Friday, October 12, 2012

The Earth and our realtionship and vibrations with it. It is able to sustain us all in reality.

I was blessed enough to go "home" per se this last week.  Some members of my family and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean.  We had gone back home.  We lived in the Caribbean, first on a sailboat and sailed around the islands for 3 years.  Then we moved on the island of St. Thomas.  My mother lived down there for 19 years and I lived there in the 80's and went back constantly during the 90s. 

When I was on the sailboat I appreciated the beauty of the islands and the ocean, but not as much as I appreciate it now.  I did not realize our oneness with it at that time when I was a teenager. 

Being out on the opened ocean this last week was spiritually uplifting and I connected with the beauty as never before. 

I would gaze out at the ocean and the magnificent beauty of it as the sun reflected on the water as the wind blew my hair.

I stood by the rail a few times during the cruise.  I was there during the sun rise and at other times, just to stare out at the water and the wonder and beauty of it all.

I listened to Cecilia's album "Voice of the Feminine Spirit" which features whales and has the most gorgeous songs of spirituality while gazing out at our wondrous Earth and Ocean.

One song I listened to over and over again when I gazed out at the magnificent ocean by Cecilia was "Amazing Grace" that features whales in it.

Here is the Amazing Grace video/song from Cecilia


Listening to this song as I stared at wonder at the ocean would bring tears to my eyes.   I felt so connected to the Earth and ocean and very up lifted.   I felt in oneness with the Earth during this time.  I was one with the water and all there is.

Being blessed to have had the recent experience and my seeing one of the most gorgeous areas of the Earth also caused me to question "where I am and what I am doing" now.  

I live in a beautiful area with mountains right now, yet I feel "confined" where I am compared to the expansiveness of the Earth. 

I did realize we are all so much more than we know.   We are one with the Earth and we are the two things that vibrate at the same rate.  The Earth and humans have the same vibration.

I also reflected on the fact we hear from the media and others that there are "too many people on the Earth for it to sustain us."

During the reflections as I connected with the Ocean and Earth, I came to the understanding that we are not too many people on the Earth.  If we lived in harmony with the Earth, it can sustain us in every way.   The Earth is being hurt from big business and greed, not the people on a whole.

If big business actually did what was right for the people and the Earth, we would have zero point energy, instead of toxic Earth killing energy of nuclear and oil.   Those two industries kill the Earth more than anything else.

The facts are we don't need nuclear energy or oil, if those who try and control everything actually let the technologies of Tesla from the early 20th century be public.  We would each have our own little power plants that did not pollute the Earth at our homes.  If the electrical and alternative energies for powering vehicles were allowed from the early 20th century we would not have oil drilling and oil leaks which are killing the oceans along with radiation from nuclear power.

I have come to my own understanding we are so much more than we know.  Each of us are just as beautiful as the Earth.  We are meant to have the best of the Earth and to experience it in it's full beauty and magnificence.    God created us both and we were created to also be the best and know ourselves in completeness.

We are so much more than we have been allowed to know.  We have been programmed from our youth to be outside ourselves.   We have been conditioned to not be fully who we are.

As we think so we create.   Through our feelings and thoughts we create our world.   If we felt Love all the time our world would reflect that and we would be in harmony with each other and the Earth.  But that is the last thing those at the top want to happen.  That is why they create fear, hate and loathing all the time.  They have to have people divided and in fear and hate another so they can keep control of us all.   Thus Alex Jones has it correct in our being in a "Prison Planet."   This came to me very hard when I arrived back after my cruise this week.

We vibrate at the same rate as the Earth, which is vibrating higher and higher at this time.  Another Cecilia song is about the "Sacred Hum".  That hum is a vibration and it is our vibration.  My understanding of the song and why it has so much meaning to me is that we are a sacred hum ourselves.  The song is about our hum/vibration which is healing and beautiful.

Here is the Sacred Hum song:

Also to show with certainty on how we impact that around us, here is a video showing our thoughts on water in an experiment.  How we think we create:

We are all so beautiful.  We are all one within the Universe.  We are all Love and Light, those others want us to only see darkness.

If we light a candle in complete darkness, that light will light up the room.  Light can over take darkness.  Once there is light, darkness can not over take it.  Through Light all darkness goes away.

If we could all keep light within our lives and Love within our hearts without hating any other, we can over come anything.

I also think about how the Earth is meant for us to enjoy and experience the best and most beautiful of it.  God means for us to all have the best and to be fully who we are and to see the beauty of the Earth and ourselves.

When we see our own beauty and Light we see all other's beauty and light too.  It is not the outer beauty I am mentioning it is the inner beauty.  We are all absolutely gorgeous!

We are all so much more than we live.  We are all meant to have and experience the best the Earth has to offer.

I am still searching for what I am suppose to be doing and have yet again come to a cross road.  I feel my life should be much more than I have been living it.  I do want to travel and see more of the beauty of the Earth.   I really want to get to Machu Picchu  in Peru and see the Andes.  I believe God has given us this lifetime to fully be "Who we are" and the Earth is for us to Love and Appreciate and to Experience to the fullest.

Here is yet another song by Cecilia - Silver Wings..... it is about being all you can be. 

May we all find ourselves and may we live the lives we are suppose to.  May Love and Light be the guide for us all.


What was amazing is when we moved down to the islands it was to move on a sailboat (in Tortola, BVI) of which only 13 were ever built.  Our sailboat was a sparkman and stevens 48 foot yawl.  As we were leaving the harbour of St. Thomas, my mother looked down and saw our boat or it's sister ship.   We were sad to be leaving St. Thomas in many ways already, and to look down and see what had brought us down to the Caribbean in the first place and saying "Goodbye" to that too.   We had never seen our boat since mom sold her and it may not have been our actual "Insouciant" but it showed the way the universe works to see her there.   Here is the sailboat that was either our boat at one time or the one of 12 sister ships of it.

I wrote a book about our (6 of us) moving on a sailboat and selling everything we owned to do so, even though we had never stepped foot on a sailboat previously and then our father jumping ship two weeks after moving down, leaving us girls and mom to fend for ourselves as hurricanes were hitting.   It entails our years on the sailboat and preserving through learning how to sail and surviving, including when our father came back and tried killing our mom a couple of times.   It is about women power.  One day I hope to get help editing it and get it published one day because it really is stranger than fiction, but it all really happened.   

Jolly Mon in St. Thomas Harbor...  Sparkman and Stevens 48 foot Yawl.


  1. Nature is beautiful and to be appreciated and be good stewards of, BUT please remember to worship the creator and not the creation.

    And remember why all things work - Because everything is a miracle! Shhhh... scientist don't know this!