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Chemtrail Information - From a Mechanic! Up Close Knowledge!

Chemtrail Information - From a Mechanic! Up Close Knowledge!

Wow, In my searches for information on what is going on in Poland, I found a Wonderful Article! An Up close and Personal Article from an airplane mechanic who has been inside one of the planes!

Note - I took all the Polish out of the article - link to original is in Polish.

His Story:

Flight engineer discusses Chemtrails spraying equipment on board commercial aircraft.

For reasons which you will understand after reading this text, I can not reveal his identity.

. I am a aircraft mechanic large airlines. I work in maintaining one of the bases located in a large airport. I think that certain information that you will find here are important. Firstly, I would say something about the "pecking order" among mechanics. This is important for the story of causes, you should guess yourself.

Mechanics want to work at 3 things: the avionics, engines, or the flight controls. Mechanics by these actions are considered essential. At the bottom of the hierarchy of classes is to work on waste disposal systems.

No engineer wants to work at the pumps, tanks and pipes, which are used to store waste from the toilets. But at every airport where I worked, always znajdywało those who are 2-3 'volunteered' to work with these systems.

The rest of the mechanics are happy by giving them a job. For this reason, one of the airport carries out this kind of thing only 2-3 mechanics. Nobody pays attention to these guys, some mechanics do not maintain contact with those who work with waste systems.

The fact is that I never thought much about this situation until the occurrence of the last month. Like most airlines we have reciprocal agreements with other airlines that use our airport. If you have a problem with his aircraft, our mechanics will take care of it.

Similarly, if one of our planes has a problem at another airport, fix it.

One day I was cited from the database to work in an aircraft of another carrier. I received a telephone call from Dispatcher, who did not know what the problem is. When the plane arrived, it turned out that the problem is the waste disposal system. There was no other choice than to crawl, and solve the problem.

When you got into the creek, I realized that something was not right. There were more tanks, pumps, pipes than it should. . Initially assumed that changed the whole system. 10 years ago I worked in exactly the same model aircraft.

To locate the problem, quickly realized that the extra tubes and tanks were not connected to the system of waste disposal in general. That's what I discovered when another mechanic came to my company. It was one of those who usually work on the aircraft type. With gratitude, I gave him his job.

I asked him when he went for additional equipment. ” He told me that I "worry about their share of the airplane, and he will worry about her!"

The next day, the computer company, saw the installation diagrams. When I was there I decided to look at patterns of additional equipment. To my surprise the installation showed no patterns that I saw with my own eyes day ago. Even in the files of the manufacturer was not anything. I was determined to find out it is made.

In the next week, we had periodic checks on three of our planes. J There are a lot of mechanics czołgających after the plane during these inspections. I have just finished his shift and decided to take a look at the waste system of one of our aircraft.

I thought that among all the engineers on board, no one will notice one further. As you might expect the plane, which had chosen an accessory!

I began to walk trail system of pipes, pumps and tanks. I found what seemed to be a control unit for the system. It looked like a standard avionics control unit, but had no signs of any kind.

I could trace the control wires from the unit for pumps and valves, but there was no electrical circuits within the unit. The only cables from the unit were connected to the main power supply plane. The system had a big tank 1 and 2 smaller tanks. . It was hard to tell in the cramped room, but it looked like a large tank that may be about 50 gallons of capacity (1 gallons UK is about 4.5 l x50 = 225l, USA (wet) is about 3.8 L = 190, note.'s Airbag). Tanks were connected to the filling and emptying valve passing through the fuselage, exactly as valve for emptying the waste.

When I had the opportunity to look at the connection plane, I found it cunningly hidden behind the panel under the panel used to access the run-off debris.

I began to follow the footsteps of tubes running from the pump. These tubes lead to a network of small rureczek, which ends at the end of the edge of the wing, horizontal stabilizers level.

. If you look carefully, on the wings of a large airplane you will see a set of wires, the size of your finger, extending from the descending side of the leaf surface. They are used to dissipate static electric charge that forms on the airplane in flight.

I discovered that this mysterious tubes of the system leads to the wicks (1 to 3 wicks). . Have been "hollowed out" in order to allow the flow of everything that was given to the release of the measure and using these fake wicks.

When I was on the wing, one of the managers spotted me. Hath me the hangar, saying that my change is over and I am not authorized to work overtime.

The next days were very busy and I did not have time to continue my investigation. Late in the afternoon, two days after my discovery, I was called to exchange the engine temperature sensor on the aircraft having take off within 2 hours. I finished work and has compiled documentation.

30 minutes later I was called to the Chief Executive. . When I walked into his office, I noticed that our union representative and two unknown to me, I have been waiting for. He told me (so-called przed.; note.'s Airbag) that was discovered a serious problem. He said that he was placed on report for making false documents.

I stayed the disciplinary finding that I made false documentation with the engine temperature sensor, which is installed a few hours earlier. I was completely surprised and began to protest. I told them that this is ridiculous, and that arrange everything.

At this point, the federal representative of the recommended inspection of the aircraft so that we can explain everything. Then he asked the two men present in the office. DN told me that this airline safety inspectors but did not give their names.

the plane, which should be in the air and was parked on the ground. . PZ opened the engine and undid his sensor with a serial number, the one installed. P I was told that I was suspended for one week without pay, and that I have to leave the place immediately.

On the first day of my suspension I was sitting at home wondering what on earth had happened. In the evening I received the phone. The voice said to me: "Now you know what happens to mechanics who are buried in what should not. The next time you start to bury the systems are not subject to you, you lose your job! Generously, I hope that you will be able to return to work soon "CLICK.

Again I had to collect from the floor. Went through my mind that what I just happened to be directly connected to my network tracking the mysterious tubes.

He said that due to my past excellent employment suspension was reduced to one day, and that I should return immediately to work. The only what I think then is "what they are trying to hide" and "who they are!"

That day at work was as if nothing had happened. None of the other mechanics did not mention the suspension and my PZ told me that I did not talk about it. That night, logged in online to try to find answers.

I do not remember how it happened but I found a mention on chemically contorted contrails.

It was a moment when everything is for me to coincide. But the next morning I found in my closet closing note. She said: "Curiosity kills the cat. Do not visit websites that do not concern you.

To jest to. This is it. Now I know that I was watching.

Although I do not know what pryskają, I can tell you how they do it. I came to the conclusion that use the "honey trucks". This truck drain waste from the tanks of toilets.

Airports typically enter into contracts for this type of work and no one is near the truck. Who wants to stand next to a truck full of shit. It seems reasonable that during the emptying of these tanks, these guys could easily fill the tanks of spray.

They know the planes flight path so it's probably a control unit programmed to begin spraying for some time after the plane reaches the proper height.

Spray nozzles in the fake knotach are so small that no one on the plane will not be able to see anything.

God help us all.

Autor: Zaniepokojony Obywatel By Concerned Citizen
Źródło oryginału: Educate-Yourself Original Source: Educate-Yourself
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  1. On what website was this mechanics post originally posted?

  2. The questions we should be asking are; "why is this occuring"? What chemicals are being released onto the people and land"? " What are the consequences to those effected"? "Who are the responsible parties that have engineered this"?
    Ask questions. Find the answers,and once you do you can proceed in finding those responsible.