Thursday, March 29, 2012

BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) signed Local Currency agreement at Summit. They will not trade in U.S. dollars anymore. Agreements around the world between Countries to Drop U.S. dollar for trade (including Australia)

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) signed an agreement to not trade in U.S. dollars anymore, but in their own currencies.  They are even working on creating their own bank for trading between each other and to handle the currencies, besides lines of credit in the currencies. BRICS nations account for half of the world's population.

New Delhi: In an initiative to promote trade in local currencies, the BRICS nations today signed two agreements to provide line of credit to the business community and decided to examine the possibility of setting up a development bank on lines of multilateral lending agencies. The agreements were signed by officials of five countries -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- at the fourth BRICS

"The agreements signed today by development banks of BRICS countries will boost trade by offering credit in our local currency," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a media statement after the meeting. The Master Agreement on Extending Credit Facility in Local Currency and the Multilateral Letter of Credit Confirmation Facility Agreement are being perceived as a step towards replacing the dollar as the main unit of trade between them.
As regards the initiative to set up a BRICS Development Bank on the lines of multilateral lending agency, Singh said the proposal would be examined by the finance ministers.
 "A suggestion has been made to set up a BRICS development bank, we have directed our FM to examine the proposal and report back by next summit," Singh said.
 The initiative to set up a BRICS Development Bank on the lines of the World Bank would allow the member countries to pool resources for infrastructure development and could also be used to lend during the difficult global environment.
Intra-BRICS trade is about USD 230 billion and has the potential of more than doubling to USD 500 billion by 2015....

The countries are the largest developing countries in the world.  The dropping of the U.S. dollar will affect us especially since the U.S. is printing dollars non-stop.

Considering that Saudi Arabia and China have entered into an agreement to build a mega oil refinery worth 8.5 Billion last week, who knows how long the dollar will remain the "Petro dollar".  Iran stopped trading oil for dollars on March 20th.  

India is paying Iran for oil in Gold now.

Media reports suggests that India has agreed to pay the price of crude oil it imports from Iran in gold, which makes it the first country to drop the US dollar for purchasing the Iranian oil.

India, which is highly dependent on imports to meet its crude oil consumption needs, is Iran’s second-largest oil customer after China and purchases around $12 billion worth of Iranian crude every year, about 12 percent of its consumption.

Iran is one of the world’s leading producers of both natural gas and oil; it is OPEC’s second-largest oil producer and exporter after Saudi Arabia and, in 2010, was the world’s third-largest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia and Russia.
 It has been reported, Iran stopped trading oil in Dollars on March 20th 2012. 

Last week, the Tehran Times noted that the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20.

 Do not forget even Australia (a stanch U.S. ally) has made an agreement with China on March 23 2012, to trade in the Chinese Yuan and not the U.S. dollars for $30 billion over 3 years time. 

Mar. 23 – The central banks of China and Australia signed a currency swap agreement yesterday that will allow RMB200 billion (A$30 billion) worth of local currencies to be exchanged between the two countries over three years.

The purpose of the agreement, according the People’s Bank of China, is to help strengthen financial cooperation between the two sides, boost bilateral trade and investment, and promote regional financial stability.

The agreement reflects the increasing opportunities available to settle trade between the two countries in Chinese renminbi and to make RMB-denominated investments,” the Reserve Bank of Australia said in a press release.

If Americans think they are immune to hyperinflation due to the dollar being the reserve currency of the world, then they have not been paying attention.  The facts are the dollar is being dropped all around the world as the trading currency and countries are trading in local currencies or the Chinese Yuan/renminbi.

Americans have been sheltered from inflation unlike the rest of the world, due to the dollar being the reserve currency.  Americans think the U.S. will remain strong and protected from all the printing the Federal Reserve has been doing and since most only listen to MSM.  Those who have not been paying attention and  only listen to the government and the controlled talking heads on T.V. will not have insulated themselves and protected their dollar value at this time.

The Federal Reserve has gotten away with printing Trillions in new dollars and making secret loans to banks for the last few years, without the U.S. citizens hurting too badly through inflation due to it.  There has been inflation but not the amount that it would have been if the dollar was not the reserve currency of the world during that time.

The propping up of the stock market and the manipulation of metals through throwing newly printed money and what ever it has taken by the Federal Reserve will be uncovered at some point when inflation hits the U.S. that is uncontrolled.  As countries around the world stop using the dollar and the Federal Reserve can't hide all the printing and funneled money to falsely prop up markets and give money to Wall Street to manipulate metals, situations can/will get ugly in the U.S.

When people can't afford a gallon of gas or milk due to the prices, that is when many may wake up from their slumber and not be happy and do desperate things to get what they need.    When that happens the blame will be entirely on the Federal Reserve and the Federal U.S. government for allowing the debasement of the U.S. dollar and non-stop printing.  How long will this take?  I guess it all depends on how fast countries around the world drop the dollar and enact their trade agreements between their own currencies and the Chinese Yuan.

What will preserve the dollar value as it is right now?  Those reading this are among the awake and aware, I really don't have to say what will preserve it, now do I?   If you don't know, just look at what I have posted most about recently............... then take a guess.


David Morgan of Silver-Investor mentioned the "BUY AN OUNCE GIVE AN OUNCE" movement and this blog on Max Keiser this month.   

I would like to say, I am living by the "Buy and Ounce Give an Ounce".  I purchased a couple of ounces to give to my mother for Mother's day and gave them to her early, while I was with her in Florida this last week.

Now, have you been paying attention?  Have you protected yourself?  Are you trying to help protect others, when they have not paid attention to the real news and information?  The best thing we can do is protect ourselves and those we love, besides trying to help others understand what is really going on.  Do not think the U.S. is going to come out of this in great shape, even though the government and the financial MSM heads are saying that.  They are even calling Bernanke a hero this week for the U.S. avoiding a depression these last few years.  But they are not mentioning the fact the Federal Reserve has printed Trillions as the other countries are dropping the dollar.  In other words, they aren't saying the worst is still ahead of us, when inflation hits that is uncontrolled.

I ask for everyone to please protect themselves.  Look at switching your 401K/IRA and any equities you have into real physical metal accounts, like Sprott's physical accounts or a Silver Saver account (link on side bar), besides others.  But stay away from paper silver and gold like the GLD, SLV or "pool" accounts that large metal companies are offering.  Get physical in all ways.  Ask questions of any traded metals account firm.  Ask if every dollar has a physical ounce towards it?  Ask if you ever want the money converted into physical to be sent to you, if that can be done immediately, without months of waiting?  Ask questions, make sure you are protected in every way,  GET PHYSICAL - THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL - ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?


Michael Rivero discusses the BRIC nations stopping trading in U.S dollars.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fabulous Video made by David Morgan - Silver and our Freedoms being lost. "Silver the Achilles heel to the Entire Economic System"

David Morgan just released an Amazing Video not just about Silver but about how important our Freedoms are and how they are being lost. 

"Silver is the Achilles Heel to the Entire Economic System"

He is trying to wake many up in this video and I believe this is the best video I have ever seen from him.

This video is about Silver and what is going on, but it is also about people needing to wake up due to our freedoms being lost and how people need to really start understanding what is going on.  It is not just about people needing to get "physical" in silver but also they need to get involved and educate themselves in our Freedoms being lost.  This is a great video to send to those still asleep, this is a great "Wake Up" video! 

The Matrix video David Morgan did a couple of years ago. 

***I would like to say, I have been out of touch for over a week due to a personal situation. I have not had access to the internet for days. I have some access now but can not write much at this time.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

David Morgan on Max Keiser - Silver takedown - it took 500 Million Ounces to take it down $2.50. Also Max and David discuss "Buy and Ounce Give an Ounce"

David Morgan was on Max Keiser discussing "Buy an Ounce Give an Ounce" and the take down of Silver, which took 500 Million ounces of paper Silver to take the price down $2.50.  That shows we are winning the Silver battle and it is taking more and more manipulation to take down silver just a few dollars. 

Excellent interview and I will disclose David and Max mention my blog and the "Buy an Ounce Give an Ounce" campaign! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FEMA has refused financial and any aid to the town of Harrisburg Illinois, for low interest loans. They were wiped out completely by a tornado.

FEMA is refusing to help U.S. citizens with low interest loans after they were completely wiped out by tornadoes. One town Harrisburg, Illinois was leveled by a tornado, there is nothing left there. Yet FEMA is refusing financial assistance due to "the damage not being bad enough throughout the state."

Here is one article about FEMA refusing to help the town of Harrisburg, Illinois from MSNBC,
besides the news report video below about it.   

 Harrisburg, Illinois. March 2012

Now - I would like to link this FEMA document of what they did for the town of Joplin Missouri last year, which was wiped out by a tornado. How come they will help one town, but not another wiped out?

Portion from FEMA document:

FEMA identified 586 households as eligible for and needing temporary housing. Currently 564 households occupy temporary housing units. A total of 598 mobile home pads are available for placement of THUs in commercial mobile home parks and three group sites.

The U.S. Small Business Administration approved $37.8 million in low-interest federal disaster loans to help pay for disaster losses, $26,211,000 for homeowners and renters and $11,674,400 for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The state of Missouri received a $1.5 million Crisis Counseling Grant; $1.4 million was awarded to Ozark Access Crisis Intervention (ACI) hotline for Jasper and Newton counties.

So lets see here, the government can give banks trillions and spend trillions on wars and send billions to other countries (Israel, Pakistan, etc) for aid, yet they can not help their own citizens? Enough is enough. They won't even provide low interest loans to the citizens due to a disaster, but they will give banks and other countries money for free?

What is wrong here? What has happened to the morals of those who run this country? Where is the most basic empathy for people who have had their lives ripped apart? I just don't believe such immorality can keep going for much longer.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Silver is the most Important Metal in the World, Less above ground than Gold - The uses of it.

There are many that try and get the information out about Silver being rarer than gold.  The reason is there is less above ground silver in the world than there is gold.  That is why they manipulate it so much too.  But at some point the reality of a silver shortage will hit.

This article from Future Money Trends has great information of what all silver is used for and what it can do for you.  It purifies water and is used in all electronics besides much more.   There is also a metaphysical thing silver does for you.  You should wear pure silver if you are going to speak in front of people.  It gives the confidence and allows you an eloquent entry and exit.  Silver does have a vibration to it.

But for the more practical uses - here are just a few uses:

Silver Antibacterial Bandages
Silver has germicidal effects that kill many lower organisms. The colloidal or ionic silver is a silver solution that is an antibacterial product now sold on special band aids. For years, burn wards have soaked bandages in low concentrations of silver solution in order to prevent infection. Silver has been used to preserve and help save the skin of burn victims. Silver also promotes the production of cells, helping to heal wounds faster.

Washing Machines
Not what you are thinking, so please don’t start taking apart your old washing machine looking for silver. The silver we are talking about is in the new Samsung washing machines that inject silver ions into the rinse cycle in order to kill 99.9% of bacteria that causes odors. By using about 1 ounce of silver, these Samsung washing machines can sanitize over 3,000 loads, this means no hot water or bleach necessary, just a dash of silver.

Food Processing
Silver based food packaging liners that preserve food quality made by Agion. Using an active ingredient of silver zeolite, which is a delivery system that dispenses silver metal ions in a controlled release over time, the silver is able to disrupt microbe growth by interrupting ribonucleic acid that is needed for an organism to reproduce.

Water Storage
According to David Eaton, secretary of The Institute of Water Ionization Technologies in the UK, silver based water purification systems offer the most reliable and cost effective alternative to chlorine. In fact, both Russian scientists and NASA concluded that the best method for long term water purification was using silver as the purifying agent. Silver kills bacteria in the water and is able to help maintain the purity over a long period of time.

Have you ever wanted to store water? Put a few drips of colloidal silver and kill over 650 known bacteria that can grow in your stored water. On cruise ships and airplanes, they often make sure there is some silver in their water tanks for this very reason.

Silver was even used in the 1980’s in the United Kingdom to help stop the spread of Legionnaire’s disease, a disease named after Legionella pneumophilia, an aquatic organism.

Oxygen Machines
Since silver will not ignite, if you want to avoid a spark turning into an explosion, then you need to use silver. When it comes to hospitals handling pure oxygen at high pressure in liquid form, in order to avoid it becoming dangerous, the equipment used to transport the oxygen is made at least in part with silver.

In 2008, Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co Ltd announced that it had developed a new catalyst for diesel engine cars. This new auto-catalyst replaces the use of platinum with silver, platinum as we write this is about 48 times more expensive than silver, so you can see that this will be a lasting change and new use for silver. At the time of the announcement, a spokesperson for Mitsui stated that “silver will totally replace platinum in this new auto-catalyst that we’ve developed.”

Cell Phones
There is about 80 cents worth of silver in the average cell phone. In fact, the metal contents in cell phones is very precious, having all 4 precious metals in them, platinum, palladium, gold, and silver.

Solar Panels
Approximately 1 ounce of silver is in each solar panel you see on residential roofs. Without a doubt one of the fastest growing industrial uses for silver is photovoltaic cells in solar panels, in 1999 the amount of silver used in this industry was so small there isn’t even an official reporting of the number. However, 10 years later that number hit 18 million ounces, and last year for 2011, 70 million ounces were used. David Morgan, editor of The Morgan Report who runs the website feels that solar demand could reach 130 million ounces per year around 2014. In fact, Jessica Cross, CEO of the VM Group believes that “solar panels will probably be one of the leading industrial uses” for silver. Silver is crucial in photovoltaic technology, silver helps collect electrons for the electrical current and transports them out of the module for power use.

Architecture Glass
Silver is used in the windows of skyscrapers in order to reflect away over 90% of the heat from sunlight. Silver, more than any other metal is the best reflector of light which is one of the reasons it is used in mirrors.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) Chips
This industry will one day replace bar codes, already being used at the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart. RFID tags have a very thin silver foil that is used as a high-performance receiver. This technology is basically a tag with a mini-antenna that saves data and is able to emit a radio wave in order to send information to a central processor. Basically, retailers and manufactures who want to know more about their products and have a more efficient flow of goods after leaving their possession, can now have these RFID tags placed on their products. For example, U.S. department of State uses RFID chips in all new American passports. Now the passports can be scanned by the authorities, who will see your personal information that should match the same information on paper.
RFID chips have been controversial for civil rights groups, however, ignoring that side of the RFID chip and just focusing on the silver content, you can see that these are becoming very popular and will add to the growing silver demand. We should note that the amount of silver in RFID chips is so small that once used to make one, the silver is literally gone, it will not be recycled or used for any other purpose.

Medical Uses
Silver compounds have a toxic effect on some bacteria, algae, fungi, and even some viruses. The use for silver goes back to the very beginning, the father of medicine, Hippocrates wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti disease properties. Silver was also used to prevent infection during war time before antibiotics were used.

Silver oxide-zinc is used in batteries for digital cameras, watches, and phones. Recently it was announced that all Apple products will be using silver oxide-zinc batteries.
The use of silver in electronics is widespread and is used in almost all electronics you have in your home, from your television to your computer. Circuit breakers, switches, and fuses all use electrical components using silver. The odds are if something has a ‘power on’ button, then it has some silver in it.

Silver Bearings
Silver bearings in engines have become essential components in Jet engines. Steel ball bearings that are electroplated with silver become the strongest type of bearing in the industry. As noted before, silver is able to withstand high temperatures which makes it perfect for the bearings in jet engines. According to the silver institute, even in the event of an oil pump failure, silver-plated bearings provide enough lubrication to allow a safe engine shutdown.

Throughout your vehicle you have electronics, from opening your windows to adjusting your seats. Your engine has silver and even your antifreeze has ethylene oxide, a compound made from silver.

The Uses For Silver List
The list for silver uses can go on and on and on. Silver is also used in lasers, satellites, robotics, high-tech weaponry, TV’s, refrigerators, wall switches, photography, glasses, brazing, soldering, cloud seeding, wood preservation, musical instruments, automotive industry, explosives, dental filings, methanol production, nuclear reactors, Xray machines, polyester, deodorant, disinfectants, catheters, and thousands of other applications.

One of the largest uses for silver is in industries like the production of plastics, where silver is used as a catalyst. Approximately 150 million ounces of silver was used last year in order to produce ethylene oxide and formaldehyde, both used to make plastics. Formaldehyde is the chemical that is the building block for plastic, so in order to produce plastic, you need silver.
So once again, the products of silver are all around you, even if they don’t have silver in them, that plastic cup you are drinking out of and the remote control in your hand, both needed silver in order to be created.

Silver Is All Around You
Where ever you are right now, take a look around you and think about how much silver products are in front of you. For me, I’m writing on an Apple Computer, my cell phone is on my desk, and a blue plastic cup is right next to my hand that has a silver wedding band on my ring finger. When I look around the room, I notice that I have a light switch, electrical outlets, and a television. In my desk, I have plastic pens, ink, and a small flashlight. Looking out my office window, I can see my car, in it a rear view mirror, side mirrors, rear window defroster, and of course under the hood is even more silver. All these products have silver in them, or needed silver in order to be created.

Now here is the fun part for silver investors, look at a map of the earth at night. Notice the intense light that comes from the U.S., Europe, and Japan. We want you to picture what the amount of silver it takes to produce this amount of light, think about all the other electronics these first world regions have surrounding those lights. As we just described, think about all the silver in bedrooms, vehicles, and on each person. Now look at China and India, with combined populations of 2.5 billion people. This doesn’t include the South American or other Asian countries, just these two specific countries. They are going to need skyscrapers, houses, condos, apartments, vehicles, cell phones, water sanitation facilities, and hundreds of thousands of electronics... including plenty of iPhones and iPads. Bullish for Apple, yes, bullish for silver, even more.

Silver has so many uses and so many customers, it is very easy to see that if the buyers of silver ever thought there was going to be a shortage, the price could have a historic run. We are not talking about individuals, we are talking about the Apples of the world, who in the future may come into the silver market in order to protect their own businesses from delays caused by a silver shortage.

20th Century
Most of these new uses for silver are from the 20th century. Prior to this, silver had a very limited role for industrial uses, silver was mainly used for money, jewelery, and in the 19th century photography. Of the 46 billion ounces of silver ever mined in history, only about 1 billion remains above ground. A very large amount of the above ground available supply of silver was consumed in the past 60 years. believes what we saw in the 20th century is nothing compared to what we will see in the 21st century, with electronics and 7 billion people all desiring to live the lifestyle of the west, the above ground available supply should get completely consumed over the next 10 years.

Silver Vs. Other Metals
As you can see, the arguments made for silver can’t be made for any other metal. That is why when people suggest to us to diversify into physical platinum or palladium, we always suggest back to them to buy more physical silver. If you want to own a precious or industrial metal, silver is King. If you think the economy is going to collapse and we will all be living in a mad max world, then you definitely want to own some silver to barter with, silver after all is the most used monetary metal in world history. If you think the economy is going to boom and the 1990’s is just around the corner, then you want to own silver. Industrial demand will soar as the rest of the world becomes industrialized. The Chinese want cars, cell phones, and other electronics just like the west, which means the largest population in the world needs a lot more silver. The entire world will need a lot more silver, so the question is, can new mining keep up with demand?

Edit to add 3/12/12 11 PM - The Silver Institute has all kinds of information including the Supply and Demand of Silver which you will see, all supply is used up. These numbers are from 2010 and there has been a bigger demand since then, especially in the investment area.

Magnetosphere White Hot right now. 3/12/12 7 AM est - The M6 CME is impacting the Earth right now.

I went outside to see if there were Auroras here in Tennessee due to how, White hot the magnetosphere is showing it is at the moment.  There are clouds so I can not see if there are Auroras happening this far south.

Look outside right now, if you can and see Auroras where you are.

Site to see the magnetosphere. 

Here is the Alert on the NOAA spaceweather site:

Space Weather Message Code: WARK06
Serial Number: 191
Issue Time: 2012 Mar 12 1020 UTC

WARNING: Geomagnetic K-Index of 6 expected
Valid From: 2012 Mar 12 1020 UTC
Valid To: 2012 Mar 12 1800 UTC
Warning Condition: Onset
NOAA Scale: G2 - Moderate
Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 55 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.
Induced Currents - Power grid fluctuations can occur. High-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms.
Spacecraft - Satellite orientation irregularities may occur; increased drag on low Earth-orbit satellites is possible.
Radio - HF (high frequency) radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes.
Aurora - Aurora may be seen as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washinton state.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

For Japan

At the one year anniversary of the Japanese Quake and Tsunami..... How do you express the deep condolences to them?

This is not a day of anger of what is still happening. There is so much that could be said about it.  But expressing my sadness I feel for the Japanese people is just not fully possible.

 I simply want to Express my Love and Honor to them and what they have been through and the thousands of people and country lost a year ago through beautiful songs. We are with you in remembering 3/11/11.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lost in the Equations. Events/Situations that are coming at us from all aspects of Life. Helping Each Other.

There is so much happening in this world, it is hard to keep up and even be able to focus on one thing only.

We all are having to deal with our own personal life situations, never mind the world situations.

If there is one thing I have been exploring and trying to figure out, it is why so many people in this world simply do not want to wake up and look at the truth of what is going on.  They want to keep their distraction news going and worry more about what movie stars are doing or some court room drama somewhere that has nothing to do with the world on a whole.

I have been frustrated many times over with my family and friends who come right out and say "I don't want a single email from you about anything."  I have a friend that stays with me when he is here on business.  I have tried to wake him up many times and since he is right here under my roof, he doesn't have a choice but to hear truth.  The other night, he mentioned something about the news and some dumb news headline.  I said "That is not real news, it is B.S. distraction stuff."  He said "I know and that is why I like it, I don't want real news, I like the distraction stuff.  I am not strong enough to handle what the world situation really is."

His comment made me think about it all.  All those people, many of us try and wake up.  They just aren't strong enough to deal with it mentally or emotionally.  Why is it, many of us are while most are not strong enough?  What is it about those of us who are willing to look at truth and can still mentally carry on and live life?  Where as others would break down emotionally and mentally?

Where does that strength come from?  What makes us different?  The way we grew up?  The way we had to handle different situations when we were young?  What is that common thread?

Yet, sometimes I do personally want to walk away from all that is going on.  It becomes so overwhelming.  In fact sometimes there is so much happening in different aspects of life in the world, I can't even begin to focus on one thing to write about here.

Right now, we have the Iranian situation of Israel wanting to blast them off the map.  The Syrian situation where the UN is wanting to start sanctions against them, but China and Russia stood up to the UN and U.S. and said NO.  The Fukushima situation which is getting worse every day and what I have read today is very disturbing.  I saved the information to write about it later.  The Euro Zone situation and them kicking the ball down the road to make it last longer.  The U.S. government corruption situation where they are doing everything as fast as they can to lock up the citizens of the U.S. and they have taken our freedoms away.  The Foreclosure Fraud situation and the U.S. government sanctioning the fraud.   The MF Global situation where it shows banks or those in power can literally steal billions from the regular folks and never be arrested or charged and the CEO even being called "Honorable" in the Congressional hearings after he stole the money.  The corruption of the Judicial system and Judges to cover up the stealing of the money and even put banks ahead of the people in getting their money.  The list keeps going on and on.  The Sh** is flying every which way world wide and as soon as we look at one spot we have to turn and look at another.   Also do we look at the crisis of humanity?  The people of Japan being killed slowly and steadily and the Haitian people who have not gotten the help they have needed and they are still living in horrid conditions almost two years since their quake?  The homelessness here in the U.S. from all the foreclosure fraud do we dare look at that with our eyes wide open?

All the above is besides our lives and everything that is flying at us personally.  Many of us think, what is the world going to be like for our children and grandchildren?

The other problem is when many of us try and do something and make a difference.  It seems our voices are not heard and those in power want us to feel helpless and without power.  I believe that is part of the point of them going directly against what the majority of the people stand up for and part of the psychology of making people feel like they can't accomplish anything.  

What is the point of writing about all of this?

I am expressing when all of this just becomes so hard to deal with because there is so much happening, I take a couple of steps back and ask myself... What is real and what is not real?

What I know is real is LOVE, yet Love can seem so elusive.  When we see people judging others, when we hear how we are suppose to hate people of one religion or another, when we hear how the left or right has this stand or that stand.  We have been set up by those who try and control to constantly judge or hate another group of people, because they don't think the way we do or they live differently than we do.

Honestly I am judged all the time by others.  I don't play the same games and I am not willing to go along with the crowd and I show it.  Also being completely honest, most people don't like me, here where I live, especially because they don't understand me.  I am not a "soccer mom", when I participate in my child's school events I am the one sitting alone because I just can't connect with others in discussing what the latest some movie star did or what some sports team did.   I am being completely up front, I am a loner/outsider.

In saying that, I have found most of who I have talked to via the internet and phone, which are awake and aware in most respects, are loners also.  Is that a common thread?  Are many of us who are willing to look at truth in the eyes, are the ones who are sitting by themselves for their kids events?

This is turning into one of those "personal" posts that I rarely do.  But sometimes I feel the need to bare my soul.  Is it because others need to read this themselves right now and will it some how help them?  I don't know, but I am letting my fingers type as they are, one word after another without a preconceived notion of what the next word will be.

With everything going on and not connecting with people around me, life can seem overwhelming.  I also find I just can't post about one thing or another because there is too much to write about.

What do I do in these times?  I try to stop and go within and bring up what is really real in this life.  To me this life is about growing and becoming Love.  It is about trying to be the most un-judgmental as possible and to deal with those things that seem surmountable in problems without totally freaking out and trying to stay calm.  I understand where people want to escape in drugs and alcohol, that way you don't have to feel what is happening too deeply.  I don't do that.  I had in the past, many many years ago, but as bad as things are now I don't feel the need to do that now.

What is the best way to help others?  What can each of us do?  If we can't help them with knowledge and information about truth because they don't want to see it or deal with it, how do we help them?

My solutions to it all, actually goes to the most basic and simplistic feelings, thoughts and energy.  It goes to Love.  I have a number of things I utilize to try and keep me at peace and centered when I feel like jumping out of my skin from all that is happening.  I am going to share some links that I hope helps others to center back in Peace and Love and Harmony.   I also would like to share a book that I have read many times over and have given as gifts to others.  This book is about living in spiritual principles and prospering in all ways through those principles.  It is titled "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder.

The link below has many of the affirmations from the book.  I have printed them out and look at them everyday.  There are about 100 of them in the link.  Being able to read them morning, noon and night helps me tremendously, as the right one is the first one I will read on a page.  Below is only a couple of them. 

Here are some of the affirmations in the book, so it gives you an idea about it.  

“I am now experiencing perfect health, abundant prosperity
and complete and utter happiness. This is true because the
world is full of charming people who now lovingly help me in
every way. I am now coming into an innumerable company of
angels. I am now living a delightful, interesting and satisfying
life of the most widely useful kind. Because of of my own
increased health, wealth and happiness. I am now able to
help others live a delightful, interesting and satisfying life of
the most widely useful kind, my good -- our good -- is

“I am now activated by Divine Love and guided by divine power
into my right work, which I perform in a perfect way for perfect
pay. The divine plan of my life now takes shape in definite
concrete experiences, leading to perfect health, happiness,
success and prosperity.”

“Divine intelligence is in charge of my life. I am now open,
receptive, and obedient to its rich instruction and guidance.”
This next one is one I use to say all the time and it really did make the difference.  It is something I am saying over and over again right now, due to my own personal situations that I have to deal with at this time.

“This situation does not dismay me. God is with me to uphold
and sustain me, and to make all things right. I trust
everything in my life to the tender care of the Father. I know
his will for me is health, happiness, prosperity, spiritual
unfoldment and all that is good.”
“Nothing but good can come into my life, for God is in charge.”

There are many more affirmations from the book at the link provided above.  But you can see all of the book and information is based on spiritual principles and on God!

I believe we are the creators of our lives and we can either let others jerk us around and feel the way they want us to feel or we can take our power back and center ourselves in what is ultimately the only real thing  and the only real reason we are here right now.  That is in my opinion is to GROW in Love for ourselves and for All Others.

Something I do that works and says right up front it works on your subconscious is Quantum K - It works to heal you in all ways.  I personally Love it - as every time I watch it, I feel clearer afterwards.   

I also love this site - IN5D - There are many great spiritual articles on it.

Being at Peace, yet willing to look at truth of what is happening on Earth is a contradiction, but it is a contradiction we should all strive to Live as every moment, knowing we are trying to do our best at this time as we try to help ourselves and others.

Through our own peace and knowing truth, we can hopefully help others still being at peace, yet willing to see truth also.

I sincerely hope that this helps some who read it, in one small way or another.

Friday, March 9, 2012

HCON 107 Introduced to the Committee on the Judiciary of Congress - Bill to Impeach Obama, due to Military Force without Congress Approval

Well looks like things are really getting interesting.  First Greece defaulted today 3/9/12 and the derivatives are going to kick in, to who knows how many trillions of bets Wall Street has made on it.  Which by the way might kick in those "bank holidays" that could come up soon.  So as a little hint, you may just want to get lots of your money out of the banks in the next couple of days, just in case.

But what this post is really about is that Rep. Jones out of North Carolina has introduced HCON 107 into the house and it is going to the Committee on the Judiciary for the Impeachment of Obama.

This is for him authorizing military force without the consent of Congress.  Since Congress is the only one that can declare a war.

Well here is yet another popcorn event... gosh I sure am going to be needing a lot in the next couple of months with all that is going on.

Oh, I guess Obama won't like this distraction during an election year and of course his spin machines will claim it is being done just because it is an election year too.  

Here is the full Bill:

H.CON.RES.107 -- Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high... (Introduced in House - IH)


2d Session
H. CON. RES. 107
Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.


March 7, 2012

Mr. JONES submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.
Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.

Court Says MF Global Executives Still GET Bonuses for 2011! WTF? They Stole people's money and they are getting Bonuses?!

WOW the news is not stopping this morning 3/9/12 that is just mind boggling at how the people are getting raped by the banks!

Besides what I posted earlier that Goldman Sachs has demanded (when push comes to shove) that the banks are to be paid debt before Social Security and Medicare benefits for U.S. citizens. 

It has been revealed that MF Global executives are still going to get bonuses of millions of dollars for 2011!

I am at a loss of words of what is happening and how those who have defrauded the world and have out right stolen money from the people and they are not just not being prosecuted for the stealing and out right fraud but they are being given money for it!

You just can't make this stuff up!  How is this even possible?  How is it a court is giving bonuses to those who stole billions directly from people's personal accounts?

Part of some of the executives bonuses will be on what amount of money they can get for the  clients owed from the bankruptcy.  But don't think those are the clients that had their money stolen from them.  Remember the Judge put it as an Equity Bankruptcy so that means Wall Street banks are in line ahead of the people.  So sounds like the bonuses will be based on how much more money they can give Wall Street.

Portion from link:

The payments could vary in size depending on progress with the estate and likely would be paid in batches throughout 2012, a person familiar with the matter said. The total payouts are expected to be smaller than bonuses received by the same executives before MF Global sank amid panic over the big bets made on European sovereign debt under Jon Corzine, the company's former chairman and chief executive. He resigned in November.

For example, Bradley Abelow, president and chief operating officer at MF Global, got a salary of $829,545 and a bonus of $1.25m for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, according to a securities filing. His total compensation was $7.6m. After the Chapter 11 filing, Abelow agreed to cut his annual salary to $60,000, another securities filing shows.

The other high-ranking MF Global executives who could collect bonuses under Freeh's plan are Henri Steenkamp, the company's chief financial officer, and Laurie Ferber, general counsel, people familiar with the matter said.

All I can ask is.... What Will be the  trigger for the people to wake up?  The way it is going, I can't imagine it will take too much more.  We the people need to get the real news to those who have refused to see it up to this point, somehow.

This morning all I can keep saying is WTF! when I have read how the banks are moving in for the final kill of everyone's money.  

Yesterday I posted about all stocks and bonds are actually owned by the Federal Reserve and how I then understood how MF Global got away with stealing the billions.  


Goldman Sachs told U.S. (when push comes to shove) they WILL BE Paid for Debt BEFORE Social Security and Medicare Recipients! Forget citizens PAY BANKS!

Right now I am trying to remain calm and not use the four letter words I am thinking at this moment!

This is PROOF in my opinion - all the debt prison has been created on purpose!

What type of SOUL LESS Banks are running this country?  That is WHO is really running the country.  All those in the government are merely Puppets of the banks!

Goldman Sachs has released a document they delivered to the Federal Government.


Portion From link:

A report released today by Goldman Sachs says that if push comes to shove, the federal government will pay its lenders before it pays Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries. Debt service “should be seen as the top claim on government resources in most cases,” says the Goldman analysis.

If this does not totally and completely convince you that banks run the government, that we have been put in debt servitude to give away the complete wealth of the country to the banks, I don't know what will!

Now,  WHAT will the government do now?  Who will they protect the banks or the people?  (Do I really have to question that?)

What will the people do, when it is found the government is going to pay the banks before the people?

These are the SAME banks that all the people had to bailout in the first place with all their taxpayer money!

These are the SAME banks that are betting and gambling the money away via derivatives (700 Trillion)!

These are the SAME banks that are giving themselves BILLIONS OF BONUSES with taxpayer money as they are getting bailed out!

 These are the SAME banks that the Federal Reserve has secretly given TRILLIONS away to over the last couple of years!


I can add so much more to this!


I don't expect MSM to air this information - It is up to ALL OF US - To get people informed about this!

I did an article last year, with research on how Social Security is NOT an  entitlement to the people.  We pay into it fully and completely.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Both Germany and Switzerland want their Gold Back from N.Y. Fed. The U.S. has gone to War over this type of thing. What will they do now, since there is no Gold?

Well, I believe things are getting more and more interesting.

Edit to add: 5/10/12 India may get their gold back.  

Both Germany and Switzerland have come out saying they want their Gold back from storage at the N.Y. Fed.

Considering the U.S. went into Iraq over trading oil outside of the dollar, Libya for daring to talk about trading oil for a gold backed currency.  Let's not forget Iran now wanting to trade oil for gold and by passing the dollar, so now the U.S. is ready to start a war there.

With Germany and Switzerland wanting their Gold back from the U.S.,  what is the U.S. going to do?  They can't exactly invade those countries.  So is their other option is to invade other countries around the world that have their own gold stored in the country to get enough to give Germany and Switzerland?

Swiss Initiative

We all know the Gold is not there and the U.S. would never just hand it over in the first place. Imagine in a few months how this may go down, would the truth be revealed to the public? Would Switzerland and Germany stand up and say: "The U.S. will not give us our own gold back, because they don't have it?"

Will this finally break the metals manipulation, once it is found there really isn't as much gold stored as previously thought?

One other question, How many other countries are now going to ask for their gold back from the U.S., now that Germany and Switzerland are standing up and asking for it?

Yep, life is getting more and more interesting.  I think I am going to need popcorn for watching this situation going down.  It will be better than any dramatic movie ever made.......

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

X-Flare/CME arrival tomorrow morning 3/8/12- 2 AM est - Power may be Affected - Bound directly towards the Earth

 Soho Cameras are being affected right now due to the flare protons. 

Update 3/8/12 7 Am - As of this morning, I do not see that the Earth has been impacted at all.  The magnetosphere does not show there has been any pressure on the Earth as of yet.  So it seems it may be as the last time, the flare went either above or below the Earth and missed us. 

Since X flares travel much faster - the one released this morning will be getting to Earth tomorrow morning. Watch for Auroras. This is the strongest Earth directed CME/flare in a long time. East coast is 4 hours behind UTC time. So that would be around 2 AM est. The stereo and soho cameras are being affected by the strong CMEs over the last day. You can see all the white particle protons. 

From Above Link:

WASHINGTON – The largest solar flare in five years is racing toward Earth, threatening to unleash a torrent of charged particles that could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights.

"It's hitting us right in the nose," said Joe Kunches, a scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He called it the sun's version of "Super Tuesday."

The solar storm is likely to last through Friday morning, but the region that erupted can still send more blasts our way, Kunches said. He said another set of active sunspots is ready to aim at Earth right after this.
But for now, scientists are waiting to see what happens Thursday when the charged particles hit Earth at 4 million mph.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM UPDATE: A CME propelled toward Earth by this morning's X5-class solar flare is expected to reach our planet on March 8th at 0625 UT (+/- 7 hr). Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, who prepared the CME's forecast track, say the impact could spark a strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm. Sky watchers at all latitudes should be alert for auroras. Aurora alerts: text, phone
great site for all info.

As always to watch it and the affect on the magnetosphere - watch at this site.

What I find is interesting almost one year ago to the date we had a strong flare hit the Earth, then the 3/11/11 quake/tsunami happened.  
Flares do have an affect on Earthquakes, due to the pressure.  When the pressure is released is when the Earth pops I have found.  So, expect large quakes during/after this X-flare event.   

Graph of X-Flare and other Flares that have been released over the last day from the same sunspot.

I found this interesting. I like to see how far down the Auroras are when a flare is impacting the Earth. It seems that NOAA is doing an IT upgrade at this time and there is no real time Aurora Map to be seen.

Added - Great Video about it.  Shows an X-Flare happened and then another X-Flare happened right after.
This guys explains a lot. He does say, he wasn't sure if it was Earth directed when he made the video. I will add, since then NOAA has confirmed it is Earth directed.

I cast the Last Vote of my Life Yesterday! I shall Never Vote Again - Federal nor State Level, they are All Puppets of their Masters!

Yesterday for the primaries I voted for the last time of my life.  I had always considered voting was important part of being a citizen of the U.S..  I have voted in every election once I moved up to the states from the Virgin Islands and was first able to vote in 1990.

I remember the excitement of being able to vote in my first Presidential election.  It was between Clinton, Bush and Ross Perot.  I leaned towards Perot, until he quit the race and then came back into the race.

I actually believed in the system before becoming what I believe is awake and aware.  I actually believed Obama and all of his lies he spewed in 2008.  I was sucked into the lies and promises, which is what they counted on.

I immediately knew they were all lies somehow on the day of his inauguration.  I don't know how, but as I watched him take the Oath of office, I knew the man would not be what he claimed to be and he would not follow through on any of his promises.

I did not expect him to do the opposite of every promise though.  To me the man is as evil as you can get.  Due to lying and then doing the absolute opposite of what he sucked people into thinking.  That man has given away the country in full to special interest and the banks.  He has chained people down, taken away their wealth and taken away every freedom we had.  The only freedom left is the right to bear arms and they were doing the "Fast and Furious" to try and take that one away until they were caught.

The amount of fraud that all banks and corporations are getting away with, sanctified by all in the Federal Government at every level and sanctified by all at every level in the state governments, shows they have all sold their souls.

I could never morally vote for anyone who has sold their soul to be elected by lying to the people.

Understand there is not one difference between any person in government at any level, they are all game playing.  There is no democracy left in the United States and don't believe a single word any of the puppets are promising that are running for president.

This is my promise, I shall never step foot into a voting booth again.  The voting is fraud here in the U.S. just like it is fraud elsewhere in the world.  All votes are turned to be what those who control the machines want them to be.

 Ron Paul has had the votes stolen from him, through out the state primaries.

The information that Kucinich lost his seat helps solidify the knowledge of elections stole.  Kucinich actually voted for the people and not corporations or banks.  He was like Ron Paul and stood with Ron Paul.  I can't believe those in his district would vote against our constitution.

I can now say, I will no longer play their game nor will I be a part of it.  I am free from their having me be a part of taking away our freedoms.  By not participating I am now, not helping their agenda along.   I will now be working against the agenda and not sanctifying it with a vote welcoming it and thus gives my permission to it.

But by walking in and only casting one vote yesterday for Ron Paul, I believe I was then saying "I am no longer part of the control, as I am voting for Freedom."  I made my point - I walked in and cast the one vote and disregarded all the state election primaries.  It was my vote for freedom that I needed to make my own statement. 

I am no longer giving my permission and voting for my freedoms being taken away.  By voting you allow it and sanctify what they are doing!  Do not sanctify or play their game anymore! I am not giving them my permission for their agenda anymore, by voting for those who are carrying out the agendas.   

NEWS ADDED 3/9/12 - 7:20AM est - Goldman Sachs releases notice to U.S. government - Debt to Banks is to be paid BEFORE Social Security and  Medicare benefits to U.S. citizens! 


Monday, March 5, 2012

"Buy An Ounce- Give an Ounce - Lets Get Physical"


We know the manipulation of metals has been happening for decades.  The manipulation has been good for everyone who previously had no clue it was going on before the whole economic melt down began.   People have been able to buy metals at a manipulated price all these years.

The expectations from experts at this point is the manipulation will continue unless people get active and start buying the physical metals on the market.

What is the best thing you can do for another?  Give them something that is of real value and will help them in the future.

Helping others understand what is happening and how to protect themselves in the financial crisis that is now occurring is something we should all do.

Spending a little money on an ounce of silver for yourself and for another would be a great service to all.

You can buy 1/2 ounces, 10th of ounces besides one ounces of silver.  Buy various sizes and give them as gifts as needed.  Also think about asking your children about them getting silver for an allowance instead of dollars.  What a great way of showing your Love for your child, by giving them their future as an allowance!

So ... who is with me with this movement?


corresponding story - last weeks dump of paper contracts and Max Keiser - Buy an Ounce and Crash JP Morgan.  

Update 3/6/12 3 Pm - ***** Special Note*****  People have contacted me about buying the coin shown above exactly as it is with CFTC  on it.   I contacted a friend and the coin is real and a limited amount were minted.  My friend is talking to that mint to see about them minting more, since he is friends with the mint.   If  you are interested, as it seems some people are in acquiring one of the coins, please contact me.   If there is enough interest, my "silver" friend may be able to get a limited quantity minted again.

 Please contact me if you would be interested in buying one of the coins, so a list of interested can be given to the mint to help convince them to mint a few one more time.

Update 6 PM - they may mint 250 of the coins, this is not set in "silver" yet, but getting closer. :)   I already have an email list of people going, that would be able to get one if they are minted.  

sherriequestioningall                                        at                               yahoo                                .com

WOW - Powerful 2 minute Video! Amazing You are Greater Than you Know - You are Here to Wake Up! - Pass this Along.

This is a seriously Powerful Amazing 2 minute Video! 

Some of the scenes are from the movie "They Live" in case you have not seen that before - Truth comes out through a pair of glasses that reveals how we are kept in control and live in a matrix.

This Video puts so much together and is so Powerful, in my opinion and says it all in just over 2 minutes!
Pass it along.

Thanks to a "Sage" for sending this to me! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ron Paul - The Great Awakening! People Unite Together - Take back the government! Tyranny of government is by making people live in Fear!

I don't need to add words to this, as it says it all.

Ron Paul - Judge Napolitano - Stand Up to the Tyranny of the Government. They are controlling people through Fear and False Flags they create. War is created for Corporations using Fake created reasons!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Everybody needs to get everyone they know to at least buy One Ounce of Silver! Have your neighbor/family/friends spend $40 for Silver. Sprott 500 million ounces of Paper Silver dumped this last week.

Those who keep manipulating the metals markets, dumped 500 million ounces of Silver this pass week on the markets.  Eric Sprott revealed that fact on King World News.

Another article on Gata has the fact that China is part of the suppression of metals.  If the hedge funds who invest in the metals don't take physical and are willing to keep a piece of paper saying they have metals then the suppression will go on forever.  It also states if the mining companies don't understand the true value of their products then the manipulation will keep going and going.

I am now asking everyone, to have their neighbors/friends/family buy One Ounce of Silver.  Also do you need to buy a present for someone?  Give them an ounce of Silver!  Don't go and buy some piece of clothing or anything else, buy an ounce of silver and give it to another for their birthday/anniversary etc.  Start giving something that is of complete value.

We the public can get the manipulation to end by educating others and by having people spend $40 only on something that is real and something that will be worth much more in the future.

You can go to Flea markets, look on Craigslist and local ads for silver for sale.  Buy a few ounces, give them away as presents when needed.  Talk to your family and friends and tell them "Buy one ounce of physical Silver."

I went out and talked to my neighbor about it this morning.  They are going to buy some silver now.

Get people to Buy One Ounce of Silver for themselves and buy another to give as a present when needed!
You can buy 1/2 ounces of Silver and smaller for lesser expensive gifts needed - like a kid's birthday from your kid.  

Together We the People can take the physical and then the reality of the amount of metals has to come through when a shortage begins to happen due to people buying One Ounce of Silver.

Let's start Max Keiser's "Buy an Ounce and Crash JP Morgan" once again!

From 2010 - Max Keiser

Another thought besides giving Silver as a gift, give it to your child as allowance. Once a month give them an ounce of silver instead of cash. It will show you Love them, by giving them something that can last and grow for them in value.

Ron Paul got Bernanke to admit Silver and Gold are money. 

Video - Judge Napolitano - Speaks Truth. Powerful - All Politicians - All Politics are on the same side. It is all Fake - They All Lie - It is a Game to Divide people.

Judge Napolitano says it all. He says on T.V., what I have been saying - The political sides are fake. The fake left and right of politicians is to keep people divided so the politicians can get by with what they want when they are all actually on the same side. We the people were/are set up to stay divided and the politicians all work together to take our liberties away and get more power. The politicians all lie to get elected and then do the opposite of what they promised. The Judge even says the "Reagan Revolution" was/is a lie too. 

Judge Napolitano was the only person in the media who actually said the truth and he was fired for it.

He does say there is only one politician that is True to the people...... you can guess who that is: Ron Paul!