, Swaps and Credit Derivatives.
The Types of Derivative MarketThe Derivative Market can be classified as Exchange Traded Derivatives Market and Over the Counter Derivative Market.
Exchange Traded Derivatives are those derivatives which are traded through specialized derivative exchanges whereas Over the Counter Derivatives are those which are privately traded between two parties and involves no exchange or intermediary. Swaps, Options and Forward Contracts are traded in Over the Counter Derivatives Market or OTC market.
The main participants of OTC market are the Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, Govt. Sponsored Enterprises and Hedge Funds. The investment banks markets the derivatives through traders to the clients like hedge funds and the rest.
In the Exchange Traded Derivatives Market or Future Market, exchange acts as the main party and by trading of derivatives actually risk is traded between two parties. One party who purchases future contract is said to go “long” and the person who sells the future contract is said to go “short”. The holder of the “long” position owns the future contract and earns profit from it if the price of the underlying security goes up in the future. On the contrary, holder of the “short” position is in a profitable position if the price of the underlying security goes down, as he has already sold the future contract. So, when a new future contract is introduced, the total position in the contract is zero as no one is holding that for short or long.
The trading of foreign exchange traded derivatives or the future contracts has emerged as very important financial activity all over the world just like trading of equity-linked contracts or commodity contracts. The derivatives whose underlying assets are credit, energy or metal, have shown a steady growth rate over the years around the world. Interest rate is the parameter which influences the global trading of derivatives, the most.
Derivative Market and Financial RiskDerivatives play a vital role in risk management of both financial and non-financial institutions. But, in the present world, it has become a rising concern that derivative market operations may destabilize the efficiency of financial markets. In today’s’ world the companies the financial and non-financial firms are using forward contracts, future contracts, options, swaps and other various combinations of derivatives to manage risk and to increase returns. It is true that growth of derivatives market reveal the increasing market demand for risk managing instruments in the economy. But, the major concern is that, the main components of Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives are interest rates and currency swaps. So, the economy will suffer surely if the derivative instruments are misused and if a major fault takes place in derivatives market.

Okay, above was an explanation of the Market Derivatives. Still a little confused - about what it really is?

I will now give you explanations in the most simple manner possibly - as I understand it - in words, we in everyday life use - and then why - the house of cards was built on derivatives and it will be the downfall of the U.S. currency and "Bank Holidays" will be in the future - Very Soon.

Here is some real information in more simple terms

link to below info:

Banks Create the Money They Lend

Bankers will tell you that they do not create money. At a 10% reserve requirement, they simply lend out 90% of their deposits. The catch is that their “deposits” include the money they have written into their customers’ accounts as loans. That is how loans are made: numbers are simply written into the accounts of borrowers, as many reputable authorities have attested. Here are two of them, dating back to when officials were either more aware of what was going on or more open about it:

“[W]hen a bank makes a loan, it simply adds to the borrower’s deposit account in the bank by the amount of the loan. The money is not taken from anyone else’s deposit; it was not previously paid in to the bank by anyone. It’s new money, created by the bank for the use of the borrower.”
– Robert B. Anderson, Treasury Secretary under Eisenhower, in an interview reported in the August 31, 1959 issue of U.S. News and World Report

“Do private banks issue money today? Yes. Although banks no longer have the right to issue bank notes, they can create money in the form of bank deposits when they lend money to businesses, or buy securities. . . . The important thing to remember is that when banks lend money they don’t necessarily take it from anyone else to lend. Thus they ‘create’ it.”
– Congressman Wright Patman, Money Facts (House Committee on Banking and Currency, 1964)

Okay, now let me explain it - in my own words - as I have understood it, through my research.

Derivatives Meaning = Lets say: A bank has a deposit of $1000 - they are suppose to only lend up to 90% of that deposit out. So they then lend $900 out to someone, now they add that $900 loan to "deposits" - because it is seen as money in the bank. So, now they took that $1000 and made it to $1900 as deposits. So now they are able to loan 90% of $1900 - so they loan $1710 to someone else. Once that happens, again they can add that $1710 as money in the bank. The cycles goes on and on - until the reality is quadtrillion - some say quintrillions is loaned out - in money that is not actually there. Thus we have a house of cards that has no base and that is WHY the banks - don't actually have all the money that are in deposits in the banks. So that means - what you think you have in the bank in the form of money - is NOT THERE!

**** addition and clarification**** added Sept. 14th
The above is the base and foundation for all the bets and gambling banks and investment houses have taken against shorts or bets on basically everything out there. They have done it through the fraud of the the amount of "deposits" in their banks and able to use that "excess" deposits to make bets. I would like to add, the center of this whole game is A.I.G. - they have enabled all the bets too, by insuring they were good, to all the foreign investors, etc.

So, the foundation is the fact the banks, have used loans has deposits and compounded what they "had in deposits". The derivatives market is based and starts with the money not being in the banks that they write in, that they have. So, when you see X amount of dollars in deposits at a bank, question - is it Real money - or just play derivative money?******

Are you with me? Do you understand how Derivatives work now - in the most simple terms?
Do you now understand, banks have not put those derivatives on their books - but come Sept. 30th 2009 - due to new banking standards - derivatives need to be put on the books and when that happens - the banking industry will most likely come crashing down.

Here is one example of Banks worrying about the changes,
This is from Georgia's Bankers Association - they released this information last week

Some information from article:

Key Regulatory Issues Facing Georgia’s Banks
• Regulatory interpretations of accounting guidelines/FASB 114/5; fair value of real estate
• Downward pressure on asset prices caused by market forces and unintended consequences of
government stability programs
• Difficulty of obtaining reasonable and consistent property appraisals continues to put downward pressure on property and collateral values
• Deposit rate caps: New FDIC nationally set price to determine rate caps to further stress struggling Georgia banks that are required to raise local deposits to replace brokered deposits
• Brokered deposits: Requirements prohibiting banks that are considered to be less than “well capitalized” from renewing brokered deposits or seeking new brokered deposits creates immediate funding and liquidity problems for banks that can least afford them. There are reasonable ways to lessen the impact without increasing risk to the deposit insurance fund or artificially distorting the local deposit market.
• FDIC special assessment: will cost Georgia banks more than $133 million -- more than combined 2008 profits. More special assessments are likely, according to FDIC.
Loan-Loss Reserve effect on regulatory capital: Artificial disallowance of more than $1.8 billion of capital in Georgia banks
• Loan renewals for commercial borrowers that are current on their loans are becoming difficult for some banks facing declining capital levels because of regulatory legal lending limits
• Access to capital and sources of liquidity continue to be limited by the market and regulatory issues.

But here is more from article - an explanation - regarding Deposits

Brokered deposits
Requirements prohibiting banks that are considered to be less than “well capitalized” from renewing brokered deposits or seeking new brokered deposits creates immediate funding and liquidity problems for banks that can least afford them. There are reasonable ways to lessen the impact without increasing risk to the deposit insurance fund or artificially distorting the local deposit market. One possible helpful easing of the regulation would allow “adequately capitalized” banks to renew maturing brokered deposits but continue to prohibit them from acquiring new brokered deposits. This would allow some funding stability for the bank without increasing the potential cost to the deposit insurance fund. If the statute cannot be changed regarding brokered deposits, banks having to shed those deposits should be allowed to reduce their reliance over a longer period of time than simply upon renewal. If the FDIC could
require an orderly reduction of brokered deposits of perhaps 10% per quarter or some other reasonable number, the impact would less.

Are you catching the above? Do you see, how the banking industry admitted in the above that there are artificial deposits?

The link is 24 pages long in PDF form, it is all bankers type info.

Now, we are coming to another link from a person who predicted the fall of the markets etc last year. Besides of course the Peter Schiff's, Gerald Celente's and others who speak the truth of the world. There have been many people sounding the siren of what is coming, the problem is the MSM has not broad casted their sirens, they only have broad casted what the governments want people to hear (which is not the truths of what is really going on). In fact, if you have only been paying attention to the MSM then you think "Everything is turning up roses and there is nothing but Champagne and Caviar in our futures". They have been hiding from the people the real information.

Question: Have you heard on MSM the following:

China is defaulting on their derivatives contracts - they say it was done illegally and a scam from the banks?

China is pushing gold and silver to it's citizens to buy - the Chinese government are running commercials like it is soap on their T.V. constantly?

Hong Kong, Dubai, and Germany have called their gold in from storage from the U.K. and the U.S. - for the first time ever?

The U.S. State Dept. informed all of the Embassies to have local currencies on hand, that will last them a year by Sept. 30th?

The U.S. bond market has been missing China and other countries - they have stopped purchasing our debt? Besides how our bond buyers are now "indirect" buyers? ( in other words the Fed is printing the money as no tomorrow and buying the U.S. debt themselves through "friends")

The amount of money that has been printed up since Sept. 08, that is now new paper of Trillions and Trillions of dollars, created out of thin air?

There is so much more real information on the internet, that the MSM fails to report. They like to keep people distracted with news that ultimately doesn't matter. They are not reporting what is going to have a huge impact on all of our lives in the very near future!

An interesting article out, yesterday:

Dr. Van de Meer predicts monetary collapse of US starting on September 30th

A private but extremely influential silent individual, Dr. Michael Van de Meer is the person predicting a financial collapse of the United States starting on September 30th. That is the end of the fiscal year and the final date for payments the Federal Reserve Board wants to act, but cannot, because it is in a catatonic state, as the leaders of every state in the world is.

There will also be indications on September the 16th, he informed me some ten months ago, “Although September 30th will be the tipping point at which the tree’s fate is determined, the branches will not hit the ground until October 7 and 27th and going on into November,” he says.

Dr. Van de Meer correctly predicted the financial panic that started in September of 2008 (also 10 months in advance) and has made many other accurate predictions.

In a separate confirmation the Chinese Government is no longer entertaining and investing in derivatives, and have declared a Nova-to, meaning they will not be paying the trillions “due” on these these illegal instruments. In fact the Chinese are using stronger language saying these criminally foisted instruments are a declaration of a financial war.

Meanwhile, in a significant break in corporate media censorship, the CBS TV program 60 minutes reported that Alan Greenspan, in concert with Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior facilitated in the year 2000, during the middle of the night, the passage of a criminal, highly illegal unconstitutional Bill that created the mortgage and property bubble. The bill allowed unscrupulous individuals in the major Banks and Insurance Corporations such as A.I.G. to hedge bets at a cent to the dollar. This allowed them to create derivatives contracts whose supposed face value runs into the quintillions of dollars (In either the British or American systems that is the next number after a quadrillion!) . On September 30th all these fiat numbers created out of nothing will no longer be accepted. Both China and Japan have not said they will only accept gold from America but they have none. Bernanke and Geithner are desperately calling the people who own the gold and asking for some but they have been told they will not get even one ounce.

The bundling of the worthless inflated dollars created a devaluation in the banking system and major banks went down in a domino spiral, the affects of which will be felt for many years around the world. The destruction of the world’s accounting system is so extreme that the tax base of every state and municipal government is strained, some house values have fallen 80%, farmers cannot get credit for parts, seed, fertilizers and water meaning many innocent people will pay, maybe even with their lives.

The Wall street banksters that own the Fed are being forced to put all their derivatives garbage on the books by September 30th. If they do that, they will be exposed as totally bankrupt.
The new financial system has been embraced by the Vatican, the British Empire and the Dragon family as well as the new Japanese government so it is hard to see how the Fed will be able meet the demands. Also people are now on to them and without secrecy their entire fiat con-job ceases to function.

The new financial system will not allow any off ledger transactions nor any hedge funds or derivatives. Wall Street will not be allowed to as Dr. Van de Meer puts it to “do all their contrivances selling worthless air and paper and contrived named instruments that by their very names are comic to the ear. They have been gerrymandered to fool the millions who buy worthless stocks just like little old ladies in sneakers working slot machines”.

The American people who are 4% of the world’s population but consume 40% of the world’s resources have been paying for it all with illusory money. The illusion has burst and there will be a 90 degree fall in the value of money, followed by a lot of hard work as the country rebuilds itself back into greatness. Fortunately, by developing all the new technology that was suppressed by the Feds, the end result of the rebuilding will be a golden age for all. But remember, there will be no gain without pain. However, the Americans are resilient people and will pull together and be a more informed and strong nation once again. First though, they need to seek out this Wall Street crowd; tar and feather them, and run them out of the country on a rail.

What is the above article ultimately saying? We are about to go through the toughest time ever in history - BUT - we ARE Resilient - We ARE Strong. We will be able to come together to make it through this coming time!

People need to STOP listening to all the hate and discord being broadcasted at one another through the MSM - we need to come together when things start going downhill! We need to take each other's hands and Help each other out! We don't need to be fighting over "who is on the left and who is on the right"!

The right and left, ultimately DOES NOT MATTER - we are all People - We ALL matter - not one side or another!

I want to add one other thing - I realized the other day - as I was reading a time line at this link:
of the past year and the economic crisis that has been unfolding... I kept seeing over and over - at every spot and segment the word "Billions". That word has been thrown around by the media and the CONgress all year. Now, it seems if we hear "One Billion" needed for something we don't think it is that much anymore, right?

Well, let me ask you something - What the Hell has happened to the amounts that have MEANING to You and I? You know, like the words "One Thousand, Ten Thousand". What happened to those amounts that would make a difference in people's lives, in whether they live or die, or they have a home or are homeless? Those numbers that actually Make a Difference in people's lives? The ones that all of us regular people need to hear, that would help us out?

In other words, we are getting to where we think One Billion or a few Hundred Million etc, isn't much, right? B.S.!! If those numbers are not much anymore, than why is a debt collector calling people just for a few hundred, why are people having to lose their houses over a few thousand, why are people having to go bankrupt over a couple of thousand of owing those corporations and banks that have gotten those "Billions" from the government?!

Stop and think about it, when the media is throwing those billion numbers around - think about how all those banks are still foreclosing on people for a few thousand!

Personally, I am sick of hearing Billions as if, it was a simple cup of coffee! I want to start hearing truth - I want to start hearing how those billions given to banks, are actually letting people keep their homes. How come those banks have stayed so ruthless against the the people and not refinancing their mortages as they are suppose to.

Yeah, regarding that government deal - of people being able to rework their mortgages from the banks that received bailouts... How many people do you know - actually got help?

I can tell you there may be some - but the statistics of people actually being helped is under 5% to the people that have applied under the government deal.

The Obama administration’s $75 billion mortgage bailout program to help some 9 million struggling home owners is off to a slow start. So far 55,000 people have had their loans modified according to this CNN Money report.

There certainly had to be a ramp up period for loan servicers to get their systems and people in place to be able to accommodate the crushing requests from homeowners. But at this pace, it will take the full second term of the Obama administration to get the 9 million complete – if that.
It’s really an unbelievable time in the mortgage business right now. The people I talk with are extremely busy working with people to refinance and with new purchases. The people running the backend systems must be running full tilt because not only do that have all the new loan requests and refi’s, but they have to deal with all the people falling behind on their payments, foreclosure filings and now the massive under taking to try to modify some 9 million loans…many of which, by the way, will not likely be able to be modified.

I tried to get a mortgage change - "Nope" not going to happen, was told - Oh yeah, I also found out that the mortgage servicing company that I owe my mortgage to, they are owned by Goldman Sachs!! I also researched that they have turned down almost everyone - and people who thought they were getting their mortgage reset with them, were foreclosed on in the middle of it! BTW: Goldman Sachs was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the bailout - yeah - here comes that word.. they got "hundreds of Billions" from all of us, through the government!

So, as I wind down this post with various information - look at what is honestly going on - Please - look for the truths of what is about to occur - don't just listen to CNN, FOX, MSNBC. With the information above, did some of that seem true to you? Can you discern what feels true or not true. Think about it and then take steps to take precautions - opportunities will likely be coming up very soon to purchase the best hedge against inflation and you can see what I believe it is, due to most of my postings in this blog. But I will say it one more time - METALS!!

A question - if you doubt any of the information, then why is CNN running this article:

Title: Insiders Selling Like NO Tomorrow

"It's not a very complicated story," said Charles Biderman, who runs market research firm Trim Tabs. "Insiders know better than you and me. If prices are too high, they sell."
Biderman, who says there were $31 worth of insider stock sales in August for every $1 of insider buys, isn't the only one who has taken note. Ben Silverman, director of research at the web site that tracks trading action, said insiders are selling at their most aggressive clip since the summer of 2007.

One other thing, I read some information this morning - it is the Swiss banks - that have no branches in the U.S., therefore are not affected by having to give up the names of U.S. accounts - have sent out notices to their account holders - on Friday - telling them, they have to get their money out of the banks immediately and by Sept. 30th. Those people are questioning "Why" the Swiss banks, don't want U.S. money on their books?


Article out from Bloomberg - Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize- winning economist - says banking problems are bigger than before Lehman failure! (that means pre-bailout also)

“In the U.S. and many other countries, the too-big-to-fail banks have become even bigger,” Stiglitz said in an interview today in Paris. “The problems are worse than they were in 2007 before the crisis.”

G-20 Steps
We aren’t doing anything significant so far, and the banks are pushing back,” he said. “The leaders of the G-20 will make some small steps forward, given the power of the banks” and “any step forward is a move in the right direction.”

It’s an outrage,” especially “in the U.S. where we poured so much money into the banks,” Stiglitz said. “The administration seems very reluctant to do what is necessary. Yes they’ll do something, the question is: Will they do as much as required?”

Global Economy

Stiglitz, former chief economist at the World Bank and member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said the world economy is “far from being out of the woods” even if it has pulled back from the precipice it teetered on after the collapse of Lehman.

“We’re going into an extended period of weak economy, of economic malaise,” Stiglitz said. The U.S. will “grow but not enough to offset the increase in the population,” he said, adding that “if workers do not have income, it’s very hard to see how the U.S. will generate the demand that the world economy needs.”

The Federal Reserve faces a “quandary” in ending its monetary stimulus programs because doing so may drive up the cost of borrowing for the U.S. government, he said.

“The question then is who is going to finance the U.S. government,” Stiglitz said.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is a great article out today -
How to Prepare for China's Upcoming Derviatives Default


The Above article is a MUST READ in my opinion! It says a lot in it and explains A Lot!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Very Odd - Stock Market numbers 9/11/01 was 9605.51 - Market 9/11/09 was 9605.41

This is very odd to me.

The stock market closed on 9/10/01 at 9605.51 - it stayed those numbers showing for 7 days, until 9/17/01, which is when the stock market reopened after 9/11.

Now 8 years later on 9/11/09 the stock market closed at 9605.41 and is staying that way for 3 days.

That is only a difference of 10 cents - Down I might add from 8 years ago. All the numbers combined together from 9/11/01 - equal to 8.

I find it interesting, considering 8 years later, our economy is collapsing and crashing around us, there is some type symbolism of the "trade" buildings crashing and collapsing 8 years before.

Our lives have never been the same since 9/11/01 - they changed after that day. Is there a hidden meaning in the numbers, where our lives are about to change once more?

Someone has pointed out - in the movie "Wall Street" with Charlie Sheen - when he is walking out of his new office, the clock behind him shows 9:11.

There is someone who I respect that does amazing things with numbers and can see correlations and reasoning for numbers in the stock market. It is mind boggling what he sees and how he puts them together. I have contacted him about these numbers showing up 8 years apart on the same day, I will post what he has to say about it, when I hear from him.

In my opinion, there is some meaning behind these numbers - being exact except for 10 cents. What it is exactly? Who knows. But will there be some connection show up in the future, we will see.

Update: Very interesting Gold Chart from 9/11/09

Notice the High for the Day - 1011.90? Other charts do not show this number, but this one does.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Simple Question - What the H*&% is Happening and Why aren't Prices reflecting it?

So, What the H*&% is happening?
What do I mean by that?
Have you taken a look at the dollar index recently?

What it is at this moment.

The dollar has been in a decline for days now - I haven't even seen those little bounces back and forth - up and down recently.

Lets go ahead and take a look at the last 6 months of the Dollar Index:

So, lets get this straight - the dollar high for the year was in March around the 90 range - right?

Now it is in the 76 range!
Let's see, by my calculations that is a 14 POINT INDEX DIFFERENCE! in 6 months!

Now - you still wonder why I have asked what the H*&% is going on due to the dollar index?
Let's look at this gold chart from March of 09

Gold was trading anywhere from the $890s to the $950s per ounce. Right now gold is at $988.

What I find very curious is the fact there is only a difference of about $30 per ounce of gold as it is now to what it was when the dollar was at it's strongest point this year!

How can that be? If there is even a small tip of a dollar strength at a .01% up - gold drops in price immediately. Yet, right now there is a 14 POINT DIFFERENCE in the index of the strength of the dollar from February 09.

Since this past February, we have also had the disclosure of China purchasing over 400 tonnes of gold since 2003, Barrick is now eliminating their gold hedges, besides the fact the Fed is monetizing the debt and buying the U.S. bonds, since no one else seems to want them now.

This shows, for those who have still had doubts, something is NOT right in the metals market. Since gold is priced based on the dollar at this time and the dollar has lost 14 points in just 6 months, yet gold has not reacted to that dramatic points lost on the index. That means only one thing.. some big players are behind the scenes throwing everything they have at the metals market and for the moment it is working. But for how much longer?

A wonderful article came out yesterday through GATA - this article explains almost everything about the metals market - the hows and whys of things. I highly recommend it to everyone, who is interested in metals!

Here is another article about the scams in the metal's market by the biggest players and Comex exchange that is being perpetrated on innocent people, trying to protect their dollar value.

So, I now again ask - with the dollar index dropping, other countries buying gold, the amount of metals in EFT's and other gold funds - being a scam and the same gold being sold over and over to unsuspecting people, What the H**% is happening with the gold prices?

Oh, I believe we can add oil to the list too - the prices of oil do not match the dollar index at this time either, though that one - you won't hear me complain about. Though I know $10 a gallon or more gas prices are in our future... just how soon? Besides will it still be affordable to those who have perserved their wealth through metals?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gold Silver - Buy Now or Wait? Wait seems to be the thought!

Gold shot up yesterday to over $1000 per ounce. The dollar index has been dropping, so why not buy gold and silver right now?

The experts are saying - this is not the final and continued run up of gold and silver. Why?

Because the expectations are for the stock market to soon (starting next week) start a major dive bomb lower. When the stock market starts imploding, people will be selling off their metals to pay for their margin calls, including banks. Fast money will need to be raised, so a sell off of metals would be expected.

A drop to around $700.00 could be likely for gold. After the panic and sell off - expectations are the final start of a real and sustained run up for metals will happen. The metals are expected to then run up to numbers not seen before and stay that way.

The above is from my own research - do not take this as absolute (prices may not drop dramatically), do some research yourself and do what you feel most comfortable with.

China, has decided they are going to default on their derivatives contracts, which has banks and investment firms in a tail spin. From my understanding, China looks at it, as those banks and firms got billions/trillions of dollars from the U.S. government, so they have already made their money and China is not going to pay them theirs.

Funny, we can't do that with our mortgages and credit cards, though I certainly think we should be able to do that. We are all working to keep banks in business to keep ripping us off and charging higher and higher interest on balances left on credit cards, as our tax money has gone to all of them.

A great youtube video made in 2006 - is right on target - Max Keiser, knew exactly what he was talking about!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

China Pushing Gold and Silver to it's Population for Investment! WOW - Awesome!

UPDATE: 9/14/09
Article out with very interesting information:

We already learned, back in April, that China has been salting away bullion for the previous six years, out of sight of international gold watchers. To the tune of 14.6 million ounces. Now the evidence suggests that that was merely the prologue.Let’s take these tidbits one at a time: Sovereign wealth fund dumping $$ for gold?

This one is still at the rumor stage, but highly-respected website is supporting it ( What we know for sure is that the country founded its primary sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation (CIC), two years ago, with the stated aim of rapidly deploying some of its $1.5 trillion forex surpluses – $200 billion initially, with another $100 billion recently added to the kitty – into investment in non-Chinese enterprises. This it has been doing in spades, acquiring businesses around the globe. Extractive industries are among them, including Teck Corp., the diversified Canadian mining giant.

Might it also be buying up gold? We don’t know that for sure, but it seems likely. And, in addition, rumors sneaking off the mainland indicate that within the CIC, a lot of effort is being poured into prospective investment deals in the oil and precious metals sectors. The more it produces, the more it can keep.The Chinese have made no secret of their disdain for current American economic policy and what they see as the inevitable destruction of the dollar. That they would be moving to diversify out of the greenback shocks precisely no one, and gold is one logical landing place for all those bucks. We suspect that’s exactly what is happening, behind the scenes as well as center stage.Gold and silver pushed to the people.

As recently as 2002, the private ownership of gold was prohibited in China. You could be jailed if caught with any in your possession. Beginning in 2009, in a stunning about-face, the central government removed all restrictions. In fact, as Mineweb and other sources report now it’s actively pushing folks to buy some personal metal, with China's Central Television, the main state-owned television company, running news programs cum infomercials, letting the public know just how easy it is to purchase gold and silver as an investment.

There are persistent rumors that the export of silver has already been banned. Gold could be next.
Thus China, which only yesterday was the lowest per-capita consumer of gold in the world, is bidding to become the biggest. Some analysts believe it will pass India – the top dog since forever – as early as 2010. Clearly, the government believes the country is strengthened if everyone who can holds some hard currency. All this suggests a mania in the making, and only in the formative stage. Imagine if hundreds of millions of new consumers climb on that particular bandwagon…
UPDATE 8/3/09 12:36 PM -

Hong Kong is now recalling their gold from London, they will store their own gold from now on. Asia is really getting serious about their gold!
link to article:

Will other countries start deciding they want to store their own gold too and recall it from the U.S.? The next question is... is there gold still where it is suppose to be in Fort Knox? One more question.... Is there even any gold left at Fort Knox? Many say there is not and the U.S. does not actually have any gold left. It should start getting interesting, if more countries want their gold. Wonder if Hong Kong's gold is still where it is suppose to be in London too? Gordon Brown did do lots of selling of gold the last few years and there are lots of those "leases" out there.

China is pushing Gold and Silver to it's citizens for investment. They are running ads and trying to sell it like "soap". The Chinese are getting into it big time too!

China just began allowing it's citizens to buy it as an investment.

The largest market in the world has just opened up and the Chinese are taking advantage of this opening.

My opinion is, with the largest population in the world in one country now being allowed to purchase metals; they demand will start to far out weigh the manipulation.

The U.S. government, through their crony banks will have to work harder to manipulate the prices! YEAH! I am lovin It!

So, if China is pushing this, let's see how the manipulation pushes back. Who will win? I know which side I am on!

link to article:

Apparently China is pushing the idea of buying gold and silver for investment purposes to the general population in the way that Western television sells soap powder. If 1.3 billion Chinese citizens start buying gold and silver, even in tiny quantities, imagine what that will do to the market!

The report notes that China's Central Television, the main state-owned television company, has run a news programme letting the public know how easy it is to buy precious metals as an investment. On silver investment the announcer is quoted as saying " China has introduced its first ever investment opportunity for silver bullion. The bars are available in 500g, 1kg, 2kg and 5kg with a purity of 99.9%. Figures show that gold was fifty times more expensive than silver in 2007, but now that figure has reached over seventy times. Analysts say that silver has been undervalued in recent years. They add that the metal is the right investment for individual investors and could be a good way to cash in."

What appears to have happened in China is a total relaxation of strictures on holding precious metals by the individual with the government pushing gold and silver as an investment option, seemingly at every opportunity. This is a far cry from the situation only a few years ago where the distribution of gold and silver was strictly controlled. Now, the Thunder Road Report notes that every bank will sell gold and silver bullion bars in four different sizes to individuals and gold related investments are said to be soaring in popularity.

Around a year ago, Leyshon Resources managing director, Paul Atherley, in an investor presentation in London - and no doubt delivered elsewhere in the world too - commented that some employees at the company's gold mining project in northern China would, on pay day, go to the local bank and buy a small gold bar as an investment and wealth protector. To an extent we put this down at the time to mining company hype - but this seems to be exactly the same phenomenon noted by Thunder Road. The Chinese are being converted from being the lowest per capita gold consumers in the world to a nation of small precious metals investors. Now, by next year, Chinese consumption of gold is likely to exceed that of India, which has been for years the world's biggest gold market. And one suspects that the potential for gold purchasing by individuals is only in its earliest stages. As more and more Chinese move into the cities and individual wealth grows, this trend is only likely to accelerate.

Paul ends the piece on Chinese gold and silver potential with the following comment: "Simply put, the Chinese government is trying to trigger a national gold craze...and it's working. The Chinese public now has gold trading platforms on steroids.... ...Also, for the first time in history, Chinese investors can even trade gold abroad (in London) with the swipe of a ‘Lucky Gold' card. I can't even get Bank of America to open a foreign currency account."

This may be an overstatement of the case from a precious metals bull - or it may not! Certainly if China is indeed pushing the public to buy gold then there may well be a hidden agenda here. It's unlikely they are doing it and will suddenly pull the rug out from under millions of investors. A cynic (or a raging gold bull) would suggest that this will precede a move to switch a good proportion of the country's reserves into gold which would have a huge effect on the global gold price and could prove disastrous for the dollar. Maybe it's not in China's interests to drive the dollar down too much until it has managed to divest itself of the huge dollar overhang (see the article on Chinese Sovereign Wealth Funds we published yesterday - Chinese sovereign wealth fund dumping dollars for strategic investments like gold ). The country may well already be, of course, surreptitiously building its gold reserves without reporting the build-up.

If the Chinese are indeed beginning to buy gold and silver as the quoted report suggests then this has to be a strong signal that prices are going to rise, and perhaps rise dramatically, in the relatively near future. We await comment from other China watchers for confirmation of the gold and silver buying spree, but with global gold production at best flat and probably in decline, even a small increase in Chinese buying could have a substantial impact on gold and silver prices.

So, have you bought Gold or Silver lately? Don't be left in the dust - Gold has been rising steadily now in the last 3 days.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Three Gorges Dam in China - Largest Dam and Hydropower in World - Why people should be Concerned

I did extensive research on the Three Gorges Dam in China, before the longest solar eclipse of our life times passed directly over it. It is the largest dam in the world and the largest hydropower electrical station in the world. It also has huge problems and can and does affect the Earth.

The Three Gorges Dam has had controversy surrounding it from the start and idea of the project back in the early 1900s. The actual work began in 1994 on the dam – it is suppose to be totally completed this year in 2009. The actual dam construction was completed in 2006 – and the water began rising then. The complete construction of the hydropower plant is finishing this year.

I will give you background information on the dam along with the controversy, though some may think, why in the world should we be concerned about a dam in China?

Okay to start with the vast amount of information on the Three Gorges Dam, lets first look at the idea and why’s of China wanting to build it.

This first site as a great amount of information on the dam, along with history – it also has information about the U.S - TVA and their dams. I am inserting the relevant information here about the Three Gorges only. But to read more please go to the site here:

NOTE: All words in blue are from external sources, all links provided.

The dam is on the Yangtze River – 3rd largest river in the world

From its origins in the glacial marshlands of the 20,000-foot high Tibetan plateau, the mighty Yangtze River, or the Changjiang (Long River, as the Chinese call it), winds its way like a giant dragon nearly 6,300 km (3,900 miles) on its way to deposit its annual 960 billion cubic meters of water into the East China Sea. It is the third longest in the world after the Amazon and the Nile, and the third largest in terms of annual runoff after the Amazon and the Congo Rivers. On its journey eastward, the Yangtze passes through an area inhabited by more than 400 million people, approximately one third of the country's population.

But the mighty river has also been the cause of great destruction and loss of life, that devastate the valley. From time immemorial, flooding has been a problem.

The flooding problem has generally been dealt with by constructing levees in the Jingjiang plain area. Since the 1950s, more than 30,000 km of dikes and levees have been reinforced or raised. As sedimentation lifts the river bottom, however, the dikes are continually in danger of being overrun, for the water level during flood season rises 6 to 17 meters higher than that of the plain region along both banks.

The Three Gorge Dams is the largest dam in the world, as wide as the Golden Gate Bridge and twice as tall, capable of generating 18 gigawatts of hydro-electric power.

Please remember that about “sediment” it plays a part in why there is danger with the Three Gorges Dam.

The thought of a dam at Three Gorges has a long history in China

The idea of building a dam in the gorges has a long history. In 1919, in an article titled "Industrial Plan," Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of modern China, saw the tremendous economic benefits of building a dam on the Yangtze as a part of his economic development plan for China. Dr. Sun was particularly interested in using the vast hydropower resources of the river to produce the electricity needed to build factories for making artificial fertilizer, the only means he could envision for China to make the leap in agricultural productivity needed to feed its growing population.

He also saw the area of the gorges as the most suitable spot for building a dam to generate that electricity. Dr. Sun further elaborated on this idea in 1924, in a lecture he gave on his "Third Principle of the People, Peoples' Livelihood":
An article in the Engineering News-Record, Feb. 28, 1946, reported, "China plans an unprecedented dam for power, irrigation, and navigation on the Yangtze river."

So as you see above – almost a century ago – the Chinese wanted at dam at Three Gorges.
The project was never started, until President Reagan was instrumental in getting the Three Gorges Dam off the ground, by offering U.S. assistance.

On his visit to China in 1984, President Reagan was asked by the Chinese leadership to increase U.S. involvement in this important project. Reagan, whose outlook, although conservative, was more characteristic of the Roosevelt era, responded forthrightly. He sent his former National Security Advisor, William Clark, to Beijing, as head of a group of people from the Bureau of Reclamation and private industry, with a wide-ranging proposal for collaboration on the Three Gorges Project, proposing, in fact, a U.S.-China consortium to build the dam. The proposal would have made of the Three Gorges Project a giant joint venture. The Chinese were not so eager to pursue this "joint venture" route in such a strategically important undertaking. Interest in the project from the Reagan Administration quickly cooled, and the joint venture bid was quietly tabled.

Nevertheless, the Reagan visit resulted in the 1984 signing of a five-year agreement between the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power, to provide technical assistance in the final planning and design phases, and in the construction of the Three Gorges Project. A second agreement was signed in 1992, to provide technical assistance on data management, computer software, drill-hole survey technology, and dam safety monitoring. By that time, however, the environmentalist movement had geared up its campaign to sabotage all U.S. involvement in the Three Gorges Project.

In 1985, the Environmental Policy Institute, the Worldwatch Institute, and other environmentalist groups initiated a major campaign to stymie continued U.S. cooperation with the Three Gorges Project. Hearings were held on Capitol Hill in July 1985 by the Subcommittee on Water and Power Resources of the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, on the topic "Irrigation in Drought and Famine-affected Countries," chaired by Democrat George Miller from California, a darling of the environmentalist lobby.

Although the prime focus of the 1985 hearings of the Subcommittee on Water and Power Resources of the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, was on Africa, the environmentalists focussed on the Three Gorges Project. They demanded that the Bureau of Reclamation submit an environmental impact statement on all its foreign engagements, under the newly legislated domestic requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which was an environmentalist straitjacket that had been placed on U.S. industry during the Carter Administration. When the Clinton Administration was elected to office in 1992, the year the Chinese Government actually decided to proceed with the Three Gorges Project.

So, the dam agreement – but actual implementation took many years – from Reagan to Clinton.
But the U.S. cooperation halted, due to various influences.

A year later, (1993) seven environmentalist groups filed a law suit against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corps of Engineers, charging that the assistance they were rendering the Three Gorges Project would flood the habitats of a dozen "endangered species." The Bureau, a branch of the Interior Department, whose head now was the notorious environmentalist Bruce Babbitt, withdrew from the project that same year.

How the U.S. involvement with the Three Gorges Dam – came to a complete end.

In 1992, under pressure from the environmentalist lobby, Congress passed legislation which mandated an environmental review for all foreign projects in which the U.S. Export Import Bank was involved. The Three Gorges Project became a test case for this new policy. Because of the significance of the project for U.S.-China relations, Ex-Im asked the National Security Council to convene a panel to consider the merits of U.S. participation in the dam. In September 1995, the interagency National Security Council panel delivered its recommendation, signed by the then Deputy National Security Advisor Sandy Berger. The U.S. government, the panel advised, should not "align itself with a project that raises environmental and human rights concerns on the scale of the Three Gorges." But the memo, leaked to Congress, counselled the government to "refrain from publicly condemning the Three Gorges Project." Instead, it continued, "explanation of our policy should emphasize the U.S. government's commitment to strengthening commercial relations with China and to helping China meet its basic energy needs."

Okay, hopefully you are still with me here, I felt it is necessary to give a background on the Dam and the U.S. was going to do it jointly with China for a time, but then backed out.

This from the same link above: Now for the building of the Dam:

The construction of the dam, begun in September 1994, will take 17 years from its inception, proceeding in three stages. When the dam is completed, it will have a height, or crest, of 185 meters, placing it somewhat higher than the Golden Gate Bridge. In the early phase of operation, during the third phase of construction, the water level in the reservoir region will be 135 meters, and the final Normal Pool Level, or highest level, will be 175 meters.

The first stage of construction, from 1992 to 1997, involved the building of two phase-one cofferdams to shut off the flow of the river from the construction site, and the re-routing of the river through an artificial diversion channel.

Now during phase two, from 1997 to 2003, the construction of the left bank dam section is under way; the left-bank powerhouse will be completed with the installation of some units, and construction of the spillway and continued construction of the permanent shiplock are taking place. The spillway dam, placed in the mid-section of the structure, is 483 meters long with 23 bottom outlets and 22 surface sluice gates. With a maximum discharge capacity of 102,500 cubic meters per second, the project is able to discharge the maximum level of water possible during floods. In December 2002, before the flood season in the spring of 2003, the phase-three cofferdams in the diversion channel will be finished, and the reservoir water level will be raised to 135 meters. At this time, the permanent shiplock will be ready for use, and the diversion channel will no longer be needed for navigation. According to the scheme for the second stage, 17 million cubic meters of concrete will be poured, 180,000 metal structures will be installed, and approximately $10 billion will be invested. The water level will be raised to the 135-meter level, creating the reservoir behind it, stretching 600 km back to the city of Chongqing. Construction will continue on building the right bank dam and the second power plant.

By the end of phase three, the water level behind the dam will be raised to its final 175-meter level. The reservoir formed in the upper river will be longer than the Grand Canyon, with an average width of about 1 kilometer, approximately twice the width of the present river. It will have a total storage capacity of 39.3 billion cubic meters including a flood regulation and storage capacity of 22.15 billion cubic meters.

NOW where some of the Problems and Controversy Lay with the Dam. Still from the same link – but I will be adding other links and somewhat producing the same material – but in a different way – a little later. This was written awhile back.

A great deal has been made of the need to resettle as many as 1.2 million people from the lower slopes of the gorges, west of Sandouping, which will be inundated to create the great reservoir behind the dam. The opposition to resettlement, from "human rights" groups to environmentalist groups, has devoted thousands of pages of articles to the plight of the farmers in this region, and the failure of the government to adequately provide a new life for them. There have even been warnings that dissatisfied peasants may rise up in violent revolt against the authorities.

Here comes some of the “silt/sediment” part – though in all the other reports the sediment build up every year is 700 million tons.

In addition to making the most important environmental improvement—changing the lives of the people—the Three Gorges Dam is part of an overall policy to improve the environment of the Yantgze Valley, including the control of the approximately 500 million tons per year of silt that course down the river.

The possibility of the collection of silt in the huge reservoir to be created by the dam has been a main objection by the dam's opponents. Problems of silt buildup at the Aswan Dam in Egypt, and others around the world, have added to this concern. According to the Chinese, extensive and detailed studies on sedimentation in the reservoir region began in the early 1950s, and concern has increased, as the existing reservoirs and water diversion areas have been filling with silt. Based on more than 40 years of observations, sediment discharge averages about 526 million tons per year.

The above link and everything in it was written awhile ago and is TOTALLY behind and supports the project. So I have linked and presented excerts from a “pro” Three Gorges Dam writer.

Link to many construction photos of the dam

Satellite Pictures of the Dam taken in 2003

Now lets take a more serious look at the dam, now that it is basically complete and the problems/controversy that has ensued during the construction of the dam – and what has shown up as a result of the dam being built. This is where everything starts getting dicey and why there are very serious and valid concerns about the Three Gorges Dam.


The Three Gorges Dam was completed in 2006 on the Yangtze River, and NASA has released images of the flooding reservoir behind the dam which has displaced 1.2 million people.

About photo above:

Taken by astronauts at the International Space Station, images of the Three Gorges Dam reveals “the river is filling up its valley behind the dam to form a narrow reservoir extending more than 600 kilometers.” NASA images from 2000 and 2006 show the changes that have occurred to the Yangtze, especially when compared to the current photographs of the flooding taken in April 2009. The reservoir was filled in three stages, with the last stage occurring in 2009.
After many years of denial, the Chinese government is expressing concern about the environmental consequences of the dam. Scientific American reports:
Chinese officials staged a sudden about-face, acknowledging for the first time that the massive hydroelectric dam, sandwiched between breathtaking cliffs on the Yangtze River in central China, may be triggering landslides, altering entire ecosystems and causing other serious environmental problems—and, by extension, endangering the millions who live in its shadow.

International Rivers warns the environmental impact will be severe and cumulative:
The environmental impacts of the project are profound, and are likely to get worse as time goes on. The submergence of hundreds of factories, mines and waste dumps, and the presence of massive industrial centers upstream are creating a festering bog of effluent, silt, industrial pollutants and rubbish in the reservoir. Erosion of the reservoir and downstream riverbanks is causing landslides, and threatening one of the world’s biggest fisheries in the East China Sea. The weight of the reservoir’s water has many scientists concerned over
reservoir-induced seismicity.
Unfortunately, even though the Chinese government recognizes the environmental concerns of the Three Gorges Dam, they are “replicating this model both domestically and internationally.” From earthquakes to landslides, the increase in water pressure from flooding the
Three Gorges resevoir to its full capacity in 2009 could have devasting consequences. Already, relocated villagers have to be moved again because “officials failed to foresee the full magnitude of the dam’s effects.” To move forward with other dam projects is irresponsible of the Chinese government without learning lessons from Three Gorges.

Even the Chinese now are admitting – the Three Gorges Dam – can be a HUGE problem.

Also – in case people are not aware there are 360 million people that live down stream from the dam, just something to keep in mind – as we delve deeper into the dam and problems.

I may jump around a little – but I want to link this site and how the Three Gorges Dam is compared to the 2004 Tsunami.


Tsunami moves North Pole, shortens daytime Daytime is now 2.68 microseconds shorter because of last month's tsunami.The massive force unleashed by an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia altered the shape of Earth in a number of minute yet significant ways, NASA scientists have determined.

This is the important part of the information in the link

All earthquakes affect the shape of the planet, but the force of the recent tsunami-inducing quake--the fourth-largest recorded in 100 years--was particularly strong. Benjamin Chao of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center compared the impact of the quake to the potential impact of the Three Gorges Dam project in China.

If filled, the massive gorge created by the dam would hold 40 cubic kilometers (10 trillion gallons) of water. That shift of mass would increase the length of a day by only 0.06 microseconds and make the Earth only very slightly more round in the middle and flat on the top. It would shift the pole position by about two centimeters (0.8 inches). "Any worldly event that involves the movement of mass affects the Earth's rotation, from seasonal weather down to driving a car," Chao said in a statement.

We are going to start getting to the REAL problems – acknowledged even by the Chinese government.

An article from 2007 link:

It was hailed as one of the engineering feats of the 20th century. Now the Three Gorges Dam across China’s mighty Yangtze River threatens to become an environmental

In an unprecedented admission of blame, Communist Party officials gave a stark warning yesterday of impending disaster in the vast area around the dam if preventive measures are not urgently introduced.

They are being honest about the damage being done, but this was written 2 years ago.
More from article:

A report issued by the Xinhua news agency, mouthpiece for the Government, said: “There exist many ecological and environmental problems concerning the Three Gorges Dam. If no preventive measures are taken, the project could lead to catastrophe.” A government forum listed a host of threats such as conflicts over land shortages, ecological deterioration as a result of irrational development and, especially, erosion and landslides on steep hills around the dam. Other authorities have already raised concerns over algae bloom downstream from the Three Gorges and a deterioration in aquatic life.

What a change for China to come out and say “We have a problem” – Well it even gets WORST – still from same article.

One official said that the shore of the reservoir had collapsed in 91 places and a total of 36 kilometres (22 miles) had already caved in.
Landslides have produced waves as high as 50 metres (165ft). In July a mountain along a tributary collapsed, dragging 13 farmers to their deaths and drowning 11 fishermen. Ms Dai told The Times: “The Government knows it has made a mistake. Now they are afraid that the catastrophe that they cannot prevent will spark civil unrest. So they want to go public before the troubles start.

Map of where it is located in China

From PBS site – about the Dam

The Three Gorges Dam will consist of a 610-foot high wall running 1.3 miles from bank to bank.
The reservoir created by the backflow of the dam will extend 360 miles up river to Chongqing ("Chong-ching"), a distance equal to nearly half the length of California.

Once operational, the dam will produce the energy of 15 nuclear power plants
The project is estimated to be completed in 2009 at a cost of over $30 billion.

In the past 2,000 years, the Yangtze River has experienced 215 catastrophic floods.
In 1998 flooding in the area expected to be controlled by the dam resulted in 4,000 dead, 14 million left homeless and $24 billion in economic loss.

When the dam is completed, 13 cities, 140 towns and over 1,300 villages will be submerged by the Three Gorges Reservoir.

To make way for the Three Gorges Dam, 1.5 million people will have to abandon their homes. More than 160,000 citizens have already been relocated.

Upon the dam's completion, 1,300 known archeological sites will be lost forever under water.
Over 265 billion gallons of raw sewage are dumped into the Yangtze annually. Currently the river flushes this downstream and out into the ocean. Upon completion of the Three Gorges project, the sewage will back up in the reservoir.

Over 1,600 factories and abandoned mines will be submerged when the dam is completed. Environmentalists predict that toxins associated with industry and mining will create a hazard for the animals and people who depend on the river for survival.

Over 700 million tons of sediment are deposited into the Yangtze annually, making it the fourth largest sediment carrier in the world. Experts believe that this sediment will build up behind the dam, with only an unproven system of sluice gates to release it.

Over 360 million people live within the watershed of the Yangtze River. If the one in one thousand chance of a dam collapse occured, the millions of people who live downstream would be endangered.

The above was from PBS – it has a conflicting amount of sediment, compared to the information provided above from another site. PBS – says 700 million tons of sediment – the other said 500 million tons – a 200 million ton difference.
A you tube video – A Fabulous piece – about everything with the dam – from land slides – people’s houses crumbling. They go inside the dam – it is a great video and worthwhile watching.

Link to a good youtube video:

There are many videos about the relocation of people – so far 1.5 million and now possibly 4 million more. People’s houses around the areas of the river are cracking – there are many videos about that. I am only inserting the one – but if you would like to see more – just plug in:” three gorges dam” on youtube and you will have lots to chose from.

While still being built problems began

In a rare admission of problems at the giant Three Gorges Dam in central China, officials said cracks found in the dam could leak if not fixed.

Inspectors have found about 80 cracks in the dam's surface, said Pan Jiazhong, head of the construction committee inspection group. He said that while they weren't a threat to safety, they could expand and cause leaking if not repaired.`If water enters these cracks, there could be negative effects, so we are fixing them very carefully,'' Pan said at a news conference.

But did fixing the cracks work?

Water levels rise in Three Gorges dam, cracks reappear
The closing of the sluice gates comes after a general inspection of the dam in mid-May revealed that repair work to fix large cracks on its 185 metre-high concrete face had not been completely successful.

"We found that some of the vertical cracks on the dam that were repaired have reopened, even though we put a great deal of money and effort into the repair work," Pan Jiazheng, an engineer, said in a speech following the end of the inspection.
Mr Pan, 75, a member of the Academy of Sciences of China and the former deputy director of the Engineering Academy, added, "We should absolutely not be proud of ourselves."

Earthquakes possibly happening around the dam?

The Three Gorges Dam is situated near six active fault lines and above 15 million people. A dam burst at Three Gorges would, says engineer Philip Williams, president of the San Francisco-based International Rivers Network, "rank as one of history's worst man-made disasters.

"The dam is built to withstand earthquakes up to 7.0 on the richter scale, and the largest recent earthquakes have been below 6.0. However, filling the reservoir behind the dam creates seismic pressure which triggers earthquakes.

In fact, earthquakes between 6.0 and 6.5 are expected once the reservoir is filled in 2009.

One of the dams designed to hold back sedimentation farther up is subject to even worse seismic problems."

Below they say they expect landslides – 14 – but there have been over 90 – that is a huge increase over the expected 14!

In 1992, the expert group identified 260 landslides and collapses containing at least 100,000 cubic metres of rock and earth; 140 of these had a volume of 1 million cubic metres or more. At least 14 landslides are considered likely to be activated by the filling of the reservoir. Already major cracks have developed in the dam, and even after extensive repairs, they have reappeared. Pan Jiazheng, one of China's top engineers recently acknowledged, "It appears that during the concrete pouring, we put too much emphasis on the goal of achieving a very high degree of strength. But it has turned out that a high degree of strength does not necessarily mean good quality in a concrete dam. We have achieved an unnecessarily high degree of strength and a lot of cracks in the dam by pouring too much concrete and spending a great deal of money. "I feel that it's too early to be proud of ourselves, and we have a long way to go.

Again the sediment is looked at

Over 700 million tons of sediment are deposited into the Yangtze annually, making it the fourth largest sediment carrier in the world. The Chinese officials have decided to halt the flow of sediment higher up in the Yangtze tributaries by building four smaller dams, including one that will be second only to the Three Gorges in size. What will happen when sediment builds up behind these dams?

There is a lot of information about corruption and embezzling of money from the project by Chinese officials – but I am not going to detail that here, as there is no need to. It is not relevant to this post, of absolutes with the dam. But what is relevant is the question of: with the project’s money issues – were some things bypassed that should have been done and was the quality of materials used – that were slated? Or were they downgraded – so money went into pockets?

Thus is the quality of the dam what it should be?

What is VERY interesting is this fact – The WEATHER has changed, due to the dam - from link:

June 22, 2007 — Two years before its completion, the world’s largest dam is already changing the local weather, say scientists studying the Three Gorges Dam on China’s Yangtze River. Both modeling and actual meteorological data suggest that the reservoir is cooling its valley, which is causing changes in rainfall.

"In China there are a lot of people who complain because of the construction of the dam" and specifically about changes in local weather, said climate modeler Liguang Wu of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland in College Park.

They did not believe it, so they experimented

To find out if the dam was really to blame, Wu and his colleagues collaborated with Chinese scientists to study the changing climate around what will soon be a 401-square-mile reservoir of more than 5 trillion gallons of water and a hydroelectric power plant 20 times more powerful than the Hoover Dam.

The researchers combined satellite data and ground weather stations to create a computer climate simulation, which they then compared to what has already happened in recent years.

The construction of the dam and changes to the land and vegetation around it have been recorded for years by the NASA-US Geological Survey Landsat satellites. They show steady progress from 2000 to today, with the biggest changes in 2004, when the reservoir was partially filled and water backed up into many side canyons.

Among the surprise weather changes has been the increase in rainfall between the Daba and Oinling mountains, said Wu. The rains come from a "lake effect" intensification of precipitation, like that seen around the Great Lakes of North America. The lake effect happens when already moist air picks up more moisture as it crosses over a warm body of water, then rains or snows it out quickly upon reaching the shore.

In all, a whopping 62 square miles of land are expected to see weather effects from the dam, he said. That’s more than ten times the area originally predicted, he said. In a way, he said, Three Gorges is a great laboratory for studying how well local climate changes caused by very local land-use changes can be detected and distinguished from larger-scale global climate change.

caption under pictures

Photo taken on July 1, 2009 shows the Three Gorges Dam opening two deep-holes and a trash way hole for sluicing the mounting flood water, in Yichang, central China's Hubei Province. The Three Gorges Reservoir has high influx of flooded water along with the arrival of Yangtze River's main flood season with recent days' persistent rainfalls.(Xinhua/Wen Zhenxiao).

Now if you remember – last year, China had a Huge Earthquake – it came out later the cause of the quake was due to a dam.

In February 2009, a growing number of American and Chinese scientists suggested that [u]the calamity was triggered by a four-year-old reservoir built close to the earthquake's geological fault line. A Columbia University scientist who studied the quake has said that it may have been triggered by the weight of 320 million tons of water in the Zipingpu Reservoir less than a mile from a well-known major fault. His conclusions, presented to the American Geophysical Union in December, coincide with a new finding by Chinese geophysicists that the dam caused significant seismic changes before the earthquake.

Notice the quake being caused by 320 Millions of tons of water - that is half the amount of silt build up against the Three Gorges Dam!

Another site:

The devastating earthquake that killed 80,000 people in China’s Sichuan Province last May may have been triggered by a recently built hydropower dam that lies only three miles from the quake’s epicenter, some researchers are arguing. The several hundred million tons of water piled behind the Zipingpu Dam put just the wrong stresses on the adjacent Beichuan fault, [says] geophysical hazards researcher Christian Klose [Science, subscription required].

Fan Xiao, the chief engineer of the Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau in Chengdu, said it was “very likely” that the construction and filling of the reservoir in 2004 had led to the disaster. “There have been many cases in which a water reservoir has triggered an earthquake,” said Mr Fan. “This earthquake was very unusual for this area. There have been no seismic activities greater than a magnitude seven quake along this particular seismic belt before” [Telegraph].

Jeez, that dam looks like a little baby compared to the Three Gorges Dam – and building it and filling a reservoir caused the Huge quake last year in China?

There is so much more information – but I don’t want to lose everyone reading this. I have put the most relevant information I believe to get across my own thoughts that the building of the dam has hurt more than helped.

The point with all the above information is to get across the fact the dam does many things – it is effecting the Earth in various ways – by the amount of water being held in the Yangtze River. It has affected the weather there, there have been many many landslides, the amount of sediment that can build up against the dam is very dangerous. The human issues of relocating people is tremendous.

But now you know hundreds of millions of people live below that dam and even Chinese officials are not proud of their Worlds largest dam. The impact on the people of China – but also on the Earth – has not been a good one from that dam.

Also think about this… if there have already been cracks in the dam – that keep coming back and they have an unproven way of not having the dam affected by the 700 million tons of sediment build up a year…doesn’t it make sense there could be problems?

Also lets hypothesis and consider – what would happen if the dam did break?

Besides the millions of lives that could possibly be lost – if that water rushed down – could it affect the Earth’s axis and rotation, just as the Tsunami did in 2004?

There are many implications to problems concerning the Three Gorges Dam – and those possibilities can actually affect us all, not just the Chinese.