Thursday, February 21, 2013

WOW! Seriously Powerful New NRA Video! It says "We Are The Power - Not D.C." "We Are America"


VERY Powerful short video from the NRA.   

It says it ALL!  Those in D.C. only have Power through us!   We Are FREE - the elite in D.C. can not 'grant' FREEDOM!



  1. The NRA was compromised by the NWO years ago. When the Sandy Hook Hoax occurred they stuck their heads in the sand.

    They should have pointed out the effectiveness of the 2nd Amendment a few days earlier when Nick Meli ended a massacre in the Clackamas Town Center in Oregon.

    Armed with a concealed Glock semi-automatic pistol and carrying a baby, Nick led the infant and mother to safety before facing down the the killer. Oddly, he never even had to fire his weapon because these deranged murderers are seemingly programmed to kill themselves at the first sight of armed resistance.

    The NRA are professional lobbyists who should have silenced the Feinsteins in politics immediately. Instead after the debate is over and the people win, they have the audacity to perform a celebratory touchdown dance in their quest for donations.

    In the future look to the Gun Owners of America (GOA) for guidance.

    1. Absolutely correct Miguel. I will say, good video by the NRA but they should have been saying this years ago. I dumped the NRA years ago because of all the compromise. They compromised on the Brady bill among many others. I'm with Larry Pratt now where their philosophy is "It's a right. not a priveledge"
      GOA all the way and screw the NRA!

    2. I understand but disagree with both of you. I passionately believe the way forward is to unite as One behind the NRA. They are the ones who are constantly villianized by the government and media. That tells me they are the ones who are most feared by the govt and media. I believe in being part of all the organizations that are for our Freedoms! I also believe that if the NRA could double their membership rolls that will shock the govt. and media. It is through uniting we will keep our Freedoms.

      The NRA did not stick their head in the sand after SH. But they were smart and stayed quiet for the emotional impact to be lessened throughout the world. They would have been attacked voraciously had they come out and immediately with a statement.

      Everyone feels differently about it. But I believe in uniting behind the NRA. I have even been going door to door in neighborhoods asking people to join the NRA.

      I have researched and found there are a lot of mistaken thoughts on how the NRA compromised in the past. I have found that they have actually gone to court many times for our 2nd amendment rights against D.C. laws, but they have lost. People think they have relented to D.C., but research all the facts before believing they are "sold out" to the NWO or the government.

  2. NRA, GOA, NAGR, whatever, there goes the divisive thinking our government promotes. I support them ALL, the more voices that are carrying the same message, the louder the message will be.

  3. Demand A Plan To Tell Fascist Celebrity Snobs To Go Screw Themselves

  4. I'm an NRA member. My main criticism of the organization is that they are way to republican. The video quotes Clinton and Obama. When Bush was President guns were actually confiscated in New Orleans during Katrina. In spite of the Right wingnut ideologues running the organization this is a very powerful video. In my opinion if the NRA really wants to increase their membership the organization should focus on the Constitution and leave the politics to the sociopathic egomaniacs in D. C.