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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shocked and Appalled at the Biased, Inflammatory and Unprofessional reporting by CNN and MSNBC of Zimmerman NOT GUILTY Verdict

I am completely Appalled and literally Shocked on the media coverage of George Zimmerman's "NOT GUILTY" verdict.

I have not turned on the TV in weeks, but I did after the verdict.   

What I heard and still am hearing, as I have the TV on is simply inflammatory and completely Biased!  WTF?!  Both CNN and MSNBC are saying it is all racist... they are making inflammatory claims.

Here is a perfect example.. Nancy Grace - holding back tears and says "As clear as black and white" when reporting on the verdict last night:  (she looks like a vampire... trying to suck the blood of the people, imo, here)


The media falsely portrayed Martin as a "young kid" in all their photos, when he was a 17 year old. They still refer to him as a "young child."  

Besides that, please know that the DOJ (Department of Justice) was behind Trayvon Protest - they funded them.  

The amount of race baiting is shocking from the media... they are saying Blacks don't get justice in the courtroom and the jury was not the peers of Trayvon.

I watched last night, as MSNBC had on saying it was due to the race, Zimmerman was not convicted and also implied that the gun lobby was a big part of the problem.

This woman Melissa Perry Harris on MSNBC is one of the worst for race baiting and it is completely shocking how she is saying blacks are not safe against racial hate.   How are they allowed to do this?  How can the news be so biased and do such race baiting?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The amount of hate the media is trying to cause from one race to another is appalling.  I have never seen anything like this!  Why are they doing this?  Why are they trying to get people enraged and have a race war?

Here is a tweet from a MSNBC anchor - Goldie Taylor right after the verdict:

It is completely crazy how the media is being inflammatory in racial tones. Mark O'Mara said it perfectly at the end of the press conference last night about what the media and government have done in this case:


What O'Mara says about the media in the clip:

“Two systems went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand: you guys, the media. He was like a patient in an operating table where a mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he he had no anesthesia,” an agitated O’Mara said after a reporter asked if Zimmerman ever showed emotion. “He didn’t know why he was turned into this monster, but quite honestly you guys had a lot to do with it. You just did. Because you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it, and you ran right over him. And that was horrid to him. “Then he comes into a system that he trusts — let’s not forget, six voluntary statements, voluntary surrender — and he believes in a system that he really wanted to be a part of, right? And then he gets prosecutors that charge him with a crime that they could never, ever, prove. … So those two systems failed him.”  

Here is Obama and "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.:  He even got into the race baiting in the beginning.   The NAACP is petitioning the Federal government to charge Zimmerman for civil rights.


Here is what the media has never mentioned... they only say Martin was a young kid, they have not released the teenage pictures of him with a gun, drugs nor his violent tweets.   The Daily Caller released some Martin tweets... that spoke about killing and used profanity.

This is what I have to say about it all.

Please don't listen to the media nor the government.  Their aim is to divide the people and for people to hate one another.

The truth is "We are all ONE" we are living different lives with different experiences.  But we need to keep LOVE in our hearts and minds, as hard as it is most times.   We need to not hate one another due to their color, religion, nor politics.  We need to all work together for Truth of ourselves and our world.

How did I get the above from the Martin case?  Because of the amount of hate the media is trying to cause between the people.

Please... don't fall for it.   We can not fall for the agenda of division of people by the media, government and those who try and control everything.   Keep our focus on Truth and Knowledge of who we are and why we are here.   The more we do that, the more truth will come out.

What the media is doing in trying to provoke people is not working at this time.   Though that Melissa Harris person is on MSNBC right now saying one inflammatory comment and opinion after another regarding it all.

But not just the media and government.... celebrities have joined the fray.  Beyonce and a moment of silence after the verdict during a concert in Nashville.   

Tweets from an NFL player saying Zimmerman won't last a week, Tweet from Kevin Hart, a comedian and actor giving out Zimmerman's address - for people to get him.

Celebrity tweets that are outrageous regarding the verdict.

Tweets from members of the government about the verdict.

Here are disturbing tweets from others after the verdict. 

Then you have Jamie Foxx who has been working the race baiting by wearing a shirt showing Martin as a 12 year old during the BET awards and during the MTV awards .... the LIES.. by not showing the 17 year old Martin and it proves their inflammatory stance.

I will never watch another movie with any of these people in it.

We stand together and letting the media, government, celebrities know:  We will not fall into your trap of you trying to cause division and violence!   

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Times Square Billboards for the media "Start Telling the Truth - STOP Censoring the News"

LOVE the Billboards on Times Square now!  

I hope people pay attention to the billboards and think about the distraction and propaganda of main stream media.  They should add: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and all MSM. on the billboards, besides NBC, CBS, ABC. They are all controlled media.   It is through the internet that we find truth and the important news.  

Stopcensoringthenews  paid for the billboards.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Seems the media are all saying Romney is the GOP Candidate for 2012. Question.. Were all the other candidates rise and falls part of the plan to get Romney the nomination in the end?

Every media outlet, including alternative major outlets are saying the nomination has been sealed up and Romney is the GOP nominee for 2012.

So my question is.... were all the other candidate's distractions, rise and falls actually part of the big plan to have Romney as the nominee?

What I don't understand is how could people vote for a man who is more secretive than any other person running for President in history?

That man won't release his tax returns and he destroyed all documents from when he was Governor of Massachusetts. 

I was watching the Today show this morning and what is funny again they were talking about Iowa and they went through all the candidates and what they are doing, except for Ron Paul. 

I will say, I had vowed not to get involved in politics again as I used to be very involved and believed in politicians then I woke up.  Yet here I am getting involved in politics once more, but it is due to trying to help save our country and our freedoms.

I believe the election will be stolen from Paul, I believe those in the government in charge of the elections will commit fraud. 

I am also now wondering with all the Romney being the "One" with all the media, if that wasn't planned in the very beginning?  All the other distractions of the other candidates seem to have propelled Romney to the top and all the media outlets are propping him up as the best candidate for the GOP. 

We the people need to make sure people are educated about Ron Paul.  He sincerely is the only candidate that is "For the People."  The rest are simply spewing lies and false promises as they have always done.

Though Obama is the top liar ever in Presidential history.  The amount of "Hope, Lies, Promises" he made during his 2008 campaign is unbeatable.  Every thing that man said during his 2008 campaign was a complete lie.  I don't think he realizes he has lost most of his youth support and the people who had actually believed his lies but watched his presidency with open eyes, compared to those who have preferred to keep blinders on.

All I can say is our whole country is at stake and what is a shame is all of us who believe in freedoms and our country as the founding fathers had put together and envisioned is most likely not going to be saved. 

It is really sad that people are so brainwashed by the media and they don't think for themselves.  It seems most people allow others to think for them and to tell them what they need to do.  I guess 99% of the people are sheeple who refuse to wake up to truth. 

I am not going to give up, because I believe in an intellectual revolution in now trying to influence our state laws to insure our freedoms, because I now know those in D.C. are intent on taking away and have taken away every freedom our fore fathers had designed for the "New World."

I have been reading "Secrets Teachings of All Ages"

There are some really interesting parts in it.  I won't get into some of the more interesting sections that are part of symbolism and the Freemasonary. But at this moment, what applies to this post is the section of the forming of the U.S.

Did General Washington and Doctor Franklin recognize the Professor as an emissary of the Mystery school which has so long controlled the political destinies of this planet? Benjamin Franklin was a philosopher and a Freemason--possibly a Rosicrucian initiate. He and the Marquis de Lafayette--also a man of mystery--constitute two of the most important links in the chain of circumstance that culminated in the establishment of the original thirteen American Colonies as a free and independent nation. Doctor Franklin's philosophic attainments are well attested in Poor Richard's Almanac, published by him for many years under the name of Richard Saunders. His interest in the cause of Freemasonry is also shown by his republication of Anderson's Constitutions of Freemasonry, a rare and much disputed work on the subject.

It was during the evening of July 4, 1776, that the second of these mysterious episodes occurred. In the old State House in Philadelphia a group of men were gathered for the momentous task of severing the last tie between the old country and the new. It was a grave moment and not a few of those present feared that their lives would be the forfeit for their audacity. In the midst of the debate a fierce voice rang out. The debaters stopped and turned to look upon the stranger. Who was this man who had suddenly appeared in their midst and transfixed them with his oratory? They had never seen him before, none knew when he had entered, but his tall form and pale face filled them with awe. His voice ringing with a holy zeal, the stranger stirred them to their very souls. His closing words rang through the building: "God has given America to be free!" As the stranger sank into a chair exhausted, a wild enthusiasm burst forth. Name after name was placed upon the parchment: the Declaration of Independence was signed. But where was the man who had precipitated the accomplishment of this immortal task--who had lifted for a moment the veil from the eyes of the assemblage and revealed to them a part at least of the great purpose for which the new nation was conceived? He had disappeared, nor was he ever seen again or his identity established. This episode parallels others of a similar kind recorded by ancient historians attendant upon the founding of every new nation. Are they coincidences, or do they demonstrate that the divine wisdom of the ancient Mysteries still is present in the world, serving mankind as it did of old?

Above says the veil was lifted for a country to be born of which was to be truly a country of God and a country of Freedom.

What has happened?  The fact that the U.S. is now is ranking low in human rights and freedoms.  Other countries have more freedom for their citizens than the U.S.

All I can say in my opinion, is this Presidential election is sincerely the most important election in the history of the United States.   This election either people wake up and stand up for the country and our freedoms or we lose it all and we will be the USSR and Nazi Germany under a totalitarian regime.  
Which do you stand for?  Freedoms and our Constitution or Nazi dictatorship where we have check points on the road and we are violated in every way?  

We are at the crossroad this is the last stand for the country.  Will people stay influenced by the media which is propaganda and an arm of the dictatorship which is slowly gripping this country or will they open their eyes and think for themselves?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Media and Ron Paul. All of a sudden they are mentioning his name. But it is always to say "He is crazy and any win will discredit that state"

If you need an excuse to vote for Ron Paul, all you have to do is watch MSM and their now recognizing Ron Paul is in the Presidential race.  The way they are bashing and saying if he wins Iowa then Iowa will not count.

The media is saying he is not electable and the future of the Iowa caucuses are at stake.  

They are pushing Romney, Romney Romney

People are waking up and they are thinking who is the ONE person that makes sense and since he is not bought and sold by the banks and corporations and believes in Freedoms and believes in the Constitution which is something the rest of all those in government don't believe in anymore.  What the government traitors believe in is..... chains of debt prison and jail and slavery for every single citizen.  They believe citizens should be the slaves of the banks and corporations and if someone steps out of line they should be taken out and gotten rid of. 

Young Turks - Telling it like it is about the Media and their outrageous push against Ron Paul - EXCELLENT VIDEO! 

CNN - Would NOT accept the newsletter information from Ron Paul - yet over and over again she kept asking him about it - he finally walked out of the interview, because she would not accept his answer!  It shows it is the only one thing they can try and attack him on and they don't accept the answer.

Here is MSNBC mentioning Ron Paul and the guest throws in all kinds of negative comments about him.

Here is Hardball totally putting down Ron Paul.  Saying if Paul wins Iowa then Romney is the guy who is the nominee.  Saying the GOP is lacking practicality if Ron Paul wins, because he is not a real GOP nominee.
Says Ron Paul is unacceptable in GOP and for all the people of the U.S..  They brought up the newsletters trying to say he wrote them.   They completely are saying Iowa is discredited if Paul wins, but not discredited if Romney wins. 

 The videos go on and on in how the media over and over is putting out on the air how people can not vote for Paul and in doing so they discredit their state.






Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hilarious! Fed Government coming down on Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona for "Constitutional Rights violations against Latinos"

You just have to laugh!  The Federal Government is playing a "Constitutional Rights" Card against Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona!  They are saying he is violating the Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights of Latinos (illegal immigrants).

Is that not just bizarre?  Let's see the Obama administration is standing up for Illegal Aliens - BUT Obama has taken away all of our (American Citizens) Civil and Constitutional Rights along with all the other D.C. persons. 

All this Bull shit just can't go on much longer.  This government wants to make sure people who are here illegally don't have their rights trampled on and gosh forbid since they are illegal in the country that someone would say they are and make them go back to their country!  But the government is will to lock up all the U.S. citizens without a single right and if Senator Graham is correct also be able to Kill U.S. citizens at their discretion.

Notice how main stream media (link is to one) will report the fact a Sheriff is being investigated for Constitutional rights but they don't have the balls to tell the American public what the government does!

I have nothing but absolute disdain, contempt and disgust for MSM!  They are the most controlled media they are all propaganda and they are worse than the USSR (when it was that) controlled media. 

I will never forget how the media use to always say "State controlled" and "Propaganda media" about other country's media.  Yet the ones in the U.S are the biggest F ing joke there is!

To all of you media and supposedly journalist and reporters, you are actually the scum of the Earth.  You are suppose to be doing the people a service but what you are is nothing but little cockroach minions of those who control you.  You won't and don't report the real news that affects everyone you only do as you are told.  You are little slaves of the higher ups.

But one day the people will wake up and they will see you have always hidden the truth from them and have outright lied to them.... when that day comes.... all I can say is, you will deserve the people's wrath and loathing directed towards you.

I asked 5 "soccer moms" if they knew what our government had done in passing indefinite detainment for U.S. citizens, not one of them knew about it!  That means 99% of the people have NO Clue about the indefinite detainment and the Republicans handing over a Dictatorship to Obama!  WE Need to someone get the word out to inform people ourselves, even if that means going door to door telling everyone! 

The people have got to learn about this - the MSM is the most foul group of organizations now - since they have been SILENT on this!  How DARE them not tell the American Public that the U.S. Government just took away their Rights!  They are are Treasonous as the Elected officials in D.C., in my opinion! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CFR = Council on Foreign Relations - Video History/Formation and Confirmation MSM is CONTROLLED By the CFR - Fact or Conspiracy - You Decide!

Short Video about the CFR = Council on Foreign Relations. JP Morgan created it, along with the other power elite to control the message and policies of the U.S. in the media. How they put information out to have people think one way or another. Conspiracy or Fact? You decide!

This is for you to make your own decision if the policies, news and information is actually controlled or is it a Free Press of real information.  Is it being spun for popular opinion?  Do we actually have a Propaganda Press, that is controlled in information released by the MSM? 

A list of WHO are members of the CFR in the Government (White House, Elected Officials, Treasury, Ambassadors, etc) Military, Supreme Court, Education, Banks, Media, Private Corporations and more information about them.

The History and Why CFR was founded video

Friday, November 13, 2009

My thoughts on the Vaccine and Propaganda going on with it.

These are two videos, I have done regarding the Propaganda and Falsehoods by the WHO,CDC, UN, Governments and the Media Regarding the Swine Flu Vaccine.

The 2 videos, were one video in the beginning. Somehow after uploading it on youtube it got edited (not by me) and what I am putting in as the 2nd part was cut out of the original. It has taken 2 days to get these set up on youtube, but Finally they are on!

Oh, good news, audio and video are in sync.

I hope people understand the psychological angle being waged - so everyone will take a Swine Flu Vaccine. (that portion is in the 2nd video) I feel it is important to have people understand, what they are hearing is not the full truth regarding the Swine Flu Vaccine and in my opinion, under no terms should they get the Swine Flu Vaccine.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

News and thoughts on the Coming Dollar CRASH and Down Fall of the U.S.

There was an article out yesterday

Saying China will use the ASEAN meeting to make the Yuan an International Currency.

The meeting is happening Right Now in Thailand

From another article:

Soros also said he believed the decline of the U.S. dollar would be limited by its tie to the Chinese currency. "As long as the renminbi is tied to the dollar, I don't see how the decline in the dollar can go too far," he said.

So what if they come out of the meeting and say the renminbi/yuan is no longer tied to the dollar? We will hear a HUGE Crash of the dollar that day! The timing can be spot on of when it starts, from clif's warning!

This could be it - they decide to untie from the dollar and let their currency rise - the dollar would IMPLODE immediately!

The general public would not understand the implications immediately - but they would grasp it as the days went by and the media explained it.

Also, out is Lazard Asset Management Fund - over 100 billion dollar fund management company is getting out of the dollar.

I would like to remind you - this is the same company that the CEO just died last week - Bruce Wasserstein. He had an irregular heartbeat. hhhmmmm...... really now? Wonder if there are medications that can make that happen, especially if word gets out a dollar dump is about to happen and people try to make it Not happen? Yep, that is a conspiracy theory. BUT - you have to understand, I have been following the deaths of Many financial people in the last couple of months.

For some reason, being at the executive level of the finance business over the last couple of months have been very detrimental to people's lives. There have been many accidents, suicides and heart problems all of a sudden.

Back to the original posting premise -

The media may be covering their butts with the public, as they have been mentioning the weak dollar to the public. They know if something happens, they would have had to say something beforehand, so the public understands "something" was coming down the line.

Also remember - very important clue with this all - is that State Dept. report of all Embassies needing to have local currencies by Sept. 30th for a years times of money.

What I don't understand is.... The govt. KNEW a few months ago the dollar was going to crash, why the Hell didn't they try and do something about it, instead of continuing what they were doing to cause it?

Is it because - it was all too far gone? They needed to put on a Good face to the public, while they were running up the stock market and getting out of it, yet the public was getting into it more and believing them? They have covered themselves up to this point and know they can't cover anymore and they knew in advance Oct. would be it for covering and then game up?

Everyone does realize that when the events unfold, we will have millions of people whose retirements were blown up by Wall Street and the govt? They blew it up and had people put more money in the market - even though they have known it was all going to fail!! They did this as they were giving billions away of our money as bonuses to make sure Wall Street people's pockets were filled before the Crash Happens!

That is not the govt. protecting the people that is the govt. and Wall Street purposely condemning the people, along with the media being culprits to the crime!

99% of the people in the U.S. are about to lose their wealth, and go nuts without survival means - To say How I feel about that.... well... there are not enough curse words in the language for what I think!

The Warning from the Webbot about the crash coming this week has been updated to the fact "something" will happen around the 5 am hour on the 26th. What 5 am time zone, that is not clear, but lets just say it is EST.

I can tell you one place I will be in 2 mornings - on my computer looking intensely for headlines and information around the world. I will be starting with the Asian news sources.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well, the Long Awaited FDIC 2nd Quarter Report, Finally came out today - Media is on it - But not honest

We finally got the 2nd quarter report from the FDIC today. Surprising enough, the media is actually reporting information about it. BUT they are not being honest. Yes, they are saying there are 416 banks in trouble, as they failed the FDIC's grading.

What they are using though, is the FDIC amount on hand from June 30th - in their reporting. In other words they are saying the FDIC has X amount of billions of dollars, using how much was in the fund from June. They are NOT being honest and saying the FDIC is underwater at about 5 Billion right now. The media is not mentioning the banks that have been taken over since June 30th, which has been quite a few.

Also, when you hear the number of banks that have been taken over this year (81) and the media says it is not as bad, as the depression and the 80's. They are again Not being honest, they are not saying how many branches and actual locations are involved. Care to take a guess?
Try 3000+ branches of banks, that have actually been taken over by the FDIC this year. That is a lot different than the 81, the media likes to mention.

When people tell me, they won't believe something, until MSM reports on it, I want to say "I will never believe, anything the MSM says - as they are run by the PTB". They have their own agenda and part of that agenda is protecting the government and the PTB, not the people. They are reporting dishonestly to the public.

The fact is, the FDIC does not nearly have enough money to cover what could amount to Trillions of dollars in bank failures.

Link to one article:

A total of 416 banks with combined assets of $299.8 billion failed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s grading system for asset quality, liquidity and earnings, the most since June 1994, the Washington-based FDIC said in a report today. Regulators didn’t identify companies deemed “problem” banks.
The FDIC insures deposits at 8,195 institutions with $13.3 trillion in assets. The agency is a state-bank regulator that insures bank customer deposits, helps find buyers for failing banks and liquidates lenders that have collapsed.

Did you get that part about 13.3 Trillion dollars?

Oh, I turned on the news (which I don't do anymore) to see what they were saying about the FDIC. I was completely Flabbergasted - when a CNN reporter said "The stock market, did well today, due to the good financial news out". I thought to myself... wow, they really do have people fooled.

Are you listening to those corporations, who benefit from not getting the complete truth to you?

As I see it, they have held off the flood gates very well and have covered the public's eyes to what is really happening here in the U.S.. The problem is, people around the rest of the world, knows what is really going on.

The Fed is buying the U.S. T-bills, in a round about way and not disclosing it.

Information little by little is leaking out about that. What is also happening, is information about how the rest of the world feels about the dollar is starting to see the light of day also in the American press.

link to Wall Street Journal - The rest of the World questions the Dollar

Investors and economists have long harbored concerns about the dollar's decline, especially in the beginning of this decade as the federal government and consumers ran up their debtloads to finance everything from foreign wars to flat-screen TVs. Last fall's financial crash suggested that such fears may be overblown: As markets plunged in the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., investors scrambled to stash their cash in U.S. Treasury bills, perceiving them to be the safest investments. That boosted the value of the U.S. dollar against many of its major counterparts.
Now, though, major investors like
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chairman Warren Buffett and bond investment firm Pimco fear the government's fiscal and monetary stimulus programs could end up fueling inflation in coming years and hammering the dollar. Higher inflation eats up the returns of bond investments that provide a fixed interest income, making them less attractive to investors. Less demand for U.S. bonds could mean a weaker dollar.

We already know the bonds are not selling well and the Fed is actually buying them, through Central Banks. They are making deals of trades, thus the printing presses are running overtime to print the money up to buy the bonds.

The game can only go on, so much longer. Also, the Shorting game of metals, seems to be getting a little weaker now. The players were profitting over $200 per ounce with their shorts at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. They are now only making around a $80 profit per ounce now. There are still tremendous amounts of shorts against the metals, but the longs are starting to come up stronger.

I would bet, it will be sooner than later, people start getting worried again about the economy and the banking situation, even though the media is not fully disclosing the truth.

Games can only go on for so long, until everyone starts realizing there is a game being played.

Here are my predictions:

The market is going to start a Free fall in about 2 weeks
Gold is probably about at it's lowest point it will ever be again.
(When the game of shorts is up on the metals, they will skyrocket, when people realize too late, they need them to protect themselves 'value of dollar, at this point' - they won't be available)

I will say once again, "If you have not purchased metals to protect yourself, than you are not paying attention to what is Really happening".

Two Words:

Buy Metals (my opinion - Silver is better - actually more rare than gold, used for more things and will have a bigger percentage of increase, thus more money will be made over all).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Still headlines - 2 months later? Not Rhode Island - who is shutting down Government for 12 days? Jeez!!

I still get completely amazed at how the MSM, provides the most distracting news possible! This morning Michael Jackson, is the headline - STILL after 2 months of him dying.
Look, sorry he died, but can we Get Over It, Now? Really, what a blessing his death was for the MSM, this way, they can keep it on the headlines and not put Real News up.

Like the Real News of Rhode Island shutting down it's government for 12 days! Now, that is news which has a negative actual impact on people!

Link to article:

I had always believed Rhode Island was a very wealthy state, I would not have expected they would be one of the first states to shut down it's government for a duration of time.

Birmingham, Alabama has cut it's government by 1/3 and even shut down a prison, California is issuing IOUs instead of money to the people.

The question I have for people is this: Do you listen to the MSM that "Good times are here and just around the corner, the tough times are over"? Or do you look at the Real news, the MSM does not tell you, as what state governments are shutting down? In other words, the real news and facts are "the tough times are just beginning".

The truth is hard to accept, but it won't be as tough, for those who are prepared mentally and physically, for what is coming down the line. It is all the others who only listen to MSM (about Michael Jackson) who will be caught like a deer in headlights. They will have no clue and will be shocked, when their own state government closes for a few days.

Also, if governments can close, don't you think banks will too at some point?