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We are being set up. From Aurora "massacre" (media contradictions) now to "warnings" of a Terrorist attack at the Olympics. Major, Serious- questions......

I don't normally do this, but I am going ahead and putting down the belief we are being set up for even more "change" in the way we live.

I had written about the Colorado "Dark Knight" shooting and mentioned how it sure did happen conveniently close to the UN Small Arms Treaty that Obama wants to sign.

Many are questioning how a student who did not have much money was able to afford over $20,000 of arms and ammunition. Besides how he had the sophisticated knowledge to put together the type of booby traps they are saying was in his apartment.

No one saw his face in the theater as it was covered up.  Also it seems he is not right in the mind as those who are in the prison right now are saying that he is acting like he is in the movie constantly and he is totally nuts.

My question is, how could someone like that function enough to put together all those things that were needed to plan the attack?  Besides if this was planned for months and he was a crazed person planning it, how come he did not act completely crazed in public?    He would have acted nuts walking down the street if he was anything like they are saying he is in jail right  now.  Another question, how did he live in the apartment that was being booby trapped and not accidentally set anything off? 

Another question:  Has anyone asked those that live at the apartments if UPS and Fed Ex and the USPS were constantly delivering packages to his apartment?  The media is claiming he purchased all the ammunition over the internet: 6000 rounds of it, besides his other "killing" gear.
**as I was writing this the media is saying he had 90 packages delivered by UPS to his "office", but they are saying he was not working at the time and he had dropped out of school.  So.... where was this "office" that he had things delivered to, if not his apartment?  The media is not saying where this "office" was... only delivered to his "office."****

This does not compute!  We are hearing he was on unemployment... now we are hearing packages delivered to some office!  They are getting their stories mixed up.... trying to set it up, yet contradictions are taking place.

Update - The Judge has sealed all information about the Aurora shooting.  Nothing will be released.  Wow obvious coverup just as Sgtreport says. 

There are witnesses who are saying that someone opened the emergency exit and let the gunman in. 
Why isn't the media mentioning that on the networks?  What they are talking about is stricter gun controls, even on FOX news instead.  The media should be questioning the fact of someone inside the theater opening the door for the gunman to come in. 

Dave Hodges of the Common sense  radio show that is on the Republic Broadcasting station on Sunday's at 10 PM est.  and the Common Sense website, sent out an email this morning. 

When I get permission to reproduce it, I will do so.

Then we have the fact that Israel has just announced they believe a major "terrorist" attack is being planned by Iran on the Olympics.    That is a headline on the Drudge Report right now..  Here is the headline on the Drudge Report:


Mossad believes an hit squad may be planning a terror attack... MORE..."

Then they have the fact that the Munich Terrorist attack was in 1972 (40 years ago this year).

One thing I believe over and over again, is Iran is not stupid!  There is no benefit to Iran committing a Terrorist attack!  They would be bombed and the country would be desimated by Israel and the U.S. if they committed a "Terrorist" attack anywhere in the world!    Just like Israel immediately blamed Iran for the Bulgaria bus bomb, when it was found in fact they did not do so.  Then the media dropped that story like it had never existed.

We are being set up, big time.   Obama is about to create more "change" in ways that were not in people's minds when they voted for him.  But the change will be trying to make guns illegal and stopping all purchases of ammunition online, including any protection gear.

Also, if you look at the architecture of the Olympic stadium in London, you will see they are being very overt in their "control" of the world.  London is the "dark" control of the finances of the world, it is where the center of all financial control, including LIBOR and the manipulation of metals.

They even did the logo for the Olympics completely Overt in their "Control" - Zion is about control, it is not one group of people of one type of religion.  It is about those who try and control the world in all ways. 

Just look at this picture of the stadium... you can't get more overt in saying "who they are" in the design of all aspects of it.  From the pyramid one on top of each other, to the "All seeing Eye" of the lights of the stadium.

We are being set up, yep a total "conspiracy" statement.

For all those who have never bothered to investigate the reasons why so many believe 9/11 was an inside job by the U.S. government, you should at least pay attention to this event.

Just like 9/11 was used to change our lives forever and take away our freedoms, including making the U.S. a "Police" state, besides enabling the government to become control freaks to have access to all of our personal information and communications without warrants.  Then of course the taking away of our most basic freedom of rights of the law and being jailed without rights to a lawyer or court for the rest of our lives.

I have a question to everyone..... Are you going to stick your head in the sand or are you wake enough to question what is happening right now - right this minute?


Question the fact we are being "Warned" of a major terrorist attack at the Olympics?  They always have to tell us what will happen ahead of time.    Just like the weird statement that Karl Rove made on Greta's show on Fox last week:  "Romney should not announce his VP choice before the Olympics because "Something" may happen that will take and capture the public's attention away from his choice and make them forget all about it."   I paraphased that statement, but that is the jest of what he said.   Hmmm..... why would he think that something big could happen before/during the Olympics that would capture the people's attention?

Just like the 9/11 attack was shown to us, before it happened.  There is enough evidence of published material showing exactly what was going to happen a long time before it did.   Understand, I have spent days, weeks, months researching everything on 9/11.   I wanted to find out about it for myself and why people questioned the official story.  I had believed the official story, hook line and sinker until 2004 when I began researching it myself.  I have not written about it, because there are enough others who do write about it.

What I am asking people to do, is take your head out of the sand and pay attention to what is happening right now!   If  a "terrorist" attack happens at the Olympics - QUESTION IT IN EVERY WAY!  DON'T JUST BELIEVE THE MEDIA!

I also believe the more information gets out about it, the less ability they have to actually carry it off.  It will be in too many people's awareness in watching for something.

Update - Dave Hodges has given me permission to reproduce his email.  
Here is his email to me this morning:

We Won't Get Fooled Again (Part 1)
I went to high school in Aurora, Colorado, about two miles from the scene of the Dark Night movie massacre. My late parents' home was a mile away from the scene of the crime. My immediate family and I have attended several movies at the now infamous Aurora Mall theaters. Therefore, this recent tragedy is somewhat personal for me.
A part of me wants to ignore this tragedy and go on with my life because this is so very painful to look at this event. Several families and untold numbers of friends have lost a loved one in a seemingly senseless tragedy. Someone's husband and father is not coming home tonight and someone's child won't be there to open presents next Christmas. It's extremely hard for me to write these words without being overcome by emotion.
I have struggled on whether or not I should share my personal and professional observations about the facts related to this tragedy in the media because I strongly believe that the grieving loved ones, should be prayed for, comforted and then left in peace. The last thing I want to do, or to be accused of doing, is to engage in idle speculation at the expense of the victims, their families and their friends. However, based upon my experience and training as a mental health counselor, I also know that the mental health scenario being universally painted by the mainstream media is implausible from a psychopathological frame of reference. Further, the described background of the perpetrator, James Holmes, and his insanely violent act were grossly inconsistent with regard to means, motive, personal background, professional experience and current lifestyle and living conditions necessary to have carried out this heinous act to the demonstrable degree of skill witnessed in this event.
Conspiracy theories are often the default position for people in mourning who are seeking meaningful answers on why a particular tragedy took place. It is very important not to confuse emotionality with logic and facts in cases such as the recent movie massacre tragedy. However, when the released facts related to the crime and the perpetrator don't add up, serious questions must be asked and truthful answers must be demanded!
As I was weighed my options on whether or not to write this piece, I'm all too aware that when the profound sense of loss and grieving begins to dissipate, the victims' loved ones will want truthful answers on why this tragedy took place. The lens of history clearly points to this fact as the Pat Tillman family still wants answers, thousands of 9/11 victims loved ones still want answers, and families and friends of the Oklahoma City Bombing victims still want answers and people profoundly impacted by the Columbine High School tragedy are still asking questions about why their loved ones had to die. Families and friends of the Dark Knight movie massacre victims deserve the truth and I do not believe, from the early media returns, that the real truth is going to be forthcoming. In that spirit, I add my voice to the chorus of voices in saying that the public explanations, related to this unspeakable tragedy, do not add up.
The Background
PhD candidate, James Holmes, 24, residing in Aurora, Colorado, acting with the precision and sophistication of a well-trained, killing-machine commando killed 12 people and wounded 59 as he opened fire at a Batman movie premiere The Dark Night Rising. Yet, as many mainstream media outlets, including the BBC, are reporting that James Holmes had no criminal arrest record and had absolutely no military training in his known background, yet, Holmes had every detail of "what the police call tactical equipment. He wore a ballistic helmet, a flak jacket and gas mask, but also the gloves and breeches you would expect from a Swat team.”
Many More Questions Than Believable Answers
Where would an incredibly busy PhD student find the time to learn how to booby trap his apartment?
Why would a mass murderer randomly shoot dozens of innocent people and then mysteriously warn authorities that he had meticulously booby trapped his apartment if his intention was to commit mass murder?
Where did a 24 year-old, PhD student who has spent his entire young adulthood in academia, with absolutely no military training, develop sophisticated commando tactics and applicable skills with very elaborate and very expensive military grade equipment?
Why was the mainstream media so quick to learn and subsequently tell the viewing public the name of the perpetrator and then subsequently blame the Second Amendment for the event before any of the facts could possibly have been known? How was it that the swarms of FBI agents appeared almost immediately at the scene of the crime as well as the mass murder's apartment?
What do you think any knowledgeable construction worker would say about how those theatre grade, fire-rated security doors, equipped with fire inspected alarms, which would have sounded if the door was opened in the rear of the theatre?
Why is the media so intent on painting Holmes as a mentally ill mass murder when a professional psychological examination has not even been performed and the results released to the media and the public?
The most common second-hand diagnosis being offered for Holmes mental health condition is paranoid schizophrenia in which the afflicted person can potentially hear voices, or act on delusional beliefs devoid of logical connection with reality which commands or compels the sufferer to commit random acts of violence. On the night of the mass murder, was Holmes behavior consistent with classic symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia?
What Is Known
One of the most unbelievable explanations that I heard regarding this crime is the fact that this college student with no military training was able to booby trap his apartment, to such a degree of sophistication, that the ATF and FBI took several hours to gain entrance to his apartment. It has been suggested that this bright graduate student learned how to construct booby traps from the Internet. As implausible as it seems to me, I have to wonder if the Internet also taught this young terrorist how to shoot straight and master a multitude of weapons as well as the learning and the execution of advanced commando skills? Where did Holmes practice to learn the skills and more importantly, how did this PhD student found the time to train to such a level of sophistication that the Israeli commandos at the raid on Entebbe would be envious at the skill and precision displayed by Holmes in this gruesome attack? How did Holmes gain entrance into the highly secured rear doors of the movie theater, armed with alarms, without inside help? The short answer to all of these questions is, that he couldn't and he didn't.
I find it interesting that a starving graduate student, living in a modest apartment, could afford very expensive weaponry, a bulletproof vest, a modern gas mask, groin and neck protectors, complicated bombs and tear gas. This was a well-funded operation and there doesn't seem to be any plausible explanation as to how this very expensive operation was funded and the goods ended up in the hands of such a person of meager means.
The media has hung its hat on two analyses and subsequent explanations for Holmes' actions: (1) Holmes is a mentally ill mass murder who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenic delusions; and, (2) this horrible tragedy could have been averted if only effective gun control measures were in place. First of all, there doesn't seem to be any history of serious mental illness with regard to what the media is stating that Holmes most likely suffers from. Secondly, the paranoid schizophrenic argument loses steam because the killer abruptly stopped killing when he got outside the theatre where the perpetrator calmly sat down and peacefully surrendered to authorities as if to say "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" Are these actions consistent with a crazed mass murderer? I do not believe so. If the murderers intent was to kill as many innocent people as possible, then it appears likely that this rage would have continued outside the movie theater. Adrenaline alone, would've accounted for several more minutes added on to the killing rampage unless, of course, someone literally or metaphorically flipped a switch, MK Ultra style, which caused Holmes to shut down and passively surrender. Thirdly, the delusional beliefs and subsequent behavior of paranoid schizophrenics does not follow a calm, rational, predictable and methodical pattern of behavior which is exactly what we see in Holmes' homicidal actions on that fateful night. The manifested behaviors of paranoid schizophrenics is normally preceded by disorganized and delusional thinking which causes the person to appear and act in an illogical and irrational manner. This is the opposite behavioral pattern of what we saw from James Holmes who carried out his act with the precision of a well-trained professional killer.
Amazingly, the FBI was warned two months ago about terrorism coming to American movie theaters. Yet, they seem to have mysteriously ignored these warnings. I suggest visiting the preceding URL as soon as possible as this link most assuredly will disappear from the net courtesy of the police state surveillance grid. Why wasn't this warning acted upon? And why do several URL's keep disappearing from the net, related to this FBI warning, causing truth-seekers to continually repost this information? Many people have been puzzled by the rapidity of the FBI's presence on the crime scene which even preceded many of the Aurora police officers arriving on the scene, despite the fact that the Aurora police maintain a substation in the mall less than 100 yards away from the crime scene. A reasonable person might be inclined to ask, what did the FBI know that the Aurora police did not?
If this was a plot, why would anyone do such a thing? Ironically, on July 27, 2012, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign the UN gun control treaty. Obama only needs a few more senators to sign the treaty to make it the law of the land. Of course, the public is supposed to believe that this tragedy and the immediate media calls for more stringent gun control, and the coincidence with the UN gun control treaty signing date, following this tragedy, is merely one big coincidence!
Gun control and undermining the Second Amendment was what FAST and FURIOUS was all about as Obama and Holder shipped guns into Mexico resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Mexicans and over 200 Americans including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The covert FAST and FURIOUS program blew up in the administration's face as Holder is facing potential criminal prosecution for his related actions. Therefore, it seems logical that the Obama administration would invoke Plan B. If these globalist minions would stage FAST and FURIOUS, then why should it be hard to believe that the same thugs would stage the Aurora, Colorado movie massacre at the showing of the Dark Knight Rising? It's interesting to note that Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, myself as well as many other awake Americans have been predicting a major false flag attack which would lead to the justification for Obama to enact draconian, UN-sponsored gun control legislation.
JFK, RFK, 9/11, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco; We won't get fooled again!
Investigating the Administration Which Seeks to Fundamentally Transform America
It is also both interesting and highly disturbing that members of the Obama administration are on record of having said that the only way that the Obama presidency survives into a second term is if the country will unite behind an Obama candidacy following a series of terrorist events which will culminate in a second term. Part two of this series will explore the possible motives of the Obama administration, including his handlers (e.g. Bill Ayers and Valerie Jarrett), related to the possible carrying out of this event as well as a series of possible false flag events coming in the future (e.g. in Chicago and at the London Olympics). Part two of this series will also explore what an ill-gotten Obama second term will mean for millions of future victims in this country.
Dave Hodges DCH MC NCC
The Common Sense Show airing on The Republic Broadcasting Network
Sunday's 9PM-Midnight Central
Call in number: 1-800-313-9443

Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Mass "Dark Knight" shootings. Call for "Gun Control" already being started... Here are some questions about that.

UPDATE 7/22/12- Article about how we are being set up - Serious questions about Aurora and "Terrorist" Warnings regarding the Olympics.

What a horrendous tragedy that occurred overnight in Aurora Colorado during the Dark Knight midnight movie.  It is so sad and hard to comprehend that someone would do what they did.   James Holmes a 24 year old shot and killed multiple people.

Of course what do politicians do?   They exploit tragedies!~   So many of them are jumping on the bandwagon of calling for "Gun control" over this horrid tragedy.  Including Bloomberg who is a control freak and wants to make everything illegal and has made N.Y.C. a complete police state.

Mayor Bloomberg has come out today saying "Soothing words are not enough."  

“I mean, there’s so many murders with guns every day,” he continued. “It’s just gotta stop. And instead of these two people, President [Barack] Obama and Governor [Mitt] Romney talking in broad things about, they want to make the world a better place. OK. Tell us how. And this is a problem. No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them, concretely, not just in generalities, specifically, what are they going to do about guns?”
Bloomberg went on to suggest most of the nation’s governors should also make their stances clear.

Well, lets think about this for one moment.   What if there had been someone in the theater watching the movie that had a concealed weapons permit?  Think about how that person could have shot the shooter that was randomly killing people.   That person would have been a Hero!  

It is not more gun control, but what is needed is more people get permits to carry and that would make our streets safer.

Yes, there are some insane people out there.  So if someone crashes a car into a building and hurts people.... do you outlaw all cars?   If someone takes a knife and stabs another.... do you outlaw all knives?   If someone takes a bat or blunt object and hits another person do you outlaw all bats?

All those things happen all the time.

Guns do not kill, people do.  People who are not right in their thinking will find one way or another to kill someone if that is what they want to do.

So...ask the politicians that want to take away our second amendment rights if they will take all knives and every other thing someone has used to kill another person away too?

OH.... timely incident considering the "Small Arms Treaty" that Obama is working on with the United Nations.

My prayers and thoughts are with all those impacted in Colorado.

If only there had been a person who had a gun in the theater, they could have taken out the shooter and less people may have been murdered.

Piers Morgan calling for Gun Control  
 Mr. Morgan, you are not even a citizen of the U.S..  You have NO right to try and call for anything that changes our rights in this country! 

UPDATE Here is a perfect example of people who have gun permits stopping violence. This just happened at an internet cafe in Florida. Video of a man that had a gun and stopped a robbery. The man in the video is a Hero!

UPDATE 7/21/12 - Must read article from Natural News "Aurora Shooting Staged"

They ask lots of questions and spot light the sophistication of the weapons, etc.

Banks are claiming "They don't own foreclosed property due to the up keep cost."

This is so classic.  Banks foreclosed on people and judges of course allowed it through the fraud.  Banks have to claim "ownership" and rights to foreclose due to ownership.   Once they foreclose they kick the people out through FRAUD of the foreclosure.

They then leave the properties empty and unattended if they are not able to sell the properties.  Now with so many empty fraudclosure of homes they are claiming "they are not the owners nor are they responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties."

So... let's think about this, banks foreclosed then they can't sell the properties in the mean time they threw people out on the street instead of working with them to stay in their homes.... the houses stay abandoned for years and then banks don't want to spend the money of mowing their lawns or maintaining them?!

 Portion from article:

The complaint alleges that U.S. Bank, through foreclosures, has become since 2008 the owner of "thousands of residential properties" in L.A. "which it has completely failed to maintain." The result, it says, is that hundreds of these homes have fallen into disrepair, "causing blight and destabilizing communities."

A city press release says the bank's potential liability is in the "hundreds of millions of dollars."

Tom Joyce, director of corporate public relations for Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp (U.S. Bank), says in an email statement to ABC News that the bank, no less than the city attorney, is troubled that properties are not properly maintained and have a corrosive impact on neighborhoods.

He says, however, that the city attorney has chosen the wrong party to sue: U.S. Bank is not the owner of the properties, "nor are we responsible for the servicing" of them.

The homes, says the bank's statement, are owned by trusts and by investors in those trusts. Only the companies to whom homeowners send their mortgage payments are responsible for the homes' upkeep. Says the bank's email: "It is clear from the complaint that the city does not understand our role."

Frank Mateljan, spokesman for the city attorney's office, says he understands U.S. Bank's role just fine.

"They're named on the deed," Mateljan tells ABC News. "Much as the bank would like to blame gardeners and the pool man, it's the bank's responsibility to maintain these properties or to sell them to somebody who can."

Says Mateljan: "We find that funny and disturbing at the same time—a major bank asking, 'Tell us what properties we own and which are in disrepair.' If you're the owner and named on the deed, you have the benefits of being owner and the burden of maintenance."

L.A.'s suit, he says, is very similar to one the city brought last year against Deutsche Bank. These two actions "have lit a fire under both Deutsche Bank and U.S. Bank to get a better inventory of their properties, and do a better job keeping them up to code." The Deutsche Bank case is pending.

Deutsche Bank's position is that the city attorney "has sued the wrong party," for reasons almost identical to those advanced by U.S. Bank.

Now, is this information that can be used in lawsuits against the banks in defense against fraudclosures?   They are denying they are the owners of property after they committed fraudclosure!

Also.... isn't it a shame that they kick families out of homes and then they let them go down.  Look at Detroit.  Thousands of families were kicked out of their homes and the city bulldozed the neighborhoods, about 40 square miles worth.  What would it be like now if the courts had actually adhered to real estate laws in judging if a fraudclosure could happen?  Then those neighborhoods would still have families living there.

Just out - Geithner and the Treasury Department ignored all the Foreclosure Fraud of the Banks.

In response to homeowner complaints about mortgage servicers, Treasury "demonstrated no interest in taking even the most modest steps to punish them," Barofsky writes. "That was unconscionable, given the pain being inflicted on so many home owners."
In a meeting with Geithner -- this one involving fewer f-bombs than others -- Barofsky says he finally realized the root of the Treasury Department's apparent lack of interest in helping homeowners: They apparently had another goal in mind.

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X-Solar Flare/CME to hit Earth head on/directly tonight (7/13-14 /2012). Information and Links

Long duration X flare/CME 

STILL WAITING FOR THE CME: The CME launched toward Earth by the July 12th X-flare has not yet arrived. However, we are still within the forecast window set by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab. The cloud should hit at 09:17 UT plus or minus 7 hours on Saturday, July 14th

NASA and NOAA are giving out different info about it. NASA saying it could affect our power grid, NOAA saying "No big deal." Also different times are being given. 

FYI - X-Flares travel much faster than other flares/CMEs, arrival time can be any where from tonight about 1 am to 6 am. 

There are some having cell phone difficulties today. The ionospheres of the planet are high right now, from the flare, though the actual flare/CME has not yet hit us. 

that is a site - that has lots of info. Look under magnetosphere and you can watch the "stand off" and the magnetopause position movie to see what is happening. 

here is the chart for the x-flare - you can see it was a very long duration one, it was not quick. So it will affect us for quite some time.

here it is saying it is moving faster than expected so arrival is 5:17 UT (which est is 4 hours earlier).

a Good over all site.

Watch for very large quakes 6+ during and after the CME (coronal mass ejection - which is real fiery material the Sun has ejected).

Since it will be hitting in the middle of the night, you may want to un plug some of your electronics due to possible surges upon the electric grid from the magnetic.
Just something smart to do and it doesn't hurt to take precautions. 

Massive solar flares are sometimes associated with CMEs which can trigger geomagnetic storms that have been known to knock out electric power for extended periods of time. According to Matthew Stein, many hundred thousands of miles of high voltage lines would act like an antenna drawing the electro-magnetic pulse from a solar flare toward thousands of transformers on the world's power grids. Many transformers could burn out and be difficult to replace.

The soft X-ray flux of X class flares increases the ionization of the upper atmosphere, which can interfere with short-wave radio communication and can heat the outer atmosphere and thus increase the drag on low orbiting satellites, leading to orbital decay. Energetic particles in the magnetosphere contribute to the aurora borealis and aurora australis. Energy in the form of hard x-rays can be damaging to spacecraft electronics and are generally the result of large plasma ejection in the upper chromosphere.

It seems this x-flare is going to hit us straight on. We have not actually had a complete straight on hit for a very long time. We have had glancing blows where the majority of the x-flare/CME goes to the side or above or below us. 

There has been 7 X flares since 2000, they have all pretty much missed the Earth.
Watch for Auroras as far south as Alabama and Georgia etc. I may just get up in the middle of the night (but it is cloudy and suppose to stay raining here) to see if I can see any Auroras tonight. 

FYI - here is a copy of an email I sent out on March 9th 2011 to my list. (which the Japan Fukushima quake happened 2 days later right after the flare hit. Though it was not an absolute direct hit, it was a glancing blow. The worst part of the flare did not hit the Earth. 

we have had 11 M flares and now an X flare in two days, besides multiple C flares.
just something to be aware of.
We will be getting hit hard for days on our magnetic field. They have give out a warning to those in S. Africa to wear extra sunscreen due to radiation.
Thankfully the last X flare though Earth directed in the beginning went to the side of the Earth. The news said power outages could have been expected with a full head on hit.
Also I expect we will see large quakes due to the constant pressure on our magnetic field. Please understand our magnetic field is not what it used to be - 25% weaker.
Awareness is key. Everything is right in this link to watch (yes I have sent all these links previously, but doing it again so you don't have to look it up)
- but a very good magnetic field
The link I put in of the magnetic field to watch it, is no longer available. The real-time index was taken down a few months ago for some reason. That was the only site that was trust worthy in my opinion to watch what was happening with the magnetosphere. Now the only way to view it is through NASA, which I don't trust NASA's information as being full truth. 

Anyway, doing as I always do.... just trying to inform people and give them information. Nothing to be afraid of, just the facts. So.. being aware is the key to knowing what is really going on.

Here is a video put out by Solarham of it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Information of Foreclosure Defense! Simple to understand Non-Valid Trust. Can suits be filed for the LIBOR Fraud of banks and governments? YES!

There can be lots of complex defenses against the FRAUD of banks!   I get confused at times, since I am not a lawyer about how to defend against a FRAUDCLOSURE!

Jesse Scott from Mortgage Auditors had mentioned article 9 to me a few times and posted a short email/article from him about it.  

Today I have found another article about "article 9" from Matt Weidner.  He is a lawyer and has a Law blog and it has a lot about the Fraudclosure happening and defenses of it.

I have to admit the whole  "Article 9" portion can seem confusing to me, considering I am not a lawyer.

But it is a very valid defense and everyone should look at using it.  Besides that defense there is something that is so simple to understand, in my opinion.

That defense is also on Matt Weidner's site.   It is about the "Pooling and Service" agreement, this was written in 2010, but is very very valid today. 

Every single loan/mortgage goes into a "Pooling and Service" agreement and that is ultimately a trust.  Normally that trust consists of hundreds of new mortgages.  That "Trust" is filed with the SEC.

Here is the part that is very important!  That trust is suppose to have "tax filings" (just like we have to file our IRS taxes every year) with SEC.   What you will find is there may be a filing or two regarding that trust, but then the filings stop.  You will find as a whole the "Trust" that has mortgages in it, stopped being an "effective or valid" trust, once the SEC filings stopped.  So.. that means that Trust is no longer valid and that Trust means there can be no Trustee to be able to foreclose on a home.   (I know the trust for my personal home,  stopped filing any thing with the SEC many years ago)

Here is the above linked article:

If you’re being sued by any entity acting as a trustee, i.e. “US BANK as trustee for the HP Series 2006-c Certificate Holders”, you need to be aware of a variety of issues that may be helpful in your case.  I will start another series of video blog posts on the “Capacity Argument”, because this argument works in nearly every case, but it is particularly appropriate in cases where Plaintiff is an exotic, alphabet soup Foreclosure Frankenstein.

Individual mortgages originated by lenders like New Century and Argent were pooled into groups of approximately 8,000 mortgages from around the country to form a Mortgage Trust which held mortgages which had (on paper at least) cumulative values of between 10-12 million dollars.  These mortgages that were grouped together and given a name like “HSI ASSETT SECURITIZATION CORPORATION TRUST 2006-OPT2″. Interests in these mortgage trusts were then sold to teachers unions, investment funds and other institutional sources around the world.  Before selling the interests in these trusts, the institutional investors were required to prepare the contract that would govern the rights between the depositor of the mortgages, trustee of the new trust and the company that would be responsible for collecting payments from homeowners and sending those payments out to those who had invested in the trust.  This contract is called the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.  The important thing about the Pooling and Servicing Agreement is you will find in virtually every case that all of the parties who are involved violate nearly every provision of their own Pooling and Servicing Agreement.  This has important consequences that we will talk more about later, but the Securities and Exchange Commission rules requires these trusts to provide important other reporting information that was widely ignored or worse, falsified by the entities in control of these trusts.  Finding such information can be a key to defending your case.

The Securities and Exchange Commission Edgar Database can be found here. You can also put the name of your Frakenstein, Alphabet Soup Trust into quotes, “The IXIX 2006-A Trust” into a straight google search and see what comes up. Here are Step-By-Step instructions:
Finding Pooling And Servicing Agreements  (PSA’s)
For Securitized Mortgage Loans

The “Pooling and Servicing Agreement” is the legal document that contains the
responsibilities and rights of the servicer, the trustee, and others over a pool of mortgage
loans.  The Pooling and Servicing Agreement can be a stand-alone document or it can be
part of another paper, usually called the “Prospectus.”  If the securitization is public,
these documents must be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and
will be available to the public at 
Locating a Pooling and Servicing
Agreement on the SEC website can be a challenge. The most important information you will
need to find the Pooling and Servicing
Agreement is the name of the original lender and the title of the pool of loans.  We will
work through an example below.  Assume that the lender is Ameriquest Mortgage Co.
We don’t know the name of the pool that the homeowner’s mortgage ended up in, but we
do know that the mortgage was made on June 1, 2002.

Step One:
Go to and click on “Search for Company Filings” under “Filing & Forms
(EDGAR).”    Under “General-Purpose Searches,” click on “Companies & other filers.”
Then, in the “Enter your search information” box, type in “Ameriquest” next to “Company name” and click on the “Find Companies” button.
Step Two:
The page you are now looking at shows a long list of the names of securitized pools of
loans.   We know the mortgage was made on June 1, 2002.  Look for the entry titled
document number is CIK 0001175125.  Click on that number.  We selected this entry
because it said 2002 on it and the loan in question was made in 2002.  There may be
several other pools of mortgage loans that Ameriquest securitized in 2002 but this is the
first one we come to on this list (when reviewed in late February 2007) so we will pull it

Step Three:
Now you see a list of documents filed with the SEC that are related to this pool of loans.
Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a document titled “Prospectus.”  This is the
document that will likely be the one you want, assuming that the mortgage loan you are
concerned about is in this pool.  We can only make an educated guess, unless you know
the name of the securitized pool in advance (which is unlikely). Click on either “htm or text”
next to this document and the Prospectus will appear.  Now,
bookmark this document on your web browser, so you can come back to it easily in the future.

Step Four
Is this likely to be the document you want?  Scroll down to page S-2 and you will see a
Table of Contents.  Included in that is the “Pooling and Servicing Agreement” which
starts on page S-76.  Also, scroll down one more page, past the Table of Contents, and
you will see a “Summary of Prospectus Supplement.”  Certain important information is
listed there, including the cut-off and closing dates for loans that will be included in this
pool.  The closing date is June 7, 2002.  Based on this information, you can assume that
this document governs the responsibilities of the servicer of the mortgage loan in
question, unless that servicer tells you otherwise and can back it up with a reference to a
different agreement or pool.   Other important information listed in this Summary includes
the title of the pool, and the
identity of the servicer and trustee.  The servicing rights may have been sold since this
document was filed and the current servicer may be a different company but the trustee
(the legal holder of the mortgage) should be accurate.

Step Five:
Go the Pooling and Servicing Agreement to find what you need to know.  It should
describe how the servicer is paid and by how much, who keeps late and other fees, what
authority it has to modify the loan or engage in workouts with homeowners, and its
obligations to pass mortgage payments on to the trustee.
Some of the best information I get comes from intrepid consumer researchers out there who care enough to dig into these things.  Perhaps the most powerful thing about this and other online forums is the ability for consumers and advocates to share what they’ve found.  In my estimation, what this pro-se Defendant found is enough to blow the lid off his foreclosure case… on:

I was served Lis Pendens last month, (April 2010), naming the plaintiff  Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, As Trustee for HSI ASSETT SECURITIZATION CORPORATION TRUST 2006-OPT2 MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2006-OPT2

I looked into the records for that entity in the SEC EDGAR online database and discovered that the last annual report was filed in 2007, contemporaneously with a FORM 15 filing.That Form 15 filing claimed a standing under 15d-6 of the 1934 SEC regulations which exempts the entity of filing an annual report, whereby the number of claimed investors had fallen below the SEC registration and reporting threshold of 300 persons. ( To my understanding, the same Form 15 filing is also used when a registered, reporting, entity is dissolved.)
I then began looking at many other securitized trusts in the EDGAR database. Literally dozens and dozens of these securitized trusts have done exactly the same thing. he trust is established and appropriate SEC documents are filed for a period of time, usually 1 or 2 years. The trust then files a Form 15 claiming exemption of the obligation to file reports with the SEC under 15d-6

The paper trail for the Trust with the SEC thereby *ends* Many of these trusts have not filed anything with the SEC for years. Many as far back as 2005 and 2006
Some of the SEC Form 15d-6 filings disclosed as few as 15 or less investors. Bear in mind, these are for trusts that purportedly hold well over $1 BILLION in mortgages, and there are dozens and dozens of these trusts with a mere hand full of investors! I also noted that the “agent of record” of many of these trusts have changed many times, and are very infrequently “named”, but list only an address and phone number, (usually in New York). In several of the cases I’ve looked at in the EDGAR database, I actually called some of the phone number listed at 3:00am EST and got the voicemail of someone at a bank in N.Y. Note that the answering party was NEVER a bank listed as the Trustee, (as Deutsche Bank is in my case), or the trust “administrator” as listed in the PSA or any subsequent SEC filings.
I actually got the voicemail of some fellow at HSBC Bank who was the “anonymous” contact in my case! My point is this;

Has anyone actually verified that the securitized trusts claimed to be under the trusteeship of some of these banks still ACTUALLY EXIST?
We’ve been so focused on the NOTE and the fraudulent paper being slung about for assignment of those notes, and whether or not the “plaintiff” has standing to bring the foreclosure action, has anyone thought to see if the “plaintiff trust” is even still active or not? Were many of these trusts actually dissolved after payouts from credit default swaps and TARP funds and the actual investors now long gone? We have no records to show whether they are alive or dead. Most of these trusts haven’t filed anything with anyone in years as far as I can tell.

Certainly, as in my case, Deutsche Bank, (as Trustee), still exists, but can these plaintiff securitized trusts be made to *prove* they still exist?
What happens to a foreclosure case if the plaintiff entity,(the securitized trust, *not* the Trustee for it), no longer exists or cannot prove it exists?



Now with all the FRAUD happening.

How anyone can defend a bank today, I will never understand.  Considering that various fraud in all areas is coming out constantly that all the banks have committed for years/decades.

The banks have committed fraud and still do with MERS and foreclosures.  They have manipulated the metals/commodity/equity markets for years.  MF Global stole money directly out of people's accounts and then allowed JP Morgan to steal all the gold and silver in storage for customers and not one person is being charged or prosecuted for it.   What this means to me, is there is collusion involving the U.S. government with the fraud as all the agencies are covering it up.    That also means CFTC is in collusion with the banks for covering up the metals manipulation too. 

Now we have the LIBOR manipulation that has come out.  Which is showing how the banks manipulated the interest rate market for their benefit and hurt every one (which is literally everyone) who relies on the credit/banking system in one way or another.

The U.S government has looked the other way with all the fraud and manipulation.  All the elected officials have looked the other way, as they have been paid off to through campaign contributions.   The Federal Reserve is right in the middle of it all.  Considering the U.S. elected officials handed off our monetary policy to a privately owned bank (Federal Reserve) that means they have been allowing the manipulation of all credit at the detriment of the American people.

Now, believe it or not my biggest question here is.................... Can, We the People sue our Government and the Federal Reserve and all of our elected officials, for allowing the manipulation, participating in the manipulation and allowing a private bank to control the complete monetary policy of fraud for the country?  Can we Sue the Credit Card companies, banks and all entities involved in all the fraud they purposely committed against the people.  

When will people fully understand, we have a system that is completely rigged against the "regular" people and only benefits the insiders. government officials, corporations and banks?  Every single transaction is manipulated to steal from the people to benefit the few. 

Some may think it is silly and it is "out there" to want to sue all entities including the SEC, CFTC, elected officials, Fed Reserve (private bank) and all other private banks for all the fraud they have committed against the people.  The government agencies have not done their jobs and they are in reality in collusion with those who are committing the fraud upon the people.   Just look at the Madoff ponzi scheme.  The SEC knew about it but they looked the other way they let it continue.  The CFTC and all other Federal government agencies are looking the other way right now regarding the MF Global and JP Morgan stealing people's money directly out of their accounts.

Do you see that "We the People" do not have representation nor protection in any way shape or form from the corporations and banks that continually perpetrate FRAUD upon us?

It is time to demand the government does their job and we need to take action to stop the Fraud in every way.

Why not Sue the Federal Reserve?

Here is a great article about all the conflict of interest involving the Federal Reserve including the insider trading of LIBOR with the Federal Reserve and U.S. government being complacent.  

I know I have had credit cards from Citibank, a line of credit based on an investment property I owned in 2005 from Suntrust bank, which was based on the manipulated LIBOR rate.  Which both jumped up in interest at times because of the fraudulent LIBOR rates.

So.......  through action from RICO suits and others, we the people need to stop sitting on our butts and start taking non-violent but intellectual action and sue everyone involved.  It is only through mass action we can get the rigged system changed from our money being stolen in every which way (including pensions and IRA accounts).    We need to make our government accountable for them allowing all the fraud and looking the other way. 

Will lawyers be willing to take suits on against all involved?

Can you sue the U.S. Government?  
(much more is at link, a portion below:)

In general, the FTCA is intended to provide monetary compensation for injury, property loss, or death "caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of any employee of the Government." But this broad-sounding mandate is subject to a lot of fine print.
Although the limitations and exceptions are too numerous to review in this article, here are some general guidelines regarding the limitations on FTCA claims:
  • Only federal employees can be sued under the FTCA, not independent contractors hired by the federal government (unless they are treated like employees).
  • The negligent or wrongful conduct must have been done within the scope of the defendant's employment.
  • In general, only claims of negligence -- as opposed to intentional misconduct -- are allowed (though some claims for intentional misconduct can be brought against certain federal law enforcement officers).
  • The claim must be based on -- and permitted by -- the law of the state in which the misconduct occurred.
Despite these and numerous other limitations on FTCA lawsuits, the federal government still pays out millions of dollars each year to compensate FTCA claims. So if you think you may have a valid claim, it may be worth pursuing.
If you determine that you do have a valid FTCA claim, the next hurdle is to follow the prescribed steps for such claims, which include some strict time limits.

Matt Taibbi is interviewed by Eliot Spitzer on Viewpoint about LIBOR and why it is so important and how it is the center of the financial universe.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Deutsche Postbank AG ATMS not working in Germany? Banks in Europe shutting down due to glitches or are they Bank Holidays?

I got word from a financial expert that the Deutsche Post Bank ATMs in Germany are not working this weekend.

I have not been able to confirm this from another source as of yet.

Considering that RBS is saying their glitches won't be fixed until July 31st and now  Russia's largest bank Sberbank is stopping all credit and debit card transactions.  Then there is BNI who are saying they will not reopen until July 31st.  Something big is happening with the banks shutting down.

Is there anyone in Germany who can confirm that the Deutsche Post banks ATMs are not working?

If there are bank holidays happening in Europe, don't think it won't spread to the U.S. banks.  They are all in it together and the glitches no doubt will become contagious in the U.S. too. 

It may be a good idea to have some cash on hand out of your bank, in case "glitches" spread to the U.S.

I just got another email, I am inserting a part of it without the name.  But I will tell you, this is from a financial expert that has contacts around the world.   There is a little more about what is happening.

To all; this past week was a huge inflection point for the global banking system. As you know, Barclays is going through the ringer over manipulating the LIBOR rate (London Inter Bank Offer Rate) and have implicated the Bank of England in the process. Now it seems that both JP Morgan and Citibank are being investigated also. One must now wonder how long it will be before someone being "squeezed" will point a finger at the New York Fed or The Fed itself. It is more than obvious that this runs all the way to the Fed as EVERYTHING else is manipulated, why would (possibly) THE most important interest rate on the planet be left to market forces and NOT be manipulated? Very easy question with the simplest of answers. This news on it's own is bad enough but not the biggest news.

The "inflection point" that I mentioned above was not the spread of the LIBOR investigations. No, this inflection point is the spread of "glitches". Back in early June, BNI, a bank in Italy "closed", supposedly until July 3rd. It has not reopened and now is saying that July 31 they will reopen. Let's call that "glitch #1". Then, a couple of weeks back, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)- NatWest and Ulster Bank were hit by a "computer glitch" that still today affects a supposed 100,000 clients (maybe they forgot a zero or two?) and all of Ulster's clients are affected. "2nd glitch". So, "cash" is tight in Scotland and Northern Ireland because of a "glitch". Then, yesterday, Sperbank, the largest bank in Russia (more than double its next competitors size) got "glitched" and are not processing any debit or credit card transactions. (3 glitchy stikes?) This morning I woke up to hear that Deutsche Postank AG has all of its ATM's down (which was how BNI started). This "glitch" really perked my ears as now there are too many, "glitches" to be a coincidence.

This, while JP Morgan and "the squid" Goldman Sachs have closed their European money market funds to new investments as Europe cut rates effectively to zero. They will only accept liquidation orders now, does this sound like a "functioning" credit market to you? Are there any more questions as to whether or not a NIRP (negative interest rate policy) can kick start an economy? Actually, the only questions that should be asked are the type that query how long it will take for a NIRP to create a massive bank run on it's own. Forget about the "glitches" making the herd a little nervous and squirrely, no, just ask yourself how long you would leave cash in a bank if they, charged you each year for the use of your money? Then, add in the "glitch factor" and wondering whether or not your "shrinking" (because of NIRP) bank account will be one of the next "unlucky" ones.

So...we have the herd being spooked from 2 different directions which are both the result insolvent global banking system. The symptoms can now be seen from the four corners of Europe (literally) and I cannot imagine more than a week, maybe 2 before people start connecting the dots and RUN! Add in the fact that fraud in the form of total manipulation of everything is in the process of being made public and you have a recipe for outright PANIC! I have maintained all along that this is where we were headed, an "un"scheduled bank holiday. It is now in the process of happening before your very own eyes.

I will leave you with these thoughts, Gold is money, Silver is poor man's money, fiat cash is trash and "he who panics first, panics best".

To put it bluntly, the shit house is coming down. It is coming down RIGHT NOW and HAPPENING right now. This is not a "prospective event" that I "think" is going to happen. Mathematically it HAD to happen sooner or later, it is now "later" as the system has been held together for years with bubble gum and baling wire. Watch now as the "glitches" become contagious and the herd starts to stampede. The "rigs" will all be lost and as my Dad used to tell me, "water will seek its own level and the cream will rise to the top". Everything will be revalued, new currencies will be brought forth and the "cream" will rise to natural and approved levels by Mother Nature. Today's era of current financial, political and social perversions will live in infamy and become more famous than all combined that came before it. Regards

 With the Libor fraud that all the banks have been a part of, by screwing every single person/city/pension funds and governments, they will all hopefully start being arrested at the top.

Update 4:43 PM est - Thanks to Freeman's comment below - he left a link to a site that says the ATMS are now working again at Deutsche Postman Banks.  
The linked in article already goes to the translated information.

Update 7/8/12 4 PM est - Someone sent me this, via my contact form about the ATM's being down:

Article translated:

BankenStörung bei Postbank-Geldautomaten dauert an

Bonn (dpa) - Ein Leitungsproblem der Deutschen Telekom hat die Geldautomaten der Postbank bundesweit lahmgelegt. Bonn (dpa) - A Deutsche Telekom line problem has crippled the postal bank ATMs nationwide. Das Problem sei am frühen Morgen aufgetreten und dauere an, sagte ein Postbanksprecher am Abend in Bonn. The problem has occurred in the early morning and would last for a Postbank spokesman said tonight in Bonn. Techniker seien bemüht, die Störung zu beheben. Technicians were trying to fix the problem. Es bestehe Hoffnung, dass die Geräte im Laufe des Samstags wieder in Betrieb genommen werden könnten. There was hope that the devices could be in the course of Saturday returned to service. Kunden könnten aber die Automaten in den Finanzzentren, den Postfilialen, der Cash Group sowie an den Shell-Tankstellen nutzen. Customers could, however, the machines in the financial centers, post offices, the use of cash to the Group and Shell gas stations.