Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Magnetic Field - Magnetosphere looks very bad and twisted. Pictures

The Japanese site is back up for the time being of the Magnetosphere.  All day today it has looked very bad.  We got hit very hard last night 3/29/11 and now the magentics are balled up.  Here are the pictures from last night while we were getting hit until now.


  1. I wish I understood about the magnetosphere-stuff. I intend to figure it out. I appreciate knowing- and all the information- minus the ridiculous birther and religious ideology- and appreciate this website and your interview this eveing on CTCAM.

  2. Humans can't change smack Ma'am.

    we're sinners to the core-

    Only the Messiah's return, will result in any change.

  3. God is in charge, without him we are doomed. Minus God from the equation and there is no hope for anyone. With him there is hope for you, my heart goes out to you ask Lord Jesus for forgiveness today

  4. Now I know why I was in such a bad mood today! As all the other people wrote, only God can help us now, we cant control the entire Magnetosphere, USA & the Russkis have done extensive testing & experiments but they could only alter it locally and NOT globally...
    Just wait and see what will happen 20.12.2012
    Thats when the "Big ONE" will go for earth.....and it wont be pretty..

    Regards Maciej from Sweden

  5. To think its ridiculous to question obama on his place of birth is ridiculous, birther's are thinkers and the people who do not question are fools marching in lockstep to ruin.

  6. Is no-one here aware of the incoming Nibiru/Planet X? The fact that it is the hose of magnetic particles emanating from the north pole of the Rogue Planet which is causing these disruptions to our Earths magnetic field? The Pole Shift is coming! And likely BEFORE the famed 2012 date. Be prepared gets a lot worse!!! (see these sites: Earth Changes and the Pole Shift and also Zeta Talk)

  7. Sherrie, can you provide a brief summary of the above chart. I am not sure how to read it. Thanks for sharing. Information is a key to change for sure.

    IN light and love