Sunday, February 24, 2013

WTF - Seriously? The Sandy Hook/Newtown Shooting - NASCAR # 26

Michael Waltrip, drove the No. 26 Sandy Hook School Support Fund Toyota during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on February 16, 2013 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Michael Waltrip has raced a Sandy Hook NASCAR in the Daytona 500. 
There is a whole story on why the car was created and how NASCAR people met in Newtown with the crying people and so on and wanted to help them raise money.  It is all at the link.

I am simply appalled!  The amount of exploitation of the Sandy Hook shooting is ridiculous.   I have never seen any tragedy before where every single person (families, town, school, etc) is asking for money.  There are donation pages from the family for every victim.  There are charities set up with all different types of organizations raising money for Sandy Hook.

I would like to know What are they doing with the money raised?  Where is it going?  Why are well to do families asking for money due to the death of their child?  How much money have they raised and who is it benefiting from it?  I do know from my research that Newtown was in financial trouble before Sandy Hook.  I assume now they are doing great.  Plus you have people like Joe Lieberman who is in charge of the money raised for Newtown through United Way.   Are they using the money for gun control lobbying or political purposes?

I don't understand why people would give money to any of the organizations or families either.  Something as sad as losing a child is not what people should use to try and 'get rich' over.  I would think instead of constantly asking for money, they should ask for prayers and God's hand in watching over them and their children who were shot.  It would be a time of prayer for me not putting my hand out for money if a horrid tragedy struck as Sandy Hook.

I guess this is to be a constant in your face of all the fans of NASCAR who are pretty much Constitutional and law abiding citizens that utilize the 2nd amendment!   Is the psychology for them to want those watching the car go round and round to give up their rights over seeing the Sandy Hook car constantly?

What is happening is really is over the top in everything regarding Sandy Hook.

I still have not made up my mind that Sandy Hook was a hoax or not.  The whole thing is so confusing.   But seeing this NASCAR makes me upset over how one side is using it and dancing on the graves of the children to try and get their gun control agenda pushed through and raise a lot of money over.

What do NASCAR fans think of this car?

It does not say if the car will continue racing throughout the NASCAR circuit.  It does say that 7 crying families were at the meeting and then the cries became smiles when they heard about the car.   Funny, I never saw tears from any of the families when they were interviewed.

Portion from link:

“Following the meeting, Mike sat me down and said that he had an idea of running the 26 car in the Daytona 500 to represent the 20 children and six adults who had lost their lives in the tragedy back in December in Newtown, Connecticut.
“He asked me to think about whether or not we could be a part of it at Swan Racing, and I told Mike that, as long as my sponsors were on board, ‘We’re in,’ ’’ Davis said.
So instead of running the No. 30 Toyota driven by David Stremme, Swan Racing will field the No. 26. Waltrip said his own Toyotas at Michael Waltrip Racing will also bear the same “Newtown to 80888’’ decal.
A week before the car was unveiled and NASCAR’s charitable drive was made public, a contingent of NASCAR officials that included Helton, Davis, Waltrip and NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France flew to Newtown, Conn., and held an emotional meeting in private with town officials, first responders, and several of the families of the victims to share their plans.
“When we walked into that room, and seven of the families that lost children in that shooting were sitting on the front row looking at you, first of all, that was very hard to keep your composure,’’ Waltrip said. “But as we spoke, those crying faces turned to smiles.
They’re huge NASCAR fans up in that part of the country, and they got to realize that they’re going to have a car in the Daytona 500 and it lit ’em up. It made me so proud that I was there to be part of such a special announcement.’’
But Waltrip said the meeting left a lasting impression on him. “I walked into their world, spent three hours there, and walked out, but I left part of me there,’’ he said.
France said he was similarly moved by the meeting, so much so he and his wife Amy pledged $50,000 to jump-start the campaign. France said his family’s donation would be matched by The NASCAR Foundation.

Yes, I sound cynical about the whole thing.  At this point to me, the Sandy Hook tragedy has turned into a circus of asking for money from the public and yet there has never been one word of where it goes.  Except we know the families are asking for themselves.   The amount of obvious agenda influencing from the tragedy is extreme.   This NASCAR obviously is targeting all pro 2nd amendment people at the races and watching on T.V.  
Are they expecting people to feel guilt? 
To me the harder they push their agenda in this way, the harder we need to push back! 

Edit to add: I found a video about the car and Waltrip talking about it:

another edit to add:

NRA got a memo that details Obama's agenda for guns.  It involves complete gun confiscation and items listed that Obama has never even mentioned as part of his gun grab.   He wants all guns off the street and gun registration! 


  1. If u ck the website,, u'll quickly see entire Sandy Hook episode/event was simply gross farce, totally fake. So all this money-raising is way to pay-off the "players."

  2. I believe it was all a hoax. It is so bizarre that they keep using a tragedy to play on people's emotions and ask for money. I have never seen anything like this. And I do NOT understand why anyone would donate with so many unanswered questions. This is another interesting link.

  3. The original reports were that there were two shooters. Then it changed to just this Lanza guy. The media reported that Lanza's motivation was satanical and then in the past week they shifted the narrative, claiming that Lanza was copycatting Breivik.

    Anyone who has read Nineteen Eighty Four will recognize the manipulation at play here. "We were always at war with eastasia/we were always at war with eurasia."

  4. Isn't Ironic, that the Patsy's of crimes like this, all the sudden, dead following the crime, and then they can't tell the real story, of how they were set up... Like the mother is killed, how the alleged killer's Computer hard drive is totally destroyed. Like would this kid think of that, or is is just more erasing the trail of the real accomplice to this alleged shooting. How about lets get the name of the camo'd out man running from the scene.. That there was no AR-15 used in any shooting at this scene. This matches 9-11 conspiracy and how building No. 7 fell all on its own for some reason.. Or no trace of any airplane parts at the alleged Pentagon crash site. The crime of the media failing to report the truth and keep the lies churning. They should have their license rights to the airwaves taken back, and returned back to the public.

  5. Raising money for gun control from NASCAR fans? Thats worse than NASCAR allowing Toyota to join. It was never the same after that. If we really care about victims and their families, we will arm and train more good citizens to actually STOP these tragedies that keep happening in gun control zones.