Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bank of America has to Pay 8.5 BILLION Due to their Mortgage FRAUD (MERS) to Investors - LET ALL THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS BEGIN AGAINST ALL THE BANKS!



Bank of America has to pay out 8.5 BILLION to Investors (Pimco, Blackrock, Metlife, N.Y. Fed), which is just the beginning!  This is SO AWESOME!~

This shows the mortgage Fraud is going to hit the banks at the point they started the FRAUD of mortgages by creating MERS!

The investors want their money back, because of the FRAUD and how the banks put one mortgage in multiple bonds, but besides that the mortgages are not enforceable due to the FRAUD of the Wall Street Banks!  Their GREED is coming back to Roost!


Portion From Article:

Bank of America may be about to part with more money than it has earned since 2008 in what will soon be the biggest financial settlement in the industry to date According to the WSJ, the Charlotte, NC-based bank is preparing to pay $8.5 billion to settle mortgage (mis)representation claims (aka the Mortgage putback issue) brought on by such high profile figures as BlackRock, Pimco, MetLife and, of course, the Federal Reserve, previously discussed on Zero Hedge. "A deal would end a nine-month fight with a group of 22 investors that hold more than $56 billion in mortgage-backed securities at the center of the dispute, including giant money manager BlackRock Inc., insurer MetLife Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York." Keep in mind that this is actually not good news for the bank, contrary to what the company's stock is doing after hours, as this still keeps the company exposed to a multitude of other rep and warranty litigation (which will now be largely underreserved), not to mention fraudclosure issues, which are totally unrelated, and which will plague the bank for years and years. Lastly, BAC is largley underreserved (see below) for a settlement of this size which means its Tier 1 capital ratio will likely be impacted due to a major outflow of cash.
From the WSJ:
The deal could embolden mutual-fund managers, insurance companies and investment partnerships to go after similar settlements with other major U.S. banks, arguing that billions in loans scooped up before the U.S. housing collapse didn't meet sellers' promises or were improperly managed. Most vulnerable would be Wells Fargo & Co and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., which along with Bank of America collect loan payments on about half of all outstanding U.S. mortgages.

The dispute between Bank of America and the mortgage investors began last fall when they alleged that securities they bought before the financial crisis from Countrywide Financial Corp. were composed of loans that didn't meet sellers' promises about the quality of the borrowers or the collateral.

Watch Greece LIVE - Video Streaming of the shut down of Greece and Uprising of the people!

here is Greece LIVE - the people are STANDING UP and Saying NO to the Government - Tear Gas is being thrown at the people right now.

Why are Nuclear Power Plants throughout the U.S. having problems, besides the ones being flooded out?

I would like those who try and defend Nuclear power as being "clean energy" to debunk the fact that when one melts down then millions then can die.  The toxic waste of it last thousands and thousands of years.

First we know about Fort Calhoun in Nebraska that it is said 3 more feet of water there and there is a 100% chance of core damage! We know the berms broke 2 days ago and water flooded out the power and took over 100 gallons of fuel out into the river. They have been on emergency generator power and the workers have to bring in fuel by hand in cans now.

here is a fly by yesterday - Raw Footage

I noticed MSM is now mentioning the fact this morning two nuclear power plants are in trouble in the flooded areas and even showed Fort Calhoun. You know it must be bad for them to now acknowledge this problem, of which they stayed silent about for a couple of weeks.

Today it seems more nuclear power plants are in trouble today.  A N.J. nuclear power plant just now.

The headlines of the Examiner says it all - here they are:



This is one of those times, you have to wonder how much more can I take of sickening news!?    I believe what we do need to do is everyone come together in understanding, it is not you against me or any of us against each other.  It is us against those who are destroying the Earth!  We have a right to demand for the ceasing of all nuclear activity, because we LIVE here on Earth, this is our home!  We are her keepers!  Those who are making her toxic are not her keepers obviously, otherwise they would not continue to make her toxic for future generations all for paper money at this time!  Those who are in control, do not think down the line, they don't even think about their own children living on this Earth.  They are so selfish and Evil they are only thinking about money in their pockets at this very moment!  They don't even think about a year down the line!  That is what we are dealing with!  It is amazing to me, that the elected officials and corporation heads are so heartless they don't even think about their children or grandchildren!  It is mind boggling in that respect!  We have people who have controlled this world who are so focused on paper money at the moment, they don't consider the Earth nor the people nor their own families when they are making decisions.  Then they lie and cover up how toxic they have and are making the Earth and how many millions will die over their decisions!  How many millions of children are now going to be deformed throughout the world from Fukushima?  Also, it is being said Fort Calhoun is 20 Times more than Fukushima! 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is Sickening - When will we all say "ENOUGH - NO MORE"! We do not give up our Dignity nor Rights to the U.S. government who have become Terrorist!

This is one of those articles that makes you absolutely STAND UP and say ENOUGH - NO MORE!

We can not allow our freedoms to be taken away and we begin to be treated as sub-human and as animals!

That is Exactly what the U.S. government is now doing!  The government is using the TSA to get people conditioned to being treated as animals and degrading our dignity and freedoms!

A 95 year old woman in a wheel chair was flying who has leukemia and TSA demanded she take off her Adult diaper to be patted down in Florida!  They detained the woman and her daughter for 45 minutes!

This is worse than disgusting!  The TSA have become a Terrorist organization and completely Terrorizing the citizens of the United States to make people submit to the government!


Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.

Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.

“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

Weber’s mother entered the airport’s security checkpoint in a wheelchair because she was not stable enough to walk through, Weber said.

Wheelchairs trigger certain protocols, including pat-downs and possible swabbing for explosives, Koshetz said.

“During any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm,” she said.

Weber said she did not know whether her mother had triggered an alarm during the 45 minutes they were detained.

She said security personnel then came out and told her they would need for her mother to remove her Depends diaper because it was soiled and was impeding their search.

Weber wheeled her mother into a bathroom, removed her diaper and returned. Her mother did not have another clean diaper with her, Weber said.

At what point will everyone say "NO MORE"!  Will people who have been asleep finally wake up to what is happening around them?

I will NEVER fly again due to the Terrorist who are molesting people and are degrading citizens for the enjoyment of the government and themselves!  Also how many child molesters are working for TSA?  This should be the last straw on the camels back for the people!  I would hope they realize that what is happening is not for the safety of the American public but for a Police State of the United States!  

Will people realize we have become where all movements are being controlled and watched by the government?  The government is even putting black boxes on all vehicles to track them, it is a Federal Mandate starting July 2011. 

Also - this video is Very interesting - Robert Welch in 1958 described everything that is happening today.  This is a MUST WATCH!  To understand that all those in government are working together to erode the United States in all ways!  You will then understand how all those in Washington are working together behind the scenes, though they will yell and scream about each other in front of the propaganda/controlled media.  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

WTF!? People RIOT over Sports in Canada! Yet, Liberties Theft of the Money etc.... NOTHING!

This is Seriously a WTF?!

This shows you why all the countries are where they are at!  Why those who try and control have gotten away with taking all of our rights and freedoms AWAY!  Why the banks have been able to STEAL all the money from the people and have been stealing their retirement too!

REALLY?????!!!  SPORTS???!!!! Is what you will RIOT over?  NOT the fact you have had your liberties taken away?  Not the fact you are living in a Police state?  Not the fact that those in government have stolen your life and retirement and all of  your money to give to the banks?  Not the fact that they lie about everything?

WOW - that shows you WHY the world is what it is!  People are so BRAINWASHED They put SPORTS Ahead of the bankruptcy of the people!

You almost wonder, is it useless to try and even inform people about truth and what is happening in the world, when their focus is on things have have no meaning in the long run and this is what they will riot over!?

Yep, I am sure TWTAC are very happy right now and smiling!~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Congressmen finally standing up for the Constitution? Congressmen SUE Obama over Libya ILLEGAL War!

Are some Congressmen finally getting balls?  A group of bipartisan Congressmen are standing up for the Constitution against Obama's ILLEGAL Libya War!

All I can say it is about time and overdue!  Obama has gone directly against the Constitution and started an ILLEGAL War without Congressional approval!  Of course, remember Obama got the Nobel Peace War Prize!  Since then he has made history by having the U.S. in the MOST WARS at one time!

My question is:  Why didn't every single member of Congress join in with this suit?  Why are the rest of them NOT standing up for the Constitution?

Portion of Article:

A bipartisan group of House members announced on Wednesday that it is filing a lawsuit charging that President Obama made an illegal end-run around Congress when he approved U.S military action against Libya.
“With regard to the war in Libya, we believe that the law was violated. We have asked the courts to move to protect the American people from the results of these illegal policies,” said Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who led the 10-member anti-war coalition with Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.).

West Palm Beach Florida - Running out of Water. Only 22 Days left of a Water Supply! Drought is that bad!

 Here is the headline in the West Palm Beach Post.

by Andrew Abramson 
On Tuesday, unbeknown to the mayor or commissioners — city officials warned the South Florida Water Management District that it had only 22 days of water supply remaining. 

“Conditions are such that a significant threat exists to the public’s health, safety, and welfare; the health of animals, fish, or aquatic life; public water supply, and commercial, agricultural, and other reasonable uses,” the report stated in requesting permission for the city to tighten its watering restrictions.

A day after the city warned that it only had 22 days of water remaining, West Palm Beach approved an order on residents allowing just one day a week of watering, effective today. Also, the city started spending about $10,000 a day from its utility reserves to purchase water from the county. But the city can only get one-third of its water needs from the county and might have to rely solely on the county supply should it run out of its own water.

If the city estimates are accurate, it would run out of water on June 28. It’s not immediately clear how long the addition of county water and the new restrictions on watering will extend that.

 I am also linking what I had posted in April but brought back up 2 days ago.  I would not be putting this out there and myself out there, if I was not being pushed to do this.  Please read the below link.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Understanding Why and What is going on in the World! This TRUTH Video explains WHO CONTROLS ALL Nations and Laws! This is REAL History and information! Inform Yourself and Understand What and Why things are happening!

I had read a few years ago how England was actually controlled by Rome - The Pope.  I also read how the Declaration of Independence was not real and the U.S. was still under England, which actually makes it under the control of the Pope.

It was always confusing to me and I did not understand it all when I would do research.  Sites have had the documentation etc. but it was still confusing.  I know it has been found that each state actually has two documents for them... One says Governor of "the State" the other says Governor of "state".

This video is 2 hours and 20 minutes, but it will be one of the best 2 hours and 20 minutes you will ever spend, if you are a searcher for the TRUTH!  Why?  Because it EXPLAINS EVERYTHING and Walter Veith shows how it happened and what the proof of it all is.

This is REAL!  The Real fact is the U.S. is NOT an independent nation - We NEVER have been!  Sounds bizarre and very "conspiracy" minded.  But you will understand it through the documents and history Mr. Veith spells out.

Then everything makes sense in what is happening and why it is happening and who is who.  Also wonder why the U.S. Presidents always have some "Royal" lineage?  This video explains that too.  The U.S. Presidents are always subservient to the "Crown".  But the "Crown" is actually owned by the Pope.

As I have read many times over and over and have found through research of many subjects, including Ancient History - what we have been taught and told is a lie.  History is not what we think it is, nothing is what we think it is.

It all sounds mind boggling.  It all sounds too "outrageous" to be true.  It all sounds like something, someone who is a nut dreamed up.  It may "sound" that way, but before making that judgement, I am asking you to take the time to watch this.  From this you will understand it all.  From this you will see History is not what we have been taught.  There are many who have verified this information through their research.  They had put it out there but it was hard to understand, due to them being lawyers and releasing the "legal papers" of it.  As you know "Legal Papers" can be confusing.

Walter Veith takes you step by step showing the history and how it came to be.  He shows and proves how the Pope is actually the ruler of the world and how people of nations only think they are sovereign citizens of their own countries.

This is not a crazy conspiracy  theory as it might sound - watch the video and then you will completely understand.  You will also understand how the "Global Warming" is a ruse of those who try and control.  Btw; You will find I will never use the initials of PT* anymore  - I will use the words "those who try and Control" or TWTAC.

Watch this and pass it to your friends, through Knowledge and TRUTH is the only way to understand what is going on, who is behind it and Why everything is happening in the world.

As Mr. Veith likes to say "This is FASCINATING Stuff". 

Monday, June 13, 2011

I am asking all who read this to do one thing - PLEASE STORE WATER!

6/13/11 - I originally wrote this and put it on the blog on April 8th, but I feel I should bring it back up to the top.

All I can say is, I have not wanted to put this out there on my blog.  I have not wanted to have people think oddly of me.

But it seems no matter what I have wanted, what I must do is something else.

So, let's just say I have had a request from a "higher realm" to ask people to


There is a lot more involved with this request to people, of which I am not going to go into.  But I will say - this request comes from what I consider are Angels/Spiritual Guides/God/higher sources.  Yeah, sounds odd, right?

Someone asked me "What would be the length of time"?  I do not have any answer to that.  I do not know.  What I do know is that it would be better to have water stored than no water at all.

Water is what sustains life.  If you do not have water that is drinkable then you can not sustain your life to figure out what next steps need to be taken for access to clean water.

I sincerely hope that there will be no need for people to have to use stored water and that this request could be laughed at at some point in the future.

I will say, I believe every person is intuitive and every person is able to get information through higher realms, we just have to pay attention and listen to that inner voice and information given to us.

This request is being made from my own "higher sources".  Also another requirement about this request, is the stored water must be inside and not outside.

For over one week I have resisted putting this up on my blog because I have not wanted to put  myself out there to others, but it seems I it is something I must do.

I will explain to you a little more, so you understand where this is coming from.  I do have dreams where it seems the dreams are real information.  I knew a week before the information came out about a reactor being cracked and leaking through the bottom at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the media.  I knew this because I was given the information through a dream/vision.  I told 4 other people that morning about it.  I saw the melted reactor fuel rods underneath the reactor and I saw the Japanese men faces (those in control) and their terrified reactions to the news.  I was told they were going to hide the information as long as possible and that everything of them trying to stop the meltdown was for show and a charade.  The real purposes for them to do what they have to do to transfer their wealth and protect themselves as much as possible.  I believe the situation is going to become much worst in a small amount of time.

One other thing I will add to this "knowing" on March 11th I woke up and before I got out of bed, I "knew/felt" that something happened.  I felt and thought to myself "Something happened overnight that involved Earth changes and after today the world will never be the same".  It was not until I turned on the T.V. after getting up, I heard about Japan's quake and tsunami.  I knew much more was going to come from it because I knew that our world was going to be changed forever from the event.   Then later was the information about Fukushima nuclear power plant. 

The above is only a very small fraction of information I believe I have received from my Angels/guides, but it is all I need to put out there at this time for people to understand I do get real information.  You may think "yeah, she is putting this out after the fact".  Yes, that would be true, but there are a few I told about this before the fact and it is not information I want to put out at all, but again something I am being made to. 

Please understand I am not writing this because I want to.  I guess I did a dry run in putting this information out by first putting it in a closed area of a forum.  This is very uncomfortable for me, but by putting it on the forum first, I gained more comfort, because ultimately I guess I was suppose to end up asking people to Store water on this blog.

My blog is about truth and it is not about personal information and I feel my dreams/visions are very personal and private.  Yet, I am being pushed to do this, as I woke up time and time again last night with "It is time to get the information out to all, for them to store water".  You have no idea the resistance I have put up not do this but I have been pushed and pushed, to where I wake up constantly at night with the same thought/being told, that I have to do it.  (I sure hope, now that I have done this I will be not be woken up every half hour, with the request) :)

Think of me as you will, I have never put out this type of information before but the time is here.

I have a few questions..... Would it really hurt to store water?  Is there any real cost to storing water?  Is it better to have water stored in case you need it than not to have water at all?  Isn't water what sustains all life?


Look within if this feels like truth to you then follow your feelings and own intuition.  

I am not going to "predict" things here.  There are some things I KNOW - I have seen things and the more I have come to the understanding we are all ONE, we are each others keepers in helping one another.  

If there is a time that the stored water is needed (which I would not be putting this out there - if I did not feel it will be) and it saved some by listening, then I will have done my job of which I feel the strong need to.  

I honor all and I ask for people to RADIATE LOVE AND LIGHT to All people to Japan and to our Earth! 

Think of me as you will, but know my posting this is from Truth and Sincerity, because people read this blog for truth and I am continuing in truth.  This is truth to me.  

Also understand please, I have had miracles in my life if you watched the video asking people to pray for Japan and a miracle, you would have heard my story of an absolute miracle.   
I believe in Angels, I know Angels protected me that day I felt their arms around me, I have also felt them holding my hand and showing me things and it has been happening more and more recently.  

So...... believe me or don't it is up to you, know your own truth.

I have done what I have been requested to do and those who read this are suppose to and those who follow the suggestion are suppose to.  

To all LOVE AND LIGHT!  Please remember if things happen, please help  one another.  Japan showed us how it can be done.  We can honor each other even in times of crisis!

UPDATE 6/15/11 - W. Palm Beach only has 22 more days left of water supply.  
I believe there will be other areas also where water becomes the most valuable commodity there is. 




Go to link at 4closurefraud to read the full ruling!

Appeals Court Clarifies MERS Role in Foreclosures

The ubiquitous Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, nominal holder of millions of mortgages, does not have the right to foreclose on a mortgage in default or assign that right to anyone else if it does not hold the underlying promissory note, the Appellate Division, Second Department, ruled Friday. “This Court is mindful of the impact that this decision may have on the mortgage industry in New York, and perhaps the nation,” Justice John M. Leventhal wrote for a unanimous panel in Bank of New York v. Silverberg, 17464/08. “Nonetheless, the law must not yield to expediency and the convenience of lending institutions. Proper procedures must be followed to ensure the reliability of the chain of ownership, to secure the dependable transfer of property, and to assure the enforcement of the rules that govern real property.” The opinion noted that MERS is involved in about 60 percent of the mortgages originated in the United States.
From the ruling…
(Emphasis added by 4F)
Decided on June 7, 2011
(Index No. 17464-08)
[*1]Bank of New York, etc., respondent,
Stephen Silverberg, et al., appellants, et al., defendants.
LEVENTHAL, J.This matter involves the enforcement of the rules that govern real property and whether such rules should be bent to accommodate a system that has taken on a life of its own. The issue presented on this appeal is whether a party has standing to commence a foreclosure action when that party’s assignor—in this case, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (hereinafter MERS) —was listed in the underlying mortgage instruments as a nominee and mortgagee for the purpose of recording, but was never the actual holder or assignee of the underlying notes. We answer this question in the negative.
On appeal, the defendants argue that the plaintiff lacks standing to sue because it did not own the notes and mortgages at the time it commenced the foreclosure action. Specifically, the defendants contend that neither MERS nor Countrywide ever transferred or endorsed the notes described in the consolidation agreement to the plaintiff, as required by the Uniform Commercial Code. Moreover, the defendants assert that the mortgages were never properly assigned to the plaintiff because MERS, as nominee for Countrywide, did not have the authority to effectuate an assignment of the mortgages. The defendants further assert that the mortgages and notes were bifurcated, rendering the mortgages unenforceable and foreclosure impossible, and that because of such bifurcation, MERS never had an assignable interest in the notes. The defendants also contend [*3]that the Supreme Court erred in considering the corrected assignment of mortgage because it was not authenticated by someone with personal knowledge of how and when it was created, and was improperly submitted in opposition to the motion.
Here, the consolidation agreement purported to merge the two prior notes and mortgages into one loan obligation. Countrywide, as noted above, was not a party to the consolidation agreement. ” Either a written assignment of the underlying note or the physical delivery of the note prior to the commencement of the foreclosure action is sufficient to transfer the obligation, and the mortgage passes with the debt as an inseparable incident’”
Therefore, assuming that the consolidation agreement transformed MERS into a mortgagee for the purpose of recording—even though it never loaned any money, never had a right to receive payment of the loan, and never had a right to foreclose on the property upon a default in payment—the consolidation agreement did not give MERS title to the note, nor does the record show that the note was physically delivered to MERS. Indeed, the consolidation agreement defines “Note Holder,” rather than the mortgagee, as the “Lender or anyone who succeeds to Lender’s right under the Agreement and who is entitled to receive the payments under the Agreement.” Hence, the plaintiff, which merely stepped into the shoes of MERS, its assignor, and gained only that to which its assignor was entitled (see Matter of International Ribbon Mills [Arjan Ribbons], 36 NY2d 121, 126; see also UCC 3-201 ["(t)ransfer of an instrument vests in the transferee such rights as the transferor has therein"]), did not acquire the power to foreclose by way of the corrected assignment.
In sum, because MERS was never the lawful holder or assignee of the notes described and identified in the consolidation agreement, the corrected assignment of mortgage is a nullity, and MERS was without authority to assign the power to foreclose to the plaintiff. Consequently, the plaintiff failed to show that it had standing to foreclose. MERS purportedly holds approximately 60 million mortgage loans (see Michael Powell & Gretchen Morgenson, MERS? It May Have Swallowed Your Loan, New York Times, March 5, 2011), and is involved in the origination of approximately 60% of all mortgage loans in the United States (see Peterson at 1362; Kate Berry, Foreclosures Turn Up Heat on MERS, Am. [*6]Banker, July 10, 2007, at 1). This Court is mindful of the impact that this decision may have on the mortgage industry in New York, and perhaps the nation. Nonetheless, the law must not yield to expediency and the convenience of lending institutions. Proper procedures must be followed to ensure the reliability of the chain of ownership, to secure the dependable transfer of property, and to assure the enforcement of the rules that govern real property. Accordingly, the Supreme Court should have granted the defendants’ motion pursuant to CPLR 3211(a) (3) to dismiss the complaint insofar as asserted against them for lack of standing. Thus, the order is reversed, on the law, and the motion of the defendants Stephen Silverberg and Fredrica Silverberg pursuant to CPLR 3211(a)(3) to dismiss the complaint insofar as asserted against them for lack of standing is granted.
FLORIO, J.P., DICKERSON, and BELEN, JJ., concur.
ORDERED that the order is reversed, on the law, with costs, and the motion of the defendants Stephen Silverberg and Fredrica Silverberg pursuant to CPLR 3211(a)(3) to dismiss the complaint insofar as asserted against them for lack of standing is granted.

PLEASE Watch this - HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE! Understanding the Symbolism and What those Who try and Control have done! Please SPREAD This Video Far and Wide!

To have an understanding of what those who try and control people and what they have done in symbolism.  The man Mark Passio knows this information very well, as he used to be a Priest in the Satan Church.  He has revealed the secret symbolism and how we are controlled.

Please watch this and make it go Viral!  It is fascinating!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I think and Why Through My Research about Clif High and the Webbot Technology Being Used To Try To Manifest Negative Events - How I came to the Conclusion!

UPDATE ON 6/11/11 AT BOTTOM OF POST - Due to the recent admission by Clif, he made things up in the alta reports, I am putting this post up at the top once more. (I originally posted this article on the blog in November of 2010)

What I think and Why about Clif High and the Webbot Technology and How I came to the Conclusion through days and weeks of Research.  This is from someone who was a Huge Follower of Clif High and the webbot, not from someone who had been a critic.

Why have I waited until now, though July is when I feel, I figured out that the webbot predictions were a nefarious project?  I did not have a “smoking gun” to come out with what I felt, but with the facts of Clif posting on GLP some very vile and violent postings, to me that is now the “smoking gun” needed.    Also, since I had put so much energy into believing in Clif and the webbot, I do not write this with glee at all, it is written in sadness, but I still feel this information needs to get out, so people can make up their own minds, regarding it all.

I will say, some really great things have come of all of this, in my own growing and understanding of the negative to the positive.  There are others who have been on this journey with me, who I connected with much more after the discovery of what I feel the alta reports are actually about.  A few of us share the most wonderful information in positive understanding of Who We Are!  

I would also like to clarify right now.  I am thankful to have taken all the steps I have in this process.   Due to my believing of the webbot reports and then finding out, in my opinion what I believe they are actually being used for…. It made me grow leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time.  Those leaps and bounds were to the positive of Who We are and I discovered some amazing things about myself and the world.  So I am actually grateful for being engrossed in the negative, to be able to see the Light so Brightly and Positively and Live in the Light of Positive Intentions for myself and all others!

So here is how it all began, that I questioned Clif High and the Webbot Reports.

***** NOTE**** Everything in this post/article, is search-able on the Internet about Clif High, I am not posting any personal information about him, other than that which PUBLIC on various websites Linked***exception is his email to me personally, which he had said previously in another email, I could make any email of his to me, public as I desired*****

I used to be a Webbot follower and believed in Clif High and his sincerity of his work.  In July of this year, Clif released pictures on his website of his umiak boat, he built.  http://www.halfpasthuman.com/umiakpictures.html  besides these pictures, he also released pictures of himself, which are no longer on his site.

The pictures disturbed me for some reason, it seemed to me, there was a lot more in the pictures than them just being pictures.  They were all contrived.  They were meant to look like one picture being taken after another, but the sails were different and the wood was different in each one. That feeling and thought stayed with me.  I emailed Clif (which I had done many times before and he would email me back. in one of the emails to me, he told me to make public the emails as I wished.  So I will be making public this email (which has not been made public previously) of which I feel is a confession from him, in what the reports are about).  I emailed him, that something did not seem right about the pictures and him releasing them as he did. 

When he emailed me back, I was shocked by what I felt was a confession of what the webbot reports are actually about.  First, trying to get the predictions manifested by those who are awake and aware and their energy being focused on the reports and that there may be messages in the reports.   

his email to me – July 18th 2010

any agents of TPTB have always known where to locate me, it was /is the random mentally ill
fellows wrapped up in religion and such that has always been the issue. BUT time is too short
now, and universe moves us as it requires, not as we want. So reluctantly, i have to agree
with what direction universe shoves me. It is saying time is short, and certain 'talents' i have
been provided are to be used  at this upcoming juncture. In order for certain circumstances to
manifest 'cleanly', there has to be precursors manifestations placed out-and-about as
necessary building blocks
Soo.. even though i am a very private person, with a pretty much
internally focused vision, i am being instucted by universe that the harmonics i may bring to
manifesting circumstances are to be required
and to get off'n my butt and get to the real
work. Thus i must now reluctantly take a path i would have preferred to leave to another
incarnation. Make sense? Sort of?

It must be so.

WIthin the upcoming juncture of manifesting events, universe will be using me to provide
words to people who will in their turn take what they need from those words.
This is also to be
true of personal contact vibrations. Thus i will be in contact with these people as it decides.
But, since i am a participant in these events, i decided...hmmm. let me at least get a boat ride
out of the deal...and some pie if possible. Thus the 'auction' offer.

The noodle looks to be an auction of an interesting type. We will accept the highest bidder's
money, and send it to people in the gulf (no official charities, so no write off....that will
eliminate some individuals of less than focused intent), but also part of the auction will be
'won' by someone who will put out only words, in the form of a concise personal essay. Thus
more a contest, and eliminates money as the conduit. And they will have to agree to be vdo'd
and recorded.

Also, it is my boat. IF'n agents of nefarious intent were to be involved, there is NO place more
secure for me under those circumstances than Q'oqi-oqi. Plus, we are all dead anyway,
merely a matter of how long we must walk to discover how universe will arrange our end. So
no worries there.

Again, make some sense? Must be somewhat cryptic.

Besides the email, I began looking deeper at the pictures.  The picture that is the fourth up from the bottom at the link above, bothered me tremendously, I felt for sure it was actually a message.    The bottom part to me shows a Masonic Compass, but I felt there was more.    The word “Illusion” came to me, so I did a search on what a symbol for “Illusion” would be.  I did not specify a language etc.  just any symbol for “illusion”. 
What came up for the symbol of “Illusion” matched, in my opinion the 4th picture up from the bottom, perfectly.  The symbol was from Kanji.  I remembered Clif in an interview saying he was into Kanji.  The symbol:

Going from there, but not being a Kanji person, I believe I found another picture which is the 10th down on the page, that matches the words “Deceive the people” .  Here is the symbol:

Since I am not a Kanji expert and it is all new to me.  If someone who is more familiar with it, can take a look at the pictures (while they are still up) and see what Kanji symbols you can find in them.  I also believe the sail is used for the triangle, except it is upside down, so look at the pictures and reverse the sail.  You will find it matches very well, in many respects, including the wood pieces outside the boat being moved around for the pictures.

This was shocking to me and for weeks I felt confusion regarding it all.  Because I had believed in Clif and I was finding out, in my opinion he was not who he claimed he was.

I have wondered if Clif had set the boat up as different Kanji symbols and to let everyone know, he was deceiving and thus, if we did not catch what he was telling us, that was our problem, but he had no Karma from it?  So is every picture telling us something and if we miss it, the Karma is not on him.  The very first picture I have not been able to completely grasp the meaning, but I do know, vines do not grow straight up as shown in the picture of the shadows on the sails.  

In his August interview Clif said the awake and aware create more energy than those who are asleep, though the awake and aware are smaller in numbers.  I listened to the interview and knew instinctively that is what was occurring with the reports.  I felt instinctively that the reports were about those who are awake and aware were being used to FOCUS on negative events, so they would happen.  Why would someone do this?  Clif in interviews talks about his meditations and how “enlightened” he is from his meditations, yet his postings on GLP show him as a very angry, hateful person towards various people and groups.
That is interesting to say the least, considering the webbot reports and his email to me about the manifesting of the events from them.

Here is where Clif High outed himself on GLP and by doing so he revealed one of his ID numbers

clif high
User ID: 581357
United States
11/6/2010 11:57 AM
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Re: BREAKING - Clif High Just Released a Statement!!!!! This Is It!!!!! DOOOOOM!!!!! Quote

i never capitalize my name. i am not so important to myself that i give a shit about ego crap. the use of my name this way causes some energy shifts in what feels a malicious manner. at least mean spirited. if i am so lame, i invite you to do better.., oh and what is your favorite appellation? fucktard? isn't it...

worth wondering why you have not the balls to go at me straight on instead of through really lame parody. i can do better in my sleep. if you want to fight, call me up and we can arrange such.

He then admitted he posted on GLP on his site http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ukemiarts.html

From there someone from GLP did a search and found many postings of Clif's on GLP that topic is linked and titled: "Meet baldrishi, You know him as Clif High"

Another topic - Regarding the Outing of Clif on GLP - started by a moderator there
Phen Speaks to Clif High

For those who question if Clif is the one who actually posted on GLP – this post shows he is the one who posted the various vile comments – as he posted this (2nd comment down from GLP), before he came out with his “Pissin off the Pindar” Writing. http://www.halfpasthuman.com/pissin.html

But I have to wonder what happened – because just a little over a month before, Clif was touting Deagle on GLP here is his post from Dec. 2009 compared to the post below it from Jan. 2010.

HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF HIS POSTS ON GLP - LINKS TO ALL TOPICS AND PAGES INCLUDED, There are many many more posts from him there, which you can find yourself, if you so desire.

Anonymous Coward
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12/5/2009 3:21 PM
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Report Copyright ViolationRe: GLOBAL WARNING FOR TUESDAY 10th OCTOBER! Bill Deagle and project Camelot Quote

deagle is a true fellow according to bill ryan, just like dan burish is a true fellow according to bill ryan, just like all the serpoo is true.

****** I looked up Serpoo – I had never heard of that – it seems that is from the game “Resident Evil 4”.  It looks like a doom and gloom and a violent type of game*****

User ID: 581357
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1/18/2010 5:41 PM
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Report Copyright ViolationRe: BREAKING: Dr. Bill Deagle (a well known scientific expert and trusted source of accurate information) will be talking about Planet X with John Moore a Quote

deagle is a former doctor who lost his license in colorado for killing some woman with too many meds 109 of them. Then he claims to have been the doctor at collumbine, murrow building, 911 and about a dozen other places. And he claims to be a doctor on classified secret programs. But he is living in canada and cant get his medical license back. So works as a radio vitamin salesman and gets his audience through fear and fake doom. Unlike Quayle there is not a sign that the USgovmint is paying him. It looks like all his classified and secret ops claims are just the same bullshit as his claims to have been THE doctor at all these tragedies. A strange doomfiker no doubt, but trusted? by whom? for what level of his bullshit is trustworthy? This fucker claims to have turned down becoming YOUR master. That is right, deagle claims to have been offered the PINDAR of the Dragon status by the Priory of Scion...which would make him the Dragons' Dick that rules the world. But he says he is too nice and could not be your slave master.

User ID: 581357
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12/26/2009 9:51 AM
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Report Copyright ViolationRe: how many times the Pope was attacked? Quote

how many times was the pope attacked?

no nearly enough!

save the humans! take a big crap on the vatican!

User ID: 581357
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12/13/2009 6:43 PM
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Report Copyright ViolationRe: Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger.Is this the smoking gun!!!!!!! Quote

more zionist propaganda to make it seem like israelis are not the bad guys in spite of them about to kill a few million innocent iranians by their nuke attack. Fuck the zionist british press stooges and the israelis with their hands up the butts of the establishment (NWO).

User ID: 581357
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3/29/2010 1:59 PM
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Report Copyright ViolationRe: Happy Passover(8 letters): 8 days Quote

no, you are wrong. Passover is a celebration of the Death of the First Born Children. This 'holiday' is in "celebration" of the reputed half million first born non-jew children that were supposedly slaughtered by the jews' god in egypt. Like most of the old testament derived jewish history, this story of passover is a myth. But at its core, the jewish myth of passover celebrates the death of children. What a very fitting holiday for the israeli's, the butchers of the children in palestine.

Myth because =(no jews were ever builders of pyramids, the jewish people en masse were never held captive by the pharohs, and moses did not lead any single person any place...all BS and myth).

User ID: 581357
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3/20/2009 10:32 AM
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Report Copyright ViolationRe: Fu*k you Pope!!!!! Quote

to paraphrase percy bysshe shelley,

when the last pope has been strangled with the guts of the last politcian, and both bodies consumed by fires fed by the rendered fat of the last banker, then humans will be free.

User ID: 581357
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5/8/2010 9:44 AM
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so let me see if i get this, we have a dead, minor middle eastern god myth in charge of the stock market? And this dead, minor delusion of a few warped minds gets pissed when we try and rein in the zionist monsters who are intent on fucking all christers into slavery by trickery?

Why do I find the above posts so shocking?  Because Clif has said in interview after interview - he does NOT condone violence and he does NOT feel anyone should be violent!  So his posts are contrary to his words in interviews.  Also I specifically remember an interview he did last year, where he said he does NOT surf the internet, nor does he go to forums as "that would mess up, him reading and interpreting the data for the alta reports".

I find the posts above very significant in that he has out right said things contrary to what he has done.   

There are other topics he started, that were about promoting the webbot reports and his swirlie program, which seems real scary to me, due to comments by others saying it made them “feel weird” after watching them.  Clif claimed it would help people physically, by watching them. 
You can check out those topics here:

a comment from a crop circle topic, someone else started:

This person was warning others, not to watch the crop circles from Clif – Clif posted in the topic

Besides this latest information about him posting on GLP….. I had done days and days of research in July, due to wanting to find out if Clif was real or not after his email to me.  I found all kinds of things, many personal, from his having problems with his umiak boat, to looking to buy a boat, which does not apply here. 

But various tidbits of things I do believe apply:

The boat he has pictures up on his website of.

searched: Q'oqi-oqi meaning   

What it says, is basically - "a CONTROL system  that brings about results"

I also found information regarding his Vortex software.  It is suppose to help people read faster. 
Here is where someone has doubted his Vortex software – it makes interesting reading if nothing else, due to the odd accusation against Clif and his Vortex software.

From his Rense Interview in September:

 energy of people a little after the 4 min mark

at little after 9 min mark - says suffering from arthritis  - on GLP says his swirlies cure arthritis from a topic he started linked above.  

at little after 13 min mark Rense said, he printed out report #7 - but it was like it was in code - all jibberish and asked Clif if the CIA had put codes in the report!!  Listen to this part, very interesting non reaction from Clif.

around the 9:40min on this one is the discussion of the awake and aware energy and the power we have as being much more than those asleep, directly from Clif.

listen starting at 2 min mark - Nov. tip point - global nuclear war - Israel attacks Iran - says no society anymore around the world, most of our military killed within the four days of Nov.  - what he says is where the people of the world are basically wiped out.  AT 4:22MIN **** Important - he says " HE IS SURE HE IS WRONG BECAUSE ANYTHING HE CAN IMAGINE WILL PROBABLY NOT HAPPEN"  Listen to those Words "Anything he can IMAGINE"!  at the 8:52  min mark - he says "George and him work on the reports together and because THEY CAN THINK OF, it probably will not manifest that way".

says life will be different after Nov. 8th for all - due to tipping point - *** Life is the same for me right now - has it changed for anyone else***?
at 10 min mark - says presented the idea of the webbot technology to CIA


here is information from Clif regarding his software.  He does not have the Vortex information page up on his website anymore, nor does George on Urban Survival – but this is from another site about it:

Vortex xStream ™
Machine Assisted Reading has come to a computer near you.
This software allows humans to read from their computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute.
This is accomplished by allowing the separation of the work involved in reading.
You set the legibility factors (Font, Size, Color, and Speed of Delivery), sit back, and then the computer does the display, you do the absorption.
* Word display at up to 2000 words per minute
* Word display in sizes to the limit of the display
* Word display in any color combination available on your display.
* Word display in any typeface font available on your computer.
* Extract words from all your other software for reading in Vortex xStream with 'soft eyes'.
Vortex xStream can be used for:
Reading text from browsers.
Reading text from email programs.
Reading text from word processing programs.
As a form of tele-prompter.
As a form of text interpreter for the hearing/vision impaired.
As a form of teaching aid for either groups or individually.
As a form of reading enhancement tool for those with *some reading impairments.
The Vortex xStream software presents one word at a time in the manner best suited to your reading. Your eyes will do less work, and more words will get to the mind.
Vortex xStream is a version of our patented (US Pat. 5,873,109) Machine Assisted Reading Software technology. This version is entirely focused on delivery of speed.
If you need to read vast quantities of text from computers, this software may be for you.
If you have visual impairments, this software *may be for you. Bear in mind that if you cannot operate software within Windows, you will not be able to operate this software without assistance.
(This product runs on Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98)
Vortex xStream has been used in : Government ... Teaching ... Spies (CIA) ... Business ...Schools ... Medicine ... legal reading ... script reading ... debugging computer code
To purchase Vortex xStream via Paypal for $30 US Dollars, go to :
You will be emailed a secure site for download of the software with an access number which is good for 48 hours.
To purchase Vortex xStream via check or money order,
*with delivery via email attachment*, send check/money order payable to: Tenax SE
in the amount of $30 US Dollars along with the email address where you wish delivery to:
4305 Biscay St NW
Olympia WA 98502 USA

I checked and found where universities have recommended it on the internet. Besides the Royal Bank of Scotland

Also Clif’s motto with the Vortex Software is on the above link – but here it is:  

Cliff High
Tenax Software Engineering

         "To change the world,
          change a mind"

What I could not find is a patent for Clif's Vortex XStream reader.  I found a patent application that referred to the Vortex and Tenax Software Engineering (Clif) but that did not refer to a patent for Clif.

The patent that refers to Clif's Vortex:
I have found where Clif says he did the Cornix Software, but the patent for the Cornix for Microsoft does not have his name on it, as an inventor.

Here Clif is Saying he is working on the Cornix
 From above link - more at link but this one sentence is important.
"Tenax Software Engineering is working on Cornix,"

Here is the Patent for Cornix for Microsoft

Listed there are these names as the "inventors" (Cliff's name is not listed as an inventor) and the relevant information about the patent:

Inventors: Daryl Lawton, Alexandra W. Loeb, Henry W. Burgess, Eric J. Feigin
Assignee: Microsoft Corporation
Primary Examiner: Joseph Feild
Secondary Examiner: Rachna Singh
Attorneys: Leydig, Voit & Mayer, Ltd. 
Patent number: 6920610
Filing date: Mar 2, 1999
Issue date: Jul 19, 2005
Application number: 9/260,837

Here is a reference to Clif and Tenax for the Cornix software in an advertisement type article:

FROM Edupage: 4 February 1997
Tenax Software Engineering has come up with a new tool for managing
information overload -- its Cornix
Java applet allows you to read Web pages
with "ease and comfort at speeds of up to 1,000 words per minute." The
Cornix applet displays the text of a Web page one word at a time in
100-point type (almost 1-1/2 inches high), eliminating the side-to-side eye
scanning that can cause eye fatigue. Tenax reports that most people double
their reading speed almost as soon as they start using Cornix,
with average
person, reading about 240 words per minute, increasing to nearly 500 wpm.
Tenax claims some enthusiastic readers have even reached "warp" speeds of
8,000 or so wpm.
(Information Week 27 Jan 97)

This is also very interesting to me.  I found a board Clif posted on, saying he was chair of a Y2K board and how various organizations were about to fail, due to the Y2K problem used the type of writing in how he .  What is very interesting is him using the type writing as he does the alta report.  

Here are his messages he posted, at the above link: 
Threshold events reported by C R High of Tenax Software Engineering from the collective conclusions of the TACE working group of the CCS [Center for Co-operative Solutions] as of Jan 2, 2000 

A threshold event is required before spin on y2k changes from 'no problem'. Yes, the press are the lackeys of 'the powers that be' [TPTB] but, like a pack of mistreated dogs, when the discipline breaks, the whole pack will attack. 

Threshold event is likely to fall into one of the following categories: death/serious injury failure at corporate level failure of a commonly experienced norm (loss of telecom satellite, atms) 

Threshold event also masks the '10,000 cuts' that we will all have to live through. During this time, the biggest challenge will be to convince others that the data given to them by the computer is suspect.Currently, people believe computer generated data. It will take either a reported threshold event or the continuous reporting of small errors in such quantity as to depress the collective mood of denial and euphoria. This will require daily reporting of thousands of incidents or the direct experience [by large number of individual members of the public] of previously identified clarion call incidents [e.g. personal banking, credit card, energy purchase (gas, heating oil) or medical device failure]. 

The trend analysis charting from the CCS [Center for Co-operative Solutions] working group on threshold analysis and Y2K predicts that [within the USA] the first of the threshold events will be reported [sic, accurately and with meaning] after the 5th of January and before the 25th of Jan. Noting the resistance of the media, the actual estimates are reported below: Threashold event reporting 99% likely between Jan 2 and Jan 25 60% likely between Jan 3 and Jan 5 80% likely between Jan 5 and Jan 25 

The actual predictions from the working group rank the likeliest threshold incidents to take place in [one of] the following areas ranked in order of probablility; *transportation *financing *energy (production) *energy (consumption) *manufacturing (most likely chemical production) *telecoms (including entertainment) Note that the ratings difference between transportation and finance were negligible. Author chose to list in this order out of personal perferences. 

Note that events from outside of the USA direct reporting sphere are postulated to require that the incident include deaths in order to reach threshold status with US reporting industry. 

Note that threshold events are defined to *not* include internet only reporting of an incident.
FYI: the beginning of a thousand mile journey is not complete with the first step. In spite of what your feet might like you to believe.

-- cliff high (chigh@vallier.com), January 02, 2000 

The other post on the above link - him responding to someone else
Tenax SE does software engineering at several levels. We have patents on software which allows users to read at up to 2000 words per minute from ordinary computer screens. We have several new products in the process of being patented. We do y2k work at the database (client/server) level. We do programming in C, C++, PB, VB, perl, prolog, assembler, verilog, et cetera...we do plc development, as well as other forms of burnable code. We provide counseling on technical issues and social/business impacts to a wide variety of clients. (as an aside, some of our clients are building 'hit' lists of their competitors who are likely to experience enterprise level failurs, we are advising on this effort) 

Currently Tenax chairs the CCS working group on trends analysis and y2k. Like the gartner group, we see the y2k problems developing over the course of the next two years. DB corruption will be the big news. Enterprise level failures (think IRS, Fortune 100s) will begin surfacing next week. These are predicted to come to light over the next 6 to 8 months. Our prediction for the peak of enterprise failures goes from Sept 2000 to Feb 2001. 

Remeber, y2k is NOT a date problem, it is a data problem. Therefore failure(s) will occur when the data falls outside the acceptable range allowed by the exercising program (and the programmers' vision). Thus, failure(s) due to y2k are only partially predictable by date.

-- cliff high (chigh@vallier.com), January 02, 2000. 

Well he was wrong about that prediction, in 2000 and everything did not fall apart after all.

*** Also above he says he has various software patents, I was only able to find a couple of patents with Clif's name on it and none were for software.

 An electronically controlled token engraving apparatus.
A Device for dispensing for portions of chain

I searched for Tenax Software Engineering patents - I was able to find references to his Vortex, in other people's applications for speed reading software, but I was not able to find an actual patent for the Vortex or anything in Tenax's names, nor do the references give a patent number with the reference.

In all my hours of searching using various ways of his name from Cliff R High, Clifford R High, Cliff High, Clif High, Tenax, Tenax Software engineering, Tenax Software, Vortex, Vortex Xstream, Xstream, ebrain, ebrain speed, vxstream. for patents - I could not find any for the above, except for the 2 listed.  Maybe I somehow missed patents for him, but I tried very hard to find any that I could. 
One last thing about Tenax,. which I found very interesting

Tenax Software Engineering2103 Harrison Ave NW
Suite 2-141
Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: 360-866-1686
Fax: 360-866-1686
Email: vuilbaard@earthlink.net

Record created: Aug 23, 2001 :: Updated: Aug 30, 2001
Tenax Software provides technical repensentation to state and local government agencies within Washington and Oregon. We act as manufacturers reps for software (or specific hardware) to government agencies. We provide technically astute sales and installation/support for software products applicable to government operations. Our work involves 24/7 support for products in use in Washington and Oregon state and local governments. 

We are located in Olympia which allows for short term response to our clients needs.

We are comfortable in representing a diverse software product line. This ranges from handheld computer software to agency wide enterprise imaging systems.

I would like to say, in August I confronted Clif in an email with all the information I had dug up at that time.  I included the Kanji symbols and flat out told him, I thought the reports were about the awake and aware focusing their intent and energy into the events he forecasted, so they would occur.  Also he was keeping the awake and aware’s energy in the negative with Fear and Worry, which feeds  the  PTB.  He replied back and (*Updated info*11/25/10)denied my accusations and that was the last time I emailed him, except for a follow up to his denial.  I have never emailed him again.  What is also funny is I was banned off the webbot forum not long after, though I had never posted any of my thoughts about Clif there, but there are a couple of "high profile members/mods there, who did know what I found out".

********(***Updated Info***11/25/10) - I re read Clif's "denial email to me last night.  I had only read it once, after I received it - I realized Clif did not deny the Biggest accusation I made against him!  Clif did not deny the fact he keeps people's Energy in Fear on Purpose!  He denied the messages in the boat pictures, but not the "fear factor".  

  How I missed the biggest fact of his non-denial, I don't know! Except maybe I still wasn't ready to see the "whole truth" to myself yet.

But if I do release that email, then people will see he did not deny - he purposely keeps people in Fear! It would just be another "nail", when there is no need to have one more placed, IMO.

But others, who are saying I am unethical for not releasing it... need to stop, as it does  Clif no good, because it is not a denial, as I fully comprehended last night.******  END OF UPDATE ON 11/25/10.

Clif will mention in interviews how “Enlightened” and how he meditates all the time and has been able to transcend many things of the physical including ego.  But what I have read from his posts on GLP, I don’t personally see how that is possible.  Also, something else that bothered me in the pictures of his boat, was all the trash everywhere.  I mentioned that in my email to him.  He said it was due to various recent circumstances of storms etc and he had not cleaned up yet.  But when you look at the pictures of his boat, you can see trash just thrown on the ground by it and so on.  So I decided to look up the address he has on his website on Google Earth.  What I saw was so Shocking to me, I could not believe it.  The picture I captured from Google Earth was taken in 2006.  I am not meaning to get very personal here, because I do not like to invade anyone’s space.  I would have Never even considered looking up his address before and only did due to my concern of what I saw in his boat pictures.  I am not going to insert the picture, due to my feeling it is such an invasion of privacy, but anyone who wants to can look it up themselves from his address on halfpasthuman.  What I will say regarding it, is I do not believe anyone can be enlightened and at peace with the Earth and Love the Earth as Clif says and live in an absolute garbage dump. **To me, it looks like trash in the picture, others may have a different way of looking at it and not consider it trash*** I have literally never seen property that looked to have trash on it, like it does.   You can also see it on google maps.  Since the address is up on his site, I am not at all revealing anything of a personal nature, except for what to me is shocking and I could never personally be a peace within myself while trashing the Earth around me.  I am putting this in there, due to my feeling it is relevant, due to Clif's statements about himself.

There is much more I have found, including where Clif posts on boating forums, besides all kinds of other information, which I am not going to put here, as again the personal stuff does not apply.  What does apply, in my opinion is Clif not being all he says he is.  Also believing we have been used to try to help manifest through our energies the dire predictions he made in the webbot reports.  What is interesting is the fact he has  “moon” as his email address on his site.  Someone had said in the GLP topic revealing Clif has posted there many times, that the reports were released close to the new moon every month.  So I decided to look up what the meaning of the new moon is, in regards to spirituality and manifestations. This is what I found:

The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon's various phases. The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for our ideas and our desires. The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars.

Setting aside a few minutes each month during the new moon phase to focus on yours wishes and desires will help give you clarity of mind and fill your heart with promise. When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for your future there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Any intentions stated or written down carries power, so please take care in considering the things that you really want. The saying "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it." is fair warning whenever setting your new moon intentions into motion. But, no worries. The moon has its phases and so do our individual wants and needs. This is why it is a good practice to rededicate your list of intentions each month when another new moon visits.

So there it shows it is a “seeding of intentions”.

Reverse speech done – from one of Clif and George Ure’s interview together:

Now my questions are:
Did Clif not realize when he wrote that Yes it was him that actually posted on GLP – that someone would then not look up his ID numbers to his postings to see what he has posted before?

Did Clif do it on purpose, because he is over it all and does not want to do the reports anymore?  In follow up to that….. has he been doing the reports by working for TPTB and this was his way out – by “outting” himself?

Has Clif done these reports due to his own anger and hatred of Israel, The Churches, Banks, etc and wanted them manifested himself?  I ask that due to his violent and hateful postings about those subjects on GLP.

For understanding too and information about those who may try and lead the awake and aware down the wrong path to keep their energy in Fear, Anger and Worry.  I advise looking at this link about those who deceive you, by giving you some hits to get a following, which Clif did get small hits.

  • Accurate prophecies are no guarantee of positive intent. Deceptive sources may make successful predictions solely to win blind devotion, induce feelings of doom, or create self-fulfilling prophecies. When positive sources give prophecies, they respect freewill and present probabilities without macabre coloring or undue fatalism.
  • That a body of material contains identifiable truths does not necessarily make it valid. Deceptive sources may pile a heap of lies upon an otherwise factual basis, while the sloppier cases simply slap together fragments of existing material. In contrast, positive material is always more than the sum of its parts and presents extra information that is novel, practical, and verifiable.
  • Preoccupation with lower truths can distract from the pursuit of higher truths. For instance, obsession with exposing political corruption can distract from gaining necessary spiritual empowerment, which is a popular tactic employed by hyperdimensional entities and their human agents. Positive sources prioritize by framing lower truths in their higher context.
  • Just because something contains convoluted trivia, complex jargon, and voluminous pages, it does not necessarily contain profound truths. The illusion of profundity sends people on a wild goose chase for grand truths better found elsewhere. Positive sources are complex only for the sake of accuracy and conciseness.
That is just a very small part of the information available at the above link.

But it also should make people question, what and who they believe in totally.
Which makes me feel there is a program for “predicting things” due to the small hits he has gotten, which then enabled him to get a “cult following”.  Which then makes me feel the reports have been a PTB project, thus is “Igor” the PTB controller of the reports, who Clif mentions often, especially in the GLP posts he has done.

I have a few other comments about this and I surmise it all:

By many of the awake and aware ( I am including myself too) having believed the webbot reports and some really bad event was always going to happen on some date, we “warned others”.  When the event did not happen, the people we warned, felt we were nuts.  Thus those people have never listened again to our “message” in any way.  Including the real messages we have to offer, from knowledge we may glean from what is going on around the world.  Thus the Message and Light of the Messenger has been extinguished for many of us.  I also gather from those who Really warned others about the “tipping point” that was suppose to happen on Nov 14th. Have really had to deal with being made to look silly and their light has been dimmed in a big way.   I can tell you, I did not believe at all there would be a tipping point, I felt it was simply another ploy to take away the message of the awake and aware.

Why are there many people who have told me, due to believing in the webbot predictions their lives have been wrecked.  There are a few whose spouses have left them due to those believing the “big bad event was going to happen” and there is always another date to “watch out for” and some have lost friends over it. 

How could something that was suppose to be and claimed it was for the betterment of mankind, be so destructive in many people’s lives? 

There is much more I could say about this….. but it is always sad, to think….. many of us were actually trying through the webbot reports and following Clif High, to help mankind.  We did it in the best of intentions and due to our belief in a “Guru”.  We were actually sheep, being led into a pen, where I believe our energies were being used to try and help manifest the most dire predictions possible.

**note: I put this information article together 5 days ago and have still doubted whether to release it publicly or not, I take no enjoyment in releasing everything.

 I have spent many hours and days researching Clif to make an absolute determination in my mind of his sincerity of work.   I had always questioned why Clif never gave a positive as a counter balance of the negative information.  When I say Positive - I mean in talking about how WE can Change the outcomes of what his material stated through our own determination and energies.  The future is not set, due to people changing their thoughts and energies, why was it always: "This is what WILL be what happens" from Clif?   

We can get our Light Back and Be Who we are really meant to be – through Positive Vibrations!

I now advise those who have concentrated on the negative to read and look at some of the most positive information of Who We Are – In that we are all one – we CAN Save Each other and our Precious Earth through Love for each other and our Earth!

Also see this video of "The Little Grandmother "  She is amazing and she says "Yes, some things are going to happen with the Earth, BUT through Love we can get through it all - NO FEAR"  Work through your Heart in Love and Light not through your mind in Fear and Darkness".

This is all just my opinion, it may not feel right to others and it is subjective in what I feel I have found out or have read from his email.   I have written this in sorrow and I still have moments of doubt, as it really is sad to me.  But, I sincerely do this in Love - I do in in Love due to even if the webbot reports were not intentionally meant to cause the manifestations of such negative predictions they still are not what anyone should focus on.  Again I am still thankful for going through the whole journey I have, due to it making me a stronger person in Knowing LOVE is the Only way forward with Positive Intent in All Things!

Also a note.... I am NOT trying to convince anyone of anything, I am laying out WHY I have come to the conclusions myself of what I feel the webbot predictions are about.  Many have other opinions and that is fine.... it is simply where I am and What I feel myself is Truth to me.  

I FEEL the time has come for us to understand what we focused on and Now what we MUST Focus On!  

FOCUS ON LOVE, LIGHT, HAPPINESS, JOY, CONTENTMENT, LAUGHTER, PROSPERITY FOR ALL, HEALING!  The list goes on and on of Where our Focus Should Be in the Positive! Live in the Positive - Love in the Positive - and Focus on the Positive!  

Edit - This is interesting information:

There is a book from 1971 titled: Half Past Human


It is so ironic in so many ways and it can bring up other questions about the whole hoopla happening, but I would think, everyone would have to admit, it really is quite funny in so many ways of the information is right in front of you, if you so desire to look at it. Hidden in plain sight as some may say.

Here's some interesting stuff about the book Half Past Human.

Plot summary

Bass' future Earth is an environment in which the sum of the biota serves as its food chain. Human science has created the four-toed Nebish, a pallid, short-lived and highly programmable humanoid who has had the elements that do not facilitate an underground Hive existence (aggression, curiosity, etc.) bred out of it. The five-toed humans (called buckeyes) wander the biofarms that keep the trillions of Earth's Nebish population fed. All animals other than man are extinct, so meat comes from other humans (and the occasional rat). The conflict between the Hives and the roving bands of five-toed original Humans, who are reduced to savagery and hunted like vermin by Hive Security, forms the backdrop of this novel.

Something strange is happening, as the primitive buckeyes are showing signs of a purpose whose goal is unclear and probably dangerous to the balance of the Hive. There seems to be a third party stirring the pot, campaigning in a relentlessly successful battle with the computer minds that keep this "brave new world" in balance. Agendas beyond the ken of their protagonists begin to come into play, and an epic battle between the Four- and the Five-toed is looming.

another little summary

Members of the Hive are gender-neutral until assigned one by the Earth Society for reasons that serve that Hive; reasons usually centering on population control. Good idea given there are three billion members of the Hive. Tinker, an exemplary model of a Hive citizen, is assigned the status of Male, mates and has an "unauthorized" offspring - a five toed baby who is destined for the recycle bin. Paternal instincts kick in (thanks to his assignment as a male) and he tries to escape the Hive. Eventually he meets up with old-timer Moon and an artificially intelligent staff (as in meter-long stick) named Toothpick, who are organizing the savage five-toes against the Hive.


Here's another one that's also interesting about old-timer Moon

Curious stuff!

I just put the info in for the laughs of it all. Who knew there was a book called Half Past Human and a Hive mentality and an Old Timer Named Moon and a control of the population. All quite funny if you think about it! 

EDIT 2/7/11

The Webbot Forum has designed a very interesting logo for the forum and their youtube channel.  The forum is supposedly owned by Foxx (forum name), but when I had looked up the information, extra money was paid, so an owner would not actually be listed. 

After seeing the information was hidden, I started a topic on the forum, last Oct. (2010) with a very simple question of "Who is the owner of the forum"?  The reaction was mind blowing in how upset Foxx and the moderators were for me asking that.   They shut down the topic in a very fast amount of time. Then the emails I received from Foxx and a few of the moderators were filled with "F***ing" curse words,  I was called every thing in them.   They of course, as any "power structure" does when asked for truth, turn it around and attack the person asking for truth.  They said I was a trouble maker and so on and I was putting them in jeopardy for asking the question.

I have not posted or participated in that forum since.  I wondered why they did not want to reveal the information of who the owner is per se.   Besides, I had only participated in it, in the MERS foreclosure topic and metals topic at that point, as I did not believe in the webbot technology anymore.

  That has since made me wonder many times, who is behind the forum.  Is it a government entity (CIA, etc) behind it, thus is it a PTB forum, to keep those who are very much awake and aware continued to have their energies locked in fear through predictions of the webbot, instead of Love and Light?

What is the reason I am putting in this edit? I was sent the link of their youtube channel yesterday (2/6/11) and the second I saw their logo, I was blown away at the amount of Illuminati symbolism in every respect in it.  They packed their logo with the symbols of the Elite and PTB,  the all seeing eye, dead people, a pyramid, people being beaten down, it is so in your face full of Illuminati symbolism.   There is probably even more going on with it, in the eye lid part of the drawing of symbolism, I have not been able to grasp as of yet.  But the other, totally jumps out and is very obvious.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.  On the right side of the eye (as a clock) you will see people being beaten down.  The clock is the eye, looks like they may have the time right at 9:11, the way I read it.  The pyramid has an eye again, reproduced at the top of it.  Bones of dead people are drawn around the left of the eye.  It looks like the eye is bleeding or something with the drips below it.   The half past human skeleton looks like it is jumping for joy at all that is going on with the logo.   I find it very odd that the webbot forum would use all the in your face Illuminati symbolism.  But I have no doubt they will have the excuse of "putting it all in there, as that is what they discuss".   Forums may discuss things like that, but gosh darn that is the most bizarre logo I have ever seen representing a group of people in a forum.  The logo to me, says they are controlled by the Illuminati.   

We all perceive things differently and I happen to perceive the logo as absolutely bizarre and it telling you what the forum is about.   Which all PTB structures have to do, so no Karma is on them for what happens, as they were out front and told/showed you what they are about.  

I am sure there will continue to be the cult following of Clif and the webbot, as with anything, many don't ever want to see the truth, in something they have invested their time, energy, mental thoughts, and money, etc. in.  Giving up a belief is just not easy for people. 

Of course, the observation and interpretation, is my own feeling and thoughts of the webbot forum logo and others may see it completely different.  I am simply giving my opinion. 

UPDATE 6/11/11 - 

Clif High did an interview last week, it seems he completely admitted making things up in the reports.  He said he put lies in to get back at the PTB, for his on vendettas.  He said he purposely manipulated people's energy and focus on lies!  For those who fully understand why he did this - he had to shed Karma off himself and now put it on the people.  But what is amazing is people that refuse to look at the truth, still believe he did it for the good.  I have something to say to that.... if a person is "enlightened" as Clif High self proclaims he is then he would KNOW you NEVER put people's focus on any negatives as that is using their energies for the negative to happen.  

Here is the part of his last interview saying he wrote lies in the reports to manipulate people.  It starts at the beginning of this video and he talks in circles for about 7 minutes about it.  He said he has no regrets.  Now.... question for everyone - where does he get his correct information?   Also, someone called me and asked me to look at his new pictures up on HPH - he put "Tiki 21" up.  It is very weird in the way it is written, more like a "loge" than a story.  Also in one second I saw something in the pictures.  Take a look and see if you also see what I do - a hint...... VERY VERY CREEPY - in fact a Bizarre Creepy!  

Reverse Speech analysis of sections of the above part of the interview.
Besides outright admitting lies in the report, he confirms it with the reverse speech.