Thursday, December 15, 2011

Could all this be True? One Trillion Lawsuit from "The Dragon Family" against Fed Reserve?

I read about this a couple of days ago and it keeps coming up where I go on the internet, so I thought it was time to write about it.

If you aren't aware, there was a One Trillion dollar lawsuit filed in New York, it is against the Federal Reserve.

It was first published on the Courthouse News Service, which is a site that puts out information for lawyers etc.

Here is what they have on the site about it:

MANHATTAN (CN) - An American expatriate in Bulgaria claims the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Office of International Treasury Control and the Italian government conspired with a host of others to steal more than $1.1 trillion in financial instruments intended to support humanitarian purposes.

     The 111-page federal complaint involves a range of entities common to conspiracy theorists, including the Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the "Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission," and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

     Plaintiff Neil Keenan claims he was entrusted in 2009 with the financial instruments - which included U.S. Federal Reserve notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds with a combined face value of $19 billion, and one U.S. "Kennedy" bond with a face value of $1 billion - by an entity called the Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families.

     "The Dragon family abstains from public view and knowledge, but, upon information and belief, acts for the good and better benefit of the world in constant coordination with higher levels of global financial organizations, in particular, the Federal Reserve System," Keenan claims.

     "During the course of its existence over the last century, the Dragon family has accumulated great wealth by having provided the Federal Reserve Bank and the United States Government with asset assignments of gold and silver via certain accounts held in Switzerland, for which it has received consideration in the form of a variety of Notes, Bonds and Certificates such as those described ... that are an obligation of the Federal Reserve System."

     Keenan says that with accrued interest the instruments are now worth more than $1 trillion. He says the family designated him as its principal in an effort to select certain registered and authorized Private Placement Investment Programs (PPPs) for the benefit of unspecified global humanitarian efforts.

     In his remarkable complaint, Keenan claims that the U.S. government enormous amounts of money - delivered in gold and other precious metals - from the Dragon Family many years ago, and that the money was placed into the Federal Reserve System for the benefit and underwriting support of the dollar, "which was to become and currently remains the global reserve currency".

     Keenan claims the conspiracy began with the illegal detention of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, and the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy, in June 2009.

     Yamaguchi can best be described as Keenan's predecessor in trying to place Dragon Family instruments in legitimate PPPs to advance the group's humanitarian aims, according to the complaint.

     Keenan says he came to know both Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family through the Japanese man's efforts on the group's behalf, and that he introduced them to a bank in Cyprus with which they could do business.

     Keenan says that in gratitude, Yamaguchi sought and was granted approval to execute a special power of attorney, whereby Keenan would also act on behalf of the Dragon Family to place their assets in PPPs.

     It was then, he says, that he took possession of the instruments that are the heart of the lawsuit. For his assistance, Keenan says, he was to receive a profit share amounting to 30 percent of any particular PPP he arranged.

     A month after the Japanese men were detained, an man named Leo Zagami, "a self-described 33rd degree Free Mason, who, as of April 2008, had reportedly claimed to be the leader of a breakaway faction of the Knights of Templar and high-level Freemasons centered around the elite of the Masons P2 (propaganda Due) Lodge in Monte Carlo," arrived on the scene, according to the complaint. (Parentheses in complaint.)

     Zagami claimed to be a representative of the Vatican Illuminati and other European sect societies and "had been looking to make contact with certain Asian Secret Societies," the complaint states.

     During a meeting in Japan, he says, he told a contact that Yamaguchi and Watanabe had been "set up" and that he had inside information about the seized instruments.

     Subsequently, he introduced his contact in Japan to defendant Daniele Dal Bosco, a Vatican banker and associate of the P2 Masonic Lodge, who "would be able to 'cash the bonds seized by the Italian Treasury Police,'" according to the complaint.

     The complaint alleges a complicated history with many moving parts and scores of internationally known and unknown characters, the sum of which is that Keenan claims he was entrusted with billions of dollars in bonds by the Dragon Family.

     He claims that soon, he and Dal Bosco were in daily contact via Skype and they arranged to meet in Italy. During these conversations, Dal Bosco represented that he was not only financial advisor to Zagami, but also to the Vatican, Vatican City, Rome, and the treasurer for the P2 Masonic Lodge.

     As a result, Keenan said, although he tried keep personal possession of the financial instruments with which he was entrusted, he nevertheless came to trust Dal Bosco, and turned the bonds over to him for "temporary safekeeping and custodianship".

     Dal Bosco absconded with the bonds and sought assistance in selling the instruments "in the global marketplace through stealth, conversion and bribery," Keenan claims.

     He claims that as the conspiracy continued to unfold, various high level officials repeatedly offered him a bribe of $100 million to "release" the instruments without disclosing their theft to the Dragon family, and to allow the instruments to be converted to a so-called UN "Sovereign Program" wholly under the auspices, protection and umbrella of the sovereign immunity enjoyed by the defendants.

     Other defendants include UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Giancarlo Bruno, who is identified as head of the banking industry for the World Economic Forum, Italy's ambassador to the UN Cesare Maria Ragaflini, Ray C. Dam, president of the Office of International Treasury Control, and David A. Sale, the deputy chief of the council for the cabinet of the OITC.

     Keenan seeks the return of the stolen instruments, punitive damages and court costs on multiple claims of fraud, breach of contract and violation of international law.
     He is represented by William H. Mulligan Jr., with Bleakley, Platt & Schmidt of White Plains, N.Y.

It seems very complicated and if any of this is real then any real gold in Fort Knox is not the U.S.'s gold.

I have not ever followed David Wilcock before but he has an article up about it and he is now saying he has gotten death threats for putting it out to the public more.

There is a lot of information on his site about it, including screen shots etc and videos where FOX news discussed all the U.S. bonds confiscated in Italy.  I remember that story very well in fact and it was splashed across the news and then there was silence and nothing more has been disclosed about it.

Here is the FOX news story about the bonds that is also on Wilcock's site:

So could the whole financial system come crashing down due to this lawsuit being real? 

I find it very interesting and hopefully will be able to find continuing information about it as time goes by to keep watching what is happening with it.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I have been searching info on this breaking story, as I feel it could be the trial that finally brings the real 1% down. :)


  3. It is important to give credit where credit is due, the first person to break this story was Benjamin Fulford within the last to years, and David has done a intensive investigation to break it down for the people to understand, as well as the owner of this blog, so thank you all for your outstanding work in getting this earth shattering event out.

  4. Benjamin Fulford broke the story and David broke it down to find out if it was true, thank you to all who report it!

  5. Please see my blog, ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES: I have a few posts about this topic too, dating back to 2009; excuse the angry language, I am just incensed at these people for their duplicity.

  6. ... And please see this last post that I wrote after discovering this whole story.

    You will also notice that I just discovered Benjamin Fulford two days ago, while writing about the swine flu scam, here:

    Practically my whole blog is dedicated to fighting these people. Feel free to peruse it. The Rothschilds are only a front for the Vatican. The real culprit is Rome.

  7. (The following is an attempt to present in a compact form the claims made by Dick Eastman, Tom Flocco, V.K. Durham, Karl Schwarz and put together in an the article by E.P. Heidner dated 28th June 2008 to the effect that the September 11th attacks were intended to cover-up the clearing of the 1991 issuance of $240 billion in covert securities to fund an economic war against the Soviet Union during which "unknown" western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry. A crime presented by official sources as a "terrorist attack" and used as an excuse to attack Iraq.)