Sunday, April 29, 2012

David Morgan - CONgress needs to start reading the bills before they pass them and the fraud of their votes.

A David Morgan interview about the fraud of Congress. He sent out a petition last week through his site.   I have never seen a political petition before in an email from him,  as he is a leading expert on the silver industry.  It shows people are starting to take action where they have not before. 

What does the petition say? It says CONgress needs to actually read the bills before they pass them. He also mentions the fraud of the voting in CONgress and how some representatives vote for others.

He talks about how bizarre it is that "We the People," actually have to ask our elected officials which they are paid to represent us, to read the bills they have up on the floor, before they pass them.

He says the States rights are superior to Federal Rights. People need to start understanding that and start demanding that your state officials represent you. Here is the link to the petition on Fools Hill.

Great interview and I believe as David Morgan does that we should not have to ask our CONgress to actually read what they pass before they pass it!  We pay them, yet they are not doing their job of representing us. 


  1. This Morgan guy sent a Petition?

    When was a Petition EVER listened to?


    As a layman, I KNOW that in the Law System, the meaning of a Petition is a "Begging" Letter. How much more does Morgan know this?

    The Elite / Congress / ptb in their clubs, drinking fine whiskey and smoking Cuban cigars, literally ROTFL when they get Petitions from the "peasants."

    To actually, send a Petition to the scum Congress, in order to get our Rights, is beyond belief!

  2. kik their asses out and vote in new people after the trials for treason im sure the new congress will pay more attention to their actions and might even make them stop takeing briebs to buy their vote if they know they are not above the law holy crap people got a brain,try useing it for more then reccreation

  3. Just keep voting for Republicans and Democrats and keep wondering why nothing ever changes...

  4. Good article... I have often wondered if we could get people to start demanding that legislators be held accountable for bad legislation. I mean that citizens could sue a legislator for the negative effects of a bill that was passed unread or passed because of bribery.

    I know it will not happen anytime soon, but even having a large enough movement demanding it would scare politicians into being more careful.

    It would be rational. If a plumber comes to my home and doesn't know anything about plumbing so that my house gets ruined, I can sue him. If we expect plumbers to be competent, how much more important that we have legislators that do what we pay them for? By taking office a politician is telling us that they are qualified to work on our laws.

    The law would have to be structured so that honest mistakes would not result in lawsuits and this could easily be done. Each politician needs to write a cogent explanation of why they voted and they need to prove that they consulted with appropriate scientists and/or economists to assess the impacts of the legislation. If they go through those steps and did not receive any kind of bribe to influence their decision, they can't be held liable.

    We have had to many bad laws coming down to continue letting these people off the hook. A society that regulates plumbing because it is a humble activity but does not regulate lawmakers because they are too lofty will have neither pipes nor laws that can hold water.