Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proof - Media and Government literally told us that Sandy Hook was a Hoax in Advance.

Remember that those who try and control all aspects of the world and people have to tell us in advance what will happen and what the truth is.  That fact has been proven by all the investigations  people did after 9/11.  People found that they had told us in "plane sight" what would be happening.  This may seem "out there" for those who are not familiar with that fact.  But all you have to do is a little research and find that the "elite" have to put out to the public what the truth is before hand due to their own "karma."

If you understand the way those who try and control operate then you understand why they created the hoax in Sandy Hook, N.J. It had the same name and they had to put out the information of Sandy Hook being a hoax ahead of time. It is exactly the type of thing they did in advance of 9/11. Doesn't matter N.J.... why did they constantly use Sandy Hook as the land reference. 

Here is all the information and proof on video.


Here are all the links of the information in the video about the Hoax
mother at school...describes the shot up classroom

I put the same information up on my Sandy Hook Research Blog

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  1. Sherrie,
    Ran across this video analysis which clearly shows the police taking 2 rifles out of the trunk of the vehicle and thus blowing the "corrected" reports that the "suspect" took one of them into the school.

    Keep fighting !


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